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Soft Core Blows

I love 3 day weekends. Friday I drank a bunch of beer with my neighbors and planned on relaxing on Saturday, plans change I suppose. I got a call from my good friend Jeff. He called to tell me to come over because he and another one of my friends, Justin grilled up to much food and I was needed to help. So I did what any aspiring fat person would do, I got my ass over there.

I get there and am greeted with a beer and a brat. We stood around and had interesting conversations about taking shits, lesbians, and taking shits on people. I told them both my goal is to bang a lesbian, then Jeff had to be a one-upper and tell me he already did that. (jerk) Then told me about a “lesbian” he knows that takes naked photos, which he never showed me, but doesn’t show “the goods.” He told me she gets a lot of money just to show her boobs.


Soft Core porn is the worst! It’s like a lap dance when you can’t touch the stripper. What is the point? Soft Core porn should be outlawed, and the people who watch it should be punched in the neck. What can you possible get out of seeing half naked chicks and nothing hardcore? Wast of time if you ask me.

Did you all have a good Memorial Day weekend? Are you a supporter of Soft Core porn?


17 Responses

  1. If only we could have recorded the entire conversation, it would have been sweet!

    Fuck soft-core! I can watch National Geographic channel and see more hard core shit!

  2. The only thing that I like to see soft when I am watching porn is a Kleenex.

  3. yeah, but with hardcore you always run the risk of… you know…

  4. Memorial Day was pretty sweet. I got to spend it back in the ‘burgh.

    Softcore porn? What’s the point?

    Stop by my blog some time King? Your comments are needed!

  5. I slept most of yesterday. So it was okay.

    As for soft core porn, I say nay. Nay, like what I say to that new Indy movie.

  6. Jeff – That conversation went on for like a half hour. It was awesome.

    Evyl – Hahaha

    Toph – Ummm…Not sure I’m following you.

    Hierophant – I definitely will. BTW the Pens are you going to get swept.

    Bronson – I didn’t read that post yet because
    I want to see it.

  7. Steve, after that comment, I punish you to 4 years of only softcore porn watching.

  8. Hahaha.

    The truth hurts man.

  9. I have a big imagination so I can handle the soft-core porn if there is a porn-ration and that’s all that is available to me.

    PS: it’s about time you come back to the blog!!!!

  10. You’re probably the only one who watches that trash. You are single handedly keeping the soft core prono business alive.

    I don’t think 3 blogs in a month means I’m officially back yet.

  11. Boycott Romi

  12. I hate thinking there is going to be more and then………. nothing. Geez, so I have to use my imagination now? Not good.

    Romi is an optimist who sees the silver lining on the soft porn cloud.. I’m with her, any porn = better than no porn.

  13. *GASP*…Jeffrey C!!! Don’t call for a “romi boycott”…I’m delightful!!!!

    Nat: you get me, and I dig that 🙂

  14. The boycott… Continues!

  15. lmao at this string of comments.

  16. Well don’t stop now Steve, ’cause I just wanted to say, that the more Jeffrey C shuns me, the more I desire him.

    That is all.

  17. Soft Core porn should be the title of a genre of porn starring men with erectile dysfunction. Then ‘soft’ will have a who new meaning!

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