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Are You All Crazy?

Seriously, are all Muslims crazy? Not in the I need to be locked up in a straight jacket way (although I’m sure some of them do, like a lot of non-Muslims.) but in a I’m-a-crazy-religious-fanatic-that-needs-everyone-to-know-it kind of way. If you don’t like something fine, but you don’t need to change it so everyone can’t enjoy it.

According to this news storya petition was “passed around” and signed by nearly 100,000 people. Why did they sign a petition? Well apparently they are upset because on Wikipedia, in the Muhammad posting they show 4 pictures of him. Yes, you read that right. 4 pictures of Muhammad. Apparently in the religion of Islam it is considered bad to show a picture of Muhammad. I don’t really understand how that works. He was a real person right? Its not like he is some made up person and they just made up what he looks like. I’m sure they have a general idea of what he looks like.

Here is what I think he probably looked like.


Seriously people what is the big deal? It’s a PICTURE. It’s not like it’s painted on toilet paper and you’re whiping your ass with it. It is a picture of a work of art.

I have an idea; How about trying to get along with people? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier. Instead of making everyone change for you, how about you just suck it up, bite your tongue, and go on with your life.


12 Responses

  1. I don’t think they like dogs either. How gay is that?

  2. Well to be fair I don’t really like dogs either….

  3. I was surprised to learn that you have a cat.

    I think they should put your picture on Wikipedia…it’s WAY better.

    Crazy religious people freak me out.

  4. Ha! It’s wikipedia, can’t they just go in and take the pic out?

    And if someone tries to put it back in then there’s 100,000 people that can watch around the clock, ready to pull it again.

    And wow, your ms skills have surpassed my “cyanide and happiness” stick figures, ms skills. Congratulations!

  5. if it’s so bad to show a picture of him…then why do they have pictures of him???

    Muslims are fucking wierd…..

    Religious Freaks creep me out almost as much as midgets from the middle east…

  6. Lucky – Yeah, I do have a cat. He doesn’t live with me though. My mom has him now. My picture is trash. Haha.

    Nat – I don’t think they are letting them. I’m glad they aren’t. They already edited all of the arabic ones. If you have a problem with the English ones then go tthere.

    Destiny – It’s the crazy ones that freak out about it. I don’t think it’s that bad but I’m no expert.

  7. my head hurts…i havent nothing useful to add here…

    id hate to make you think i was smart…hehe

  8. Yeah. We wouldn’t want that.

  9. Wouldn’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked up anything arabic on wikipedia.

    You know, I only use it to create fake robot human pages in honor of you. Wiki keeps tearing them down 😦

  10. nice drawing. thats exactly what I imagine The Muhammed and every Muhammed after looking like. He also looks strangley like Osama Bin Laden, after he Just-For-Men makeover. nice work!

  11. Nat – I wouldn’t either, but they said it in the story. Damn that Wikipedia for taking them down!

    Joebecca – Bin Laden was my inspiration for this drawing. Since he is the only muslim I really see all the time.

  12. Yes, they Are crazy.

    The more I keep learning about Muslim beliefs the more fucking insane I’m convinced they are.
    The most ignorant people to walk the face of the Earth in the 21st Century.
    I think it’s a crime to isolate groups of people from reality and deprive them of a solid, rational education…and to allow mentally ill people to proliferate and fill other minds up with shit.

    No other major religion issues calls for the death of those who worship another faith. No other demands to be the government of all people. A state of total insanity exists among the Muslim “scholars” and the whole of Islam that permits them to ignore reality, ignore history, and continue to call for a holy war. It is not just a war on Israel. It is a war on Judaism. It is a war on Christianity. It is a war on all non-believers. It is a war on the values and achievements of Western civilization.

    Furthermore, if I told you the total bullshit that’s drummed into their heads which they truly all believe, you would laugh at Me and think that I was making this shit up:
    The sun shoots around the sky until coming to rest in a murky pond of water at night.
    Satan pees in peoples ears and sleeps in peoples nostrils. Which is why Muslims go through these obsessive compulsive cleansing rituals.
    Never eat with your left hand because Satan does!
    Always pray in the direction of Mecca, and they do it 5x each day. What they basically pray about is “Allah, have mercy on my pathetic soul and let me into heaven when I die! I Beg of you!” over and over again.
    Camel piss is a cure-all for everything.
    Never cry during a funeral because Satan will punish the dead.
    And anyone who dares want to leave the Islamic religion is to be killed, usually be a close relative!
    And anyone who marries a Muslim must Convert to Islam.

    I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.

    Pigs disgust them so much that a riot broke out when a pig was walked by a Muslim graveyard which resulted in some 200 deaths.
    Another riot broke out when a Miss Piggy doll was put in a shop window. Another incident involved a school teacher who Named a teddy bear Muhammad–that was deemed and “insult against the Prophet”…

    I’m an atheist and Islam represents solid proof of the insanity of religion. I’m also a proud Islamophobe, for these reasons and many more. Basically, these guys are mentally unstable and Dangerous.

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