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    • Cancer Free, The Way to Be January 17, 2008
      More proof that beer is good for you.  Researchers in Germany say that a cancer-fighting substance found in hops could be enhanced to brew a special anti-cancer beer. I don’t think I’ve read a better story all year. I know the year is young, but the only news that could be better would be “Drinking […]
    • Flaming Shot January 10, 2008
      The flaming shot. It’s an amateur move for sure, but it looks cool. The problem is that a lot of people don’t know how to take this shot. They can make it, and light it on fire and that’s where their “smartness” ends. Example 1 This dude is not smart. And the chick that says […]
    • Don’t Just Drink it January 8, 2008
      We all love beer right? RIGHT!? Well not only is beer delicious and good for you, but it can be used for all sorts of things that aren’t drinking related. Here is the story. Below I have chosen some of my favorites; CLEAR UP BROWN SPOTS IN YOUR LAWN According to Andrew Lopez, a professional […]
    • A Drink a Day Keeps the Doctor Away January 3, 2008
      Health benefits from alcohol? Damn right! According to scientists (not just random drunk people anymore), alcohol in moderation is actually good for you. They say that one alcoholic drink a day will help with all kinds of stuff. Your heart Your pancreas Your Joints Your over all health Sometimes I like to combine 2 weeks […]
    • About Bloody Time January 2, 2008
      After a night of hard drinking you will wake up either drunk or hung-over. Being drunk is not the problem, it’s the coming down from being drunk and being hung-over that is the problem. The solution; a Bloody Mary. There are 3 types of morning drinkers. There is the person who drinks a Bloody Mary, a […]
    • DWI of the Year January 1, 2008
      Here at Don’t Eat the Worm we don’t condone drinking and driving. It is a dumb and reckless move that can cost not only you your life but an innocent person. (Not saying you’re guilty.) BUT Meagan Harper is now a god in DWI/DUI circles. She was busted in Oregon with a .55 BAC. The […]
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    • We're Back! December 31, 2009
      Steve and Amanda are back with their witty and interesting view of the world. Steve will discuss how much he loves libs and Amanda will discuss the world of sex and relationships.
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Your Jacket Needs to Go.

On my way home from work today I looked to my right as I sped past a bunch of fools, and saw the biggest douche nozzle I’ve ever seen. He was wearing a Letterman Jacket, not only was he wearing one of the gayest jackets ever made, next to the technicolor-ed dream coat obviously, but it had the number 07 on the shoulder.


Are you kidding me right now!? Seriously? You’re going to wear a jacket with the 07 on the shoulder when you aren’t in school anymore and it’s almost 2009? I thought I was having flash backs to my proverbial “Haight-Ashbury” days.

Ditch the jacket dude, seriously. And if you don’t, and I see you, I’m kicking your ass.


Society is Screwed….

Society as we know it will not survive much longer. There are just too many people and more than half of them are completely retarded or insane. I’ve never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, but I do know what is right and wrong. The following stories will help show just how fucked we are….

Teen hires hitman to kill parents after being grounded from Playstation and TV.

Yes, a child, 16 years old tried to hire a hitman who turned out to be an undercover police officer to kill his parents. This kid, a juvenile delinquent of epic proportions has been in trouble for years and, from what I understand, has been punished very little for his crimes. Now the judge, being the gentleman that he is, is trying him in the Juvienile Courts instead of the Adult Court system which means he can’t be held after his 21st birthday. Way to go judge, you’ve done your one good deed to get into Heaven!

Servant forced to eat 100 chili peppers and vomit.

I thought this one was a joke. Apparently people are really this mean to people. Man what it must be like to be rich and have people waiting on you.

It’s not bad enough that this person is already cleaning up after your lazy ass, you have to humiliate them when ever you can? How bad can they be messing up your life that you have to make them eat 100 chili peppers and their vomit? That’s just fucked up.

A Texas idiot sits in a bathtub with rattle snakes.

Some yahoo from Dublin, Texas sat in a bathtub with 87 snakes in it for 45 minutes.

Was he a hostage?

Nope. Just a retard. A retard who wants to be famous for doing stupid things. This moron holds several different records (Guinness Book certified) involving rattle snakes.

This is all the news I can stand today with out wanting to end my life so I’ll leave it at that.

One more thing though. I signed up for Pownce so if you have it, add me as a friend.


Word of the Day –


someone who is bad with girls
compound word of poontang (pussy) and retard.