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Mom of the Year!

I just read this story.

OMAHA, Neb. — Police say a 4-year-old girl demonstrated to them how to smoke marijuana from a joint, a pipe and a bong — and learned the techniques from her mother.

The mother, 25-year-old Lisa Schuchard, is charged with child abuse and could lose her daughter after being accused of teaching and encouraging the girl to smoke.

Are you kidding me? I mean seriously, you teach your kid how to smoke weed? Even if you didn’t let your kid smoke, but smoked around them enough or even at all, but enough for your kid to be able to demonstrate how to smoke a joint, a bong, and a pipe! Get your ass to jail. This seriously pisses me off.

Smoking weed is dumb in general. If you want to ruin your life that’s fine, but don’t bring your kids into it. If you have kids you should be a little more responsible not for yourself, because we all know you’re an idiot, but for your kids sake. Give your kid a chance.


I took this picture last night.


I’m beginning to think that my work bathroom hates me. I’m expecting to walk in there one day and see the whole floor covered in rolls of toilet paper.


22 Responses

  1. I dare you to start taking and hiding them.

  2. Haha.

    There is nowhere to hide them. There are no shelves or cupboards in there. I don’t even know where they get all of this toilet paper.

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  4. I got into an arguement with someone last night about smoking weed. He tried to tell me that because weed doesn’t kill you it isn’t an addictive drug… I was completely flabergasted he had that kind of logic.

    And yes, I did just type flabergasted…

  5. throw them in the trash or out the window, or just start flushing them…lol

    Or maybe write a message on each sheet and roll it back up.

  6. He was high when he was saying that.

    Drug users always try to find ways to justify their drug use.

    My favorite is “it’s natural, it comes from the Earth” arguement.

  7. Jimmy – I could write a novel with the amount of tp in there.

  8. True, how about getting some melted chocolate and smear them all with it

  9. I wouldn’t waste chocolate like that.

    Plus what am I supposed to melt it with?

  10. then i dont know. my mind went blank. Give it to that kid so she can practice rolling joints…lol jk

  11. Oh man.

    She can probably make a pipe from a roll of toilet paper already.

  12. Is that a really big gap under the walls? It looks like it’s right under the roll holder..

    That mom’s an idiot, case closed.

  13. It’s a stall in our men’s room at my work.


  14. I think this situation is common at the workplace. There are often several rolls in our stall, right next to the crumbled newspaper. Why, o why?

  15. I don’t know man. I’m scared of what it’s going to look like tonight.

  16. Amanda – I had a dumbass tell me there wasn’t a difference between me speeding and and him smoking weed. They are both illegal. Only a fucking pothead would compare a traffic violation to drugs. I won’t get on my soapbox but I will say this: WHAT KIND OF FUCKTARD DOES GIVES THEIR KIDS POT??! Someone tie that bitch’s tubes. She doesn’t need to fuck up anymore kids. JEEZUS! FUCKING POTHEADS!

    Steve…WHAT THE HELL. The toilet paper gods are pissed at you. Next time you have to take a shit, there won’t be a roll in sight.

  17. fuck…I need to proofread more.

  18. He argued that because he was a dumbass and that he was probably high.

    There will probably be 10 rolls in there tonight.

  19. Maybe someone else in the building is bitching there just isn’t enough toilet paper. or maybe they want to see if someone will steal it.. LOL that would be freaking hilarious!

  20. I hope noone is bitching about there not being enough toilet paper. I could tp like 3 houses with all of that shit.

  21. sorry about the tp…but the bong smoking 4 yr old makes me upset that God can’t figure out that good people are trying to have kids and yet he lets freaks like her have them…ok I feel better now.

  22. That’s because God isn’t real.

    It is a shame that the scum are allowed to reproduce though. Welfare is a business for some people.

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