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Some pics from my photobucket account….

It just came to me. I haven’t signed into my Photobucket account in a few months. I forgot all the shitty pictures that I used to put in there just because I have nothing better to do. And without further adu (Not Freddy) here they are….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

MC Chris and I throwing up shockers.

For the record I was completely smashed at this time. After drinking during the whole show (and afterwards). I was so drunk that I was talking to some dude and dared MYSELF to have MC Chris sign my head….As you can see he did…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yeah, Brett Favre is gay. You didn’t know? Well that’s why he made this sign. Why do you think he plays QB? So he can have his hands on guys’ balls duh’!….Oh and btw, the Packers suck…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes, that is a beer bottle in the urinal. No, I didn’t put it there. But I was so mad when I saw this I had to take a picture of it. What the hell is wrong with people? There was a garbage can less than 3 steps away. But instead of throwing it in the garbage this d-bag puts it in the urinal so that if you take a piss on it your piss sprays back onto you.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This pop machine was my arch Nemesis for months before they finally brought in one of the old school drop your pop so you have to wait 5 minutes before opening it machines. This machine would jam EVERY time I touched it. I swear this was the reincarnation of someone I picked on in high school or in a past life. Just look at how blurry the picture is. I’m shocked I could even get a picture of this demon machine. But either way it’s gone now and I couldn’t be happier.


30 Responses

  1. I had no idea who MC Chris was before you posted this. I also thought (with the beer bottle pic) that you were going to say that you were angry that someone put a perfectly good beer in a urinal, thus ruining it. I have also never seen a “pop” (soda??) machine like that before.

  2. MC Chris is AWESOME! Google his name…He has some funny ass rap songs…

    Miller Lite isn’t good beer…heh…It belongs in the toilet but not one that I have to pee in…

    We call it pop in Minnesota…And I’ve never seen a machine like that before either…That’s one of the reasons I think it was here to fuck with me….

  3. I have already googled MC Chris…its likeable music. Miller lite isn’t good beer (urine and apple cider anyone??)but….how wasteful…kind of. And, I’m sure if that machine existed on Kauai, it would be stared at in wonder for hours.

  4. He puts on a great show too….

    That bottle was empty so I’m assuming that they already dumped it out…Because who drinks that garbage on purpose?…

    It’s a crazy machine…It has a robot arm that grabs the bottle you chose and moves it all around….I’m sure there are a few people in Kauai that would get it…Heh…

  5. I don’t know many people who enjoy drinking piss (college students being the exception). I think that I need to buy one of those for my room…but I probably wouldn’t use it.

  6. I know a lot of people who enjoy that shit…Bleh…

    Haha…I’m sure there are tons of them around…Since they get jammed CONSTANTLY…You’re better off just wishing for a pop…You’d get it quicker…

  7. That machine would be a really good device to taunt and piss someone off with.

  8. Oh it gets people pissed off…I will confirm that!…I’ve beat the shit out of that machine before…

  9. It would be amazing if instead of the beer bottle in the urinal, someone took a dump in there. I’ve had that happen on Spring Break. The stench is unbearable but it makes for great story telling.

  10. Oh man…That shit is nasty…

    I would have taken a picture of it though…Heh..

  11. No comment on the first picture. Brett is so not gay! He’s just affeminate. Another example of the laziness that is man. And damn all vending machines. They are eeeevil.

  12. NO COMMENT?!…Haha…

    Brett is gayer than a pair of men’s bicycle shorts….

    I’m lazy but even I wouldn’t do that!!…


  13. more more, dont stop, dont stop… 😉

  14. I’ll send some to your email Sam 😉


  15. I love these pictures, but especially the professional photo of Brett Faa-vv-reh. I wondered if he was gay, but its so refreshing for him to come right out with it and hold a sign that clearly tells his orientation to the world. I appreciate that about him. Good job getting that shot.

  16. Haha…

    I do what I can…

  17. they only wanna do you dir. Liana Merete.

  18. The beer bottle in the urinal is clearly modern art. It’s a commentary on Miller Lite = piss. I’m just saying.

  19. You may be on to something….


  21. Thanks for your opinion God…Glad you took time out of your busy day to visit my blog!

    And it’s YOU’RE not UR….Just thought you would like to know…

  22. they only wanna do you dir. Horsa Amadeo.

  23. Nice “photoshop”, dude. Looks more like you used Microsoft Paint, son. I guess Brett Favre is “gay” with his NFL-leading records and the fact that he’s a living legend and all. His superbowl ring must be gay too, right?

    …oh by the way, nice job blowing a Superbowl win last year and amazing loss to the Seahawks today!

    What’s your record? 9-1?

    OH SORRY THAT’S THE PACKERS! Send my regards, douche.

  24. I never said it was photoshop….And my sister is a photographer and she took that picture. NOTHING in it was changed…

    Ok…That was a lie…I did that on MS Paint…Looks pretty good though doesn’t it?…

    So are you saying gay people can’t be succesful?…

    Ummm…I’m not a bears fan dude….

    Thanks for playing though!

  25. Mwahahaaa.. nice shut down.

  26. Shit lol, I believe that sign reads “FUCK THE BEARS”, but I mean I’m not even gonna talk shit about you pieces of shit this year, its just getting worse and worse for the boys in blue huh? I might make a sign of your quarterback with some phony saying awwww wait do you guys even have one? Fuck, my bad well anyways wish Brett some online luck I’ll be chillin at Lambeau for the NFC Championship tomo hehe Peace biotch

  27. I could say “Fuck the Bears” on the other side.

    I don’t get why you people think I’m a Bears fan. Just because I don’t like Brett Favre.

    Oh, and have fun sitting in the cold. I’ll be having a beer at the bar in the warmth.

  28. You do realize that the photo of Brett with the sign is false….right? Can you not tell that the sign was photshoped? It has a different resolution sequence, between Bret and the sign. So, just to let you know, it is all speculation. Sorry to bust yalls balls.

  29. Seriously?

    I suppose it does look different, almost like someone used MS Paint on it huh?

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