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Woo Hookers!

I just read on Fox News that this girl is selling her virginity on the internets. I for one am a big fan of this. I don’t have the money to pay for a hooker, but don’t have anything against it. If you want to pay to have sex with someone, that’s your own deal. It’s not like you’re raping them or anything. People are way to hung up on prostitution, seriously folks, unless the girl or guy (I guess) is being forced to do it what is the problem?

Well this chick from the one picture they show is pretty good looking. I doubt she is a virgin. Some dude bid 3.7 million dollars. I don’t care who it is, I wouldn’t pay that much to have sex with her.

Would you pay for sex or have you already?


The Youtube Chronicle Volume 1

Today is a day I normally don’t blog. But I’m at my mom’s house dickin around on the inter-web and watching some youtube videos. So that got me thinking about doing a colloge of sorts with youtube videos. Here are a few of the things I’ve watched today.

Bait Car –

Mountain Dew!

The Dark Knight trailer –

Terry Tate Office Linebacker –

These are just a few of the many videos that I watched today. So check them out and enjoy.

W3rd of the Year…

I just read this story because I’m an idiot. I should have stopped after the first two paragraphs.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Expect cheers among hardcore online game enthusiasts when they learn Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. Or, more accurately, expect them to “w00t.”

“W00t,” a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as an exclamation of happiness, topped all other terms in the Springfield dictionary publisher’s online poll for the word that best sums up 2007.

W00t is the “word of the year.” I don’t even know what “word of the year” means, but I do know that w00t isn’t a word. Why not just smash your hand on the keyboard and create a whole new language? Why not just start using hieroglyphics again? How about cave drawings?

They say ‘gamers’ use this word. I guess you might see this word typed out if you’re playing barbies online with 9 year old girls. But when playing with semi-intelligent people you won’t see this word.

What is even more screwed up about this word is that the spell check on wordpress recognizes it, but it doesn’t recognize online. Apparently w00t is spelt correctly and online is not. Which I guess is right, if you live in Bizzaro World.

I refuse to use the word ‘w00t’ in written and spoken language from here on out. Any word that has letters and numbers in it should not be considered a word. And any word that a 7 year old girl or 14 year old shut in use on the interweb while playing World of Warcraft is not being used me.

Do you use this word? Do you use words similar to it?

Tricked into Suicide…and Week 11 Picks…

Before I get into anything blog-worthy I want to let you know that I now have a pownce and twitter account and if you have either or both of those you can add me.


I found this storyearlier tonight. Basically this girl is super depressed and has no friends or something. (Emo) She meets some “kid” on Myspace. She talks to this “kid” for a while then the “kid” blocks her or gets rid of her as a friend. This girl is so distraught by this that she kills herself. Yes, she killed herself because of someone on the interweb. This is completely insane.

It gets worse….

The “kid” was actually a parent of a kid down the street. This parent was pretending to be some boy so she/he could track what the girl was saying about her/his child. (I’m almost positive that the parent is a woman. Guys aren’t this crazy.)

What the Hell is wrong with you people? First off, the girl was 13. You have to be AT LEAST 14 to have a Myspace account. So she was lying to get on the site. That doesn’t excuse the parents down the street from making a fake profile and screwing with some girl’s head.

This story is just to messed up. I’m moving on to football picks now to clear my head. As always my picks are in bold.

San Diego @ Jax

K C @ Indy.

Oakland @ Minnesota

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Pitts @ NY (Jets)

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Miami @ Philly

New England @ Buffalo

Washington @ Dallas

 New Orleans @ Houston

Carolina @ Green Bay

NY (Giants) @ Detroit

St Louis @ San Fran

Chicago @ Seattle

Tenn @ Denver


Word of the Day –

Roll Job –

Getting off inside the rolls of fat women.

You’re Seriously Serious?

To get ideas for blogs I usually read the news. Some nights I search for hours trying to find a weird news story, or something that irks me the wrong way and motivates me to write about it. Well tonight it took all of 5 seconds. I came across this storyand was blown away. Basically it’s about a website that caters to old rich guys and young chicks who don’t want to work. AKA – Gold diggers.

This lady below is the one they interviewed. If she is the caliber of chicks that are on this site I really feel sorry for these rich, lonely dudes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In the story she is described as –

blonde and beautiful, assets she means to work for all they’re worth.

Are you serious?

What assets?

Don’t you have to be hot to be a gold digger?

If this chick didn’t have blonde hair would you even look at her? The answer is no. This chick is the definition of a blonde illusion.*

Why would you pay this chick to be your “friend” when you could throw some money around and score hot chicks like this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I seriously started laughing and I almost choked on sunflower seeds when I saw that chick’s picture. Don’t describe people as beautiful if they are in fact ugly. That is what I like to call LYING.

Here is another quote from this bombshell.

The age disparity is not a problem for Blair, who made it clear that she wasn’t looking for a traditional boyfriend, anyway.

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and if I was looking for a traditional relationship I would be seeking someone my own age group,” she said, adding that she wouldn’t be satisfied with a nice present or two for her time.

“Gifts are not going to help you,” she advised would-be suitors. “It’s not a smart investment.”

I think I can pretty much end this on that. Good luck gold digging lady, you’re going to need it.


Word of the day –

 Blonde Illusion or B I 

A Blonde who appeared hot at first but upon closer inspection is NOT. A girl who if wasn’t a blonde would be below average. If you were really fooled you could say she was a MAGNUM B.I.

The Broken News…

Toys Linked to Date-Rape Drug Recalled.

Are you serious? Pedophiles have finally infiltrated the toy factories!! What’s next? Santa’s Workshop?

Another thought…I know a few girls who might like to have their “beads” tainted with GHB.

Good Hygiene, Keeps you Healthy.

Thanks for the advice Dr. Obvious. Next you’re going to tell us water will make us less thirsty.

Schools Ban Hugs.

So kids can’t hug each other, but teachers can bang their students. Makes sense to me.

Rosie O’ Donnell Not Hosting a Show on MSNBC.Com


Ronald Reagan Library Loses Track of Thousands of Artifacts.

Turns out, they just forgot where they put them.


Word of the Day –

Man Space –

 An amount of space between two men given to maintain their feeling/appearance of Heterosexuality. An extra seat or space between two men.

Offended? Go F Yourself…

I sort of got an idea from EvylSmoke, and also from something a local morning radio show host said the other day.

A blurb from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The state’s most popular radio personality made news last week after his sidekick, Terri Traen, suggested that genetics and incest may have led to high suicide rates on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. KQRS-FM apologized and pledged to devote more air time to Indian issues, invite tribal members on the morning show and hire Indian interns.

This really makes me mad. I’m not mad about what Terri Traen said. Why am I not mad about that? Well if you have ever heard the show you would know that she is about as smart as a bag of rocks. She says things like this, it’s not a shock. She doesn’t do it out of spite or anger. She just doesn’t have a filter on her brain that allows her to make sense. She asks dumb questions when the answers are obvious, she seems clueless at times, and is completely obsessed Vince Vaughn. These are all reason that people tune into the show.

Should the Red Lake Indians be upset? Yes and no.

Yes because that is a pretty rude thing to say.

No because it’s Terri Traen. If you have listened to the show you expect things like this and it’s one of the reasons you listen. I’ve been talking to people for the last couple of days and I’ve heard a few people who know some Indians up there and they’ve told me she was right. But I can’t confirm these statements. Just something I heard through the grape vine.

Should anyone be punished or fined for this? No, but they were picketed by a bunch of Indians who were freaking out about these comments. So now they issued apologies and have to talk about “Indian issues” and hire Indian interns.


Because someone has a verbal slip you need to hire more of another race? That sounds pretty stupid to me.

Because someone was “offended” you have to change the way you do things? Fuck that. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean you have to change. Maybe it is them you should be more tolerant of other people.

The words offensive or offended are used way to often nowadays and it’s pissing me off. There seems to be only one thing people want to do when they are “offended,” get that thing changed to fit what THEY believe. Well what if that “offends” someone? It’s a never ending cycle of unnecessary change.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be aware of other people’s beliefs but you can’t please everyone all the time.

So you super sensitive people; Go fuck yourselves.


Word of the Day – An urbandictionry definition of offended.

Offended –

To be offended. An evil state of mind that causes censorship, kills freedom of speech, destroys urban dictionary definitions (via the remove button), and ruins video games as well as many other things.