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Alicia Keys is a Racist

I just read this story about Alicia Keys. According to her (Alicia Keys) “gangsta rap” was a ploy to get black people to kill each other.

Keys, 27, said she’s read several Black Panther autobiographies and wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck “to symbolize strength, power and killing ’em dead,” according to an interview in the magazine’s May issue, on newsstands Tuesday.

I guess it’s good that she’s reading, but Alicia, have you read anything other else? Maybe some of Tookie Williams’ books? You know, the co-founder of the Crips. I’m sure you have.

I guess I’m not really sure how a AK-47 sympolizes strength and power. Killing I can see, but those other two, that’s kind of a stretch.

Another of her theories: The bicoastal feud between slain rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. was fueled “by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing.”

Alicia Keys is a racist. It’s that simple. She doesn’t say she hates white people specifically but she implies it with this theory. “The government and the media?” If that doesn’t say white people I don’t know what does. Unless of course the “government and the media” were listening to “gangsta rap” and they killed Tupac and B.I.G.


Though she’s known for her romantic tunes, she told Blender that she wants to write more political songs. If black leaders such as the late Black Panther Huey Newton “had the outlets our musicians have today, it’d be global. I have to figure out a way to do it myself,” she said

I didn’t know who Huey Newton was so I looked him up. Well apparently he was a Black Panther. Also, he was a murderer. So I guess we should be thankful he didn’t have the outlets we have today.

I’m not a fan of Alicia Keys, but if I were I don’t think I’d want her to be singing political songs. I’d want to continue singing about the same stupid trash that she is singing about now. But if you want some help Alicia I’ll make up some racist political song for you now, you can steal this if you want.


The government invented gangsta rap. So all of blacks will kill blacks. The Black Panthers are always right. Even when they take innocent life. Tookie Williams should have been free. Besides co-founding the Crips, he helped the community.

(Now some sort of piano solo)

White people they take away. All the black leaders we have today. The government and the media killed Biggie and Pac. Take me back to Fraggle Rock ( I loved that show.)

So you can use this song that I just came up with Alicia. And please, don’t give me credit.


44 Responses

  1. […] Home/Refresh Page wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt I just read this story about Alicia Keys. According to her (Alicia Keys) “gangsta rap” was a ploy to get black people to kill each other. Keys, 27, said she’s read several Black Panther autobiographies and wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck “to symbolize strength, power and killing ‘em dead,” according to an interview in the magazine’s May issue, on newsstands Tuesday. I guess it’s good that she’s reading, but Alicia, have you read anything other else? Maybe some of Tookie Williams’ […]

  2. I am so sick of these famous poets and musicians, that are black, hating on their biggest demographic; White people!
    Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Lauren Hill, Kanye West, and now Alicia Keys; GO FUCK YOURSELF! They need to do like Dave Chappelle says, “…stop blaming shit on white people!”
    How can she say the black panther message and rap is not global? Is she fucking retarded? That is why I saw an N.W.A. shirt while I was in Iraq…? Stick to the piano Miss Keys, why can’t you be like the Black Eyed Peas and spread love; and not more hate and ignorance?

    How did the government start “gangster rap” now? The government may have fueled the poverty, but it was not specifically to black people, and it was not to create rap music… If they really wanted to destroy the black people in the fucking 80s (that is when “gangster rap” came about), they could have easily done it by flooding the streets with poison cocaine.
    Also, how many people knew that Ice Cube got his bachelors degree in English from Arizona Sate BEFORE he even joined N.W.A.!

    With Love Alicia, Fuck off!


  3. Yeah, the sad thing is that noone will call her on this. Noone ever says anything to people when they say off the wall crazy shit.

    I’m glad I’m not a fan of her’s. I would be pissed that I spent time out of my life on her.

  4. She is still smoking hot though… Damn shame too, waste of sexy snatch

  5. Yeah. I’d do her. I’d probably still do her as long as she keeps her mouth shut. Well, as long as she doesn’t talk I mean.

  6. Too true….
    Its also fucked up how Tookie Williams changes his whole life while on death row, and actually comes up with a constructive way to help black people and children; and The Governator still killed his ass (No disrespect towards Tookie Williams) .

  7. Tookie was a scum bag. He should have been killed as soon as he was convicted. He killed 4 people for no reason execution style.

    Fuck Tookie Williams.

  8. They didn’t prove shit… He is scum for starting the Crips; but what the fuck is the point of prisons? Reform, and I think he was. Now don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the death penalty, I just think that he really turned his life around. Charles Manson is still sitting in Prison, and he openly admitted to being part of the Tate murders… That was for less than no reason.

  9. Don’t even try to say that Tookie Williams was innocent. You are out of your mind Jeff. He wasn’t in prison for reform. He was on death row. That’s the end of the end.

    Charles Manson should be put to death too. I’m not arguing that.

  10. i never said he was innocent

  11. Well just because someone “turns their life around” or pretends to so they can help themselves doesn’t mean we should forget all the things they did before that point.

  12. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

  13. YAY!!!! More Alicia keys hatin’!!! I fucking HATE her. Gee, I wonder why racism is still around.

    I bet she’s friends with that Jemele idiot.

  14. Haha.

    I wouldn’t say I hate her. I never even think about her or listen to her music. But when her dumb thoughts come into my life it pisses me off.

  15. Whoever wrote this is seriously reaching….How can she hate white people when her mother is white and she always says how much she loves her? think idiots

  16. I wrote this. I didn’t write the article in Blender Magazine though.

    I also didn’t put any words in her mouth. She said all of this.

  17. I wouldn’t say I hate Alicia Keys, nor would I condone or protest against her opinions. But for the love of all that is decent, someone take her recording contract away. I don’t care if it’s politics or catchy pop hits or whatever – that woman needs to be condemned for her crimes against contemporary music.

    Mind you, I feel that way about a lot of ‘artists’ today so it’s no big deal. 🙂

  18. Hahaha.

    I couldn’t even name a song she sings if I tried. I know she plays the piano and that’s about it.

  19. That sucks. I liked her music. still do. does it count if i just illegally download her music instead of paying for her cds? i would never pay for her cds.

  20. That is one amazing show!!!! totally need to agree with you on that one!

  21. And crack was invented by the US Government to annilate blacks. So was AIDS. The man is out to get us all. First the blacks and then the hispanics and then the asians and then the whites, then and only then will the true masters that have been pulling the strings will emerge and aliens will rule. Buhahahaha.

  22. LOL! i’m going to have the fraggle rock song stuck in my head forever now. thanks a lot.

  23. she’s cute 😀
    who cares what she has to say.

  24. Alicia Keyes IS a racist. It’s amazing that after all this time….well, everyone has to pay for the sins of our ancestors. My sister is half-black, so before you say that I am racist…WRONG. I am just floored that Alicia Keyes with all her talent has such questionable people as role models. This is a person that we want our children to look up to? Someone who promotes hate…in whatever form (racism,political,etc…doesn’t matter) Try reading a different book, maybe visit someplaces where hate is the last thought people are concerned with. You have all this money and skill and the most you can do with it is spout rantings (crazy ones at that) about how the government and media started ‘gangsta rap’? Most of these ‘rappers’ might have made some real huge mistakes but no one forced them to make them….they choose this all on their own….and our society is sick of celebrities getting away with murder literally! But you also have some ‘rappers’ that have made something of themselves and have tried getting their lives together. It’s very typical to blame everyone else when we don’t want to take responsibility for our own actions……here’s my advice Alicia, read a book, one that perhaps has more purpose….talk to Oprah….there’s a person to have as a role model….do some good with your life instead of promoted hate….we have enough of that in our world….break the cycle!!!!

  25. merely blaming the govt and media doesnt make her racist. people of all ethnicities work for the media and govt. If you have a problem with symbolic reference to black panthers, it is no different to wearing a che guevara necklace, its paying homage to past freedom fighters. shes black and proud, whats wrong with that? hows that any different to jessica simpson in cowboy outfits with southern flag in dukes of hazzard. Maybe you cant handle the truth…the truth is that america is still segregated by race and will continue to be so.

  26. ^Who is continuing the segregation? The people who are trying to change, or the people that are blaming others for trespasses that they themselves never committed?

  27. Things to note… Alicia Keys made a statement that many of you disagree with. But seriously, to rule out the possibility entirely, AND to do so with as much aggression as you guys is… I don’t know… what would you call that? We certainly don’t live in an imaginative generation or even a thinking generation. We live in a generation where headlines dictate our emotions. I hear so many people saying “Alicia Keys is a racist.” Interesting thing, I didn’t hear this kind of response to Mel Gibson AT ALL. There’s something to think about. Do you remember what HE said? Alicia Keys never said ANYTHING about race… that’s something that the media added and then bloggers just had a field day with. I just want you guys to study how you reacted to this… because that’s all that really matters. Are you responding based on something you believe or something you WANT to believe. And then I want you to try and understand that all the headlines you read are not made up for you to make your own decision but they exist to dictate your response… to better keep everyone in check. So who’s gonna keep THEM in check? If Alicia Keys is racist, what do you call the Dixie Chicks? I’m worried about things. I don’t know how serious any of you are about this discussion but, I’m concerned that George Orwell was a prophet rather than just an author… that scares me. Alicia Keys wears a pendant with a gun on it and it has its PERSONAL meaning… the Catholic Church beliefs are symbolized by a crucifixion, and they dictate to you how it should make you feel. They TELL you what it means and justify you wearing it around. Its all the same. So, Alicia believes in things that you don’t. Don’t let it it get you so angry… and I can’t believe you guys are calling her a racist conspiracy theorist. What are you gonna do next? march up to her house with pitch forks chanting?
    And about Lauryn Hill… did you know that she never made that famous racist remark that you probably credit her for (and that even eminem dissed her for)? She even went on Howard Stern and clarified that it was a disgusting rumor that someone started and EVERYONE joined in on… including many of you… how does that make you feel? Now, you don’t have to be honest with this blog…. but AT THE VERY LEAST, be honest with yourselves. I gotta say, the media is REALLY serving its TRUE purpose well because we can’t even see that our opinions are not our own.
    p.s.: if you ever get the chance, have some class too. some of the comments here are just tasteless, you know?… or are we blind to that too.

  28. Mel Gibson is a drunk Anti-Semite

  29. At first glance, I thought the title of this story was “Alicia Keys is a Rapist.”

    That is so much better.

  30. ^ I agree, that would be so hot!

  31. wow, you know how to drop a serious beat…you should produce man, you should produce 😉

  32. Who should produce?

  33. Careful where you read your news from though. It is FOX News (the ultra-conservatives) we’re talking about here…

  34. Stick to posting pictures of scantily-clad women. They’re more controversial….in a good way 🙂

  35. miss you hot-face…

    a.k.a. post something BIATCH!!!!


  36. Since Steve is no longer posting it seems, I will announce to the world that he loves man balls

  37. better that than dog-balls though right?….or elephant balls…or chicks with balls…ya he’s lovin’ the right kind of balls….


  38. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve…. Geez man, I don’t have the internet at the moment and I’m here more than you.

    Stop having a life damnit.


  39. i feel like after i dropped my comment… no one had anything else to say… so I’LL just say this: i’m sure most of you are americans. alicia keys, being a citizen of america, opted to speak her mind in a very personal interview (how many of you agree with her is irrelevant) and the media interpreted her words in a way to make you guys hate her, call her racist, stupid, crazy, etc. keep in mind… journalism is something that you can major in for graduate study or whatever… which implies that it is a very intricate profession. if you think that its just about telling YOU the truth… you’re an idiot(there’s no other word for it)…. people don’t study that craft for four years or so to learn how to tell you the truth. one of the first things that they’re taught is that you don’t wanna hear the truth. the truth is an inconvenience; it doesn’t pay the bills. they wanna tell you a story. a story. A STORY. a story to get you to react a certain way. they wanna tell you the story that justifies destroying foreign countries and tapping your phone lines. you better believe it. they love these kinds of blogs because its just a reminder of how far off you are from figuring it out…. or even suspecting that you’re being manipulated. i wish you could see from my end how stupid it is to call her racist based on that article. things really look bad. its reminiscent of the salem witch trials or the red scare… things like that, where ignorance is a necessary epidemic in order to retain control. you guys are feeding the flame. and lastly, try and understand that i had a moral obligation to speak my mind and heart on this post.

  40. that is not even true .alicia was talking in a interviews for Blinder magazine . they ask alicia this tricky ass question .alicia didn’t anwer it right ,but, she did not say that.THEY SAID THAT!!!! Alicia would never say somthing like that ,alicia is a good ,soulful hearted person..Believe Me!!!….
    And Alica keys has already address this problem!!!
    IT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Im back and I got another thing to say Alicias new cd is rockin. PS jackass c and stevebumman this not a chat time u drunkards. and it seams like yall broke cant even buy a cd wow i guess yall are low class or should i say no class buy the way did u kiss the B I made another one just in case SMOOCHES!!!

  43. Lyyke wh`t th` hell are theszse people awn abowt ?!

  44. why are you peope getting mad because of this? She just has a problem with whites not that she hates them well maybe she does. But hell don’t all bi racial always consider themselves black ya know. I’m multi racial I consider myself black its just the way it is. Hell most of african americans have european blood so why is it such a shock when a bi racial person hates whites aside from what you call a regular negro? No blacks should really hate whites cause some where down the line one of you out there is my cousin or brother call me sometime i love ya.

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