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So Many Choices; Another Poop Blog

As soon as I opened the door of the stall and looked down I knew I had a blog idea.

Here is what I saw.


Is it necessary to have three rolls of toilet paper in a stall? Seriously. Who uses that loose roll? Not me. That thing could have been rolling around on the floor for all I know.

The cleaning people at my work must be so lazy that instead of just replacing the TWO rolls that are already there, they replace them and then put another roll on top of them. This is crazy. There are three rolls of toilet paper in this bathroom and only one toilet.


On a non poop related note, there was a lunar eclipse tonight that I didn’t watch. Anyone who did, you wasted your time. You looked at an orange moon. WOW. Boring. I’d rather punch myself in the face ten times and see stars than look at the moon. I can’t wait until 2010 so I can miss one of these again.


15 Responses

  1. LOL. The lunar eclipse sucked.

    That loo roll thing you were on about was more exciting.

  2. Yeah. Poop is WAY more exciting than lunar eclipses.

  3. The third roll is a sign of laziness. Plus, a lot of the time, you can’t replace the rolls without a key to unlock the dispenser, so how are you supposed to pop it on?

    In looking at the picture more, it looks like it might have been dropped in the toilet.

  4. The sky here was filled with orange clouds, thats all you could see

  5. I walked outside at 10p Eastern Time, and saw the moon, which had an appearance it was dipped into blood, and the blood had started to dry.

    Looked like this:

    So now you don’t have to punch yourself in the face, AND you can still see what it looked like. AGAIN. and again and again and again.

    btw, when they told us in Elementary School not to look at the Eclipse of the sun, Because it would make you go blind…I looked.

    We were looking into fucking foil? How smart of an idea is that? You can see the sun thru crinkled foil real well!…

  6. If the TP is rolled out and touching the floor, I rip it off and throw it in the toilet. ECK.

  7. Your work bathroom rules.

  8. So you were taking pictures in a bathroom, eh? At least you were photographing to TP, not your fellow bathroom patrons. Don’t Craig out on us, Steve.

  9. Adam – Yeah it was all crinkley and shit. It might have been dropped in.

    Jimmy – That sounds even lamer than what I could have seen.

    Big Guy – I looked at the sun too. You can’t tell little kids not to do something, it will make them do it.

    Lucky – I do that too.

    Bronson – Haha. As much as I hate it, it has given me 2 blogs this week.

    DT – Whenever I am sitting in there I am afraid that a hand is going to come over and ask if I can spare a square.

  10. were lucky if we have toilet paper in our bathroom at work…

    I envy that

  11. I totally watched the ecipse!! How exciting!!!! OMG it was like the moon and then it got like a shadow and then like OMG….

    dude, sorry, i don’t even know where I was going with that.

    I think it’s awesome that they keep the bathroom so well stocked at your work.. You never know when the Jolly Green Giant is gonna stop by a need to take a dump. Better safe than sorry.

  12. Destiny – That sucks. You should bring your own from home. Haha.

    Joebecca – Haha. They “clean” the bathrooms everyday here. They could have 1 roll in there and it would be fine. 3 is over kill.

  13. Steve, did you notice that the roll on top is all wrinkled, like it used to be wet but has since dried up??? A.K.A. hells YA that was rollin’ around on the wet floor…ewwwwwwww….

  14. Haha. Yeah I did notice that. That was another reason why I didn’t use it.

    I have a pic I took last night that proves my work is fucking with me. I’m posting it tonight.

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