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Don’t Say You’re Sorry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of days you probably have heard that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been accused of having sex with hookers. Now these weren’t just any hookers, they were high class hookers costing thousands for just an hour of “work.”

Here’s the thing, after Spitzer gets caught he says he’s sorry. Is he really sorry for cheating on his wife with a few hookers? Or is he sorry that he got caught cheating on his wife with a few hookers?

I would rather have had him say nothing. Or just issue a statement saying that he just loves the poon so much that one vagina isn’t enough. Just don’t lie to me. That’s all I ask. I have no problem with people who cheat on their wives/husbands, but when you get caught don’t try to gain sympathy by apologizing. It looks so forced.

I have something for you Eliot;



17 Responses

  1. His ass is sorry he got caught. He won’t be getting ANY poon now.

    Love the e-card 🙂

  2. Yeah, he is screwed.

    I was trying to find one that had something to do with hookers but they didn’t have any.

  3. I agree with Lucky, had this douche never been caught I am positive it would have gone on forever.
    He has a high pressure job, a hooker provides that release that he might not be able to get with his wife. I am sure he still loves his wife, I mean come on, hookers aren’t even real people.

    I also love the ecard… My next girlfriend is getting that.

  4. Now his wife knows why she’s been eating spaghetti out of a can for dinner and sitting on a milk crate instead of a chair.. oh, that’s where your money went is it? You told me it was a gambling problem.

    I feel sorry for her.. but come on, *thousands*? Did she think he was earning pizza boy wages?

  5. Jeff – I thought the dude’s wife was pretty hot for an old lady. I don’t really understand why he was doing it. High pressure job or not.

    Nat – Haha. At least they were “classy” hookers. Probably didn’t have std’s or whatever.

  6. I was really surprised by this…like something about his balding head, beady, hungry eyes and thin lips told me he’d be into the “underage boys”, but I guess you can never tell….

  7. Nat don’t worry, his wife was taken care of… He was using campaign funds as well as tax payers money, so his salary an monster perdeium (sp?) went to his family…

    Steve- After looking at his wife more, and comparing her to the blow-j queen, yes his wife was a good looking mature women.

  8. ^How insightful, thank you really long name… Or should I call you Bot!

  9. Romi – That’s what I was thinking.

    Jeff – Yeah, I’d totally bang his wife.

    Jeff (again) – That just means that my blog was linked.

  10. fuck your blog being linked, no one reads this

  11. Ahh thanks Jeff, didn’t know if it was all coming out of his pocket or the tax payers… Stuff that, if I was paying for hookers, I’d want something for my tax dollars.

  12. Jeff – I’m honestly shocked that people do read this. Haha.

    Nat – Yeah, he paid with his own money. What a sucker.

  13. Sucker…. oh, that’s great!! You’re a funny, funny man Steve. I’d type a little “I bow down before your funniness” thing here, but you know.. not after writing all my *sucker love*..


  14. Haha. I’m not that funny.

    Sucker love. That sounds like the name of a porno movie.

  15. Yep.. I knew you’d know where I was going with that one.

  16. Everything goes back to porno for me. I just assume people brains are as twisted as mine. Heh.

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