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Too Hot to Trot and Fly, and Old Guy Falls

Last thing first. This old ass senator fell and is in the hospital. Here is the whole story from www.Foxnews.com 

WASHINGTON — A spokesman for Sen. Robert Byrd says the 90-year-old lawmaker is in the hospital after taking a fall at his home.

Byrd, who is third in line to the presidency, was taken to Walter Reed Army Medical Center after complaining of back pain. He is staying there overnight for observation.

His spokesman, Jesse Jacobs, says it’s not clear whether Byrd suffered any broken bones.

THIS GUY IS 90!!!! How can you do ANYTHING when you’re 90!?!? Who voted for this guy? There wasn’t anyone one else you could find? There wasn’t a rock you could vote for? At least when a rock falls it doesn’t get hurt.


And now on to “real” news. 2 “hot” girls were kicked off a flight for “being attractive.” Here is the link to the story.

Before we go any further lets see what these girls look like.


Girl on the right is actually pretty hot, but the girl on the left not hot at all. If you think she is hot you are out of your mind. It looks like she has had a plastic surgery procedure botched on her face.

Let me tell you something about attractive people, they aren’t discriminated against. People will bend over backwards to help an attractive woman.

I was reading some of the comments on the news page. As of right now there are over 900. I thought I would share a few of them with you.

Kevin from Schaumburg, IL

I cant believe I wasted two minutes of my life reading this article.

Norville from Overland Park, KS

I’d tap that.

Samuel Elrod from Nashville, TN

Is it too late for their parents to abort them?

Glen from Castle Rock, CO

Gigitty gigitty gig-it-ty

Dark Haired Girl is Ugly from Kansas City, MO

Pretty?!?? The blonde is, but the dark haired girl has a fat face and looks like it got hit by a truck. You were mistreated because you mistreated others. People usually don’t dish it out unless you give it first.

Obbop from Omaha, NE

Pretty? Gag.

Betcha’ in ten years they are as fat as me and will be even uglier than they are now.

This is just a sample of the hilarity from the comments.

If these broads sue and win any money, I will vomit all over myself and start a fetish porn site where I let people puke and shit all over me. If they win any money it will just show that our legal system in this country is completely fucked and the world is close to ending.


17 Responses

  1. Make sure you give me the web address so I can put it on my list of blocked sites… Ewww…

  2. This news site? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Fox News (dot) Com is where I found both stories so you might want to block that.

  3. Stupid fucking bimbos. I bet they win as well, mainly due to flashing cameltoe at whatever judge gets the horn for them.

    Heck, if I was being Devil’s Advocate here, I’d help two fake bimbo sluts out but that would be me contradicting my entire belief system in favour of tits. Must…resist…the…breasts…

    Okay! Off with their heads!

  4. I do love me some cameltoe.

    Good job resisting.

    Hopefully a judge isn’t an old horny guy or a lesbian.

  5. ha, I think Amanda meant the fetish website YOU would start up. I think I would block it too (no offense).

    But as far as the story goes, I have a gut feeling that there is a lt more to the story. These girls seem stuck up, and honestly, I would hope that they would get kicked off. And slapped.

  6. I will seriously be pissed if they sue and get money. I have flown Southwest a lot and never witnessed them treating “young decent-looking girls” different. I think it’s HI-larious that they couldn’t get on their connecting flight home. 🙂

  7. I gotta agree, the blonde is pretty hot but the dark haired one just looks like she should be working a pole in a dark smoky bar somewhere.

  8. Adam – I can honestly say I forgot I wrote that. Haha. Yeah, I was getting the “I’m a big bitch” vibe from these chicks.

    Lucky – Yeah, I thought it was great that they had to find a new flight home.

    Joebecca – I REALLY dark and REALLY smoky bar.

  9. these girls are fucking morons.

  10. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  11. No I was talking about your nasty fetish porn site…

  12. Yeah, Adam cleared that up for me.

    I’ll give you free access. How could you pass that up?!

  13. Sheesh. Must be graduates from the freaking paris hilton school of thought.

  14. I want to take the instruction booklet for a curling iron and beat the blonde girl over the head with it. Sorry darling, you fail. If you can’t even curl your hair properly, what other essential girl functions do you fail at? Life, that’s what. Go home bimbos! Natch!


  15. I can’t wait for you to start posting video clips on your vomit/shit fetish site…lol 😉

  16. Joe – I don’t even think Paris Hilton graduated from that school. Haha.

    Green – Whoa. Maybe you should mud wrestle them!

    Romi – I’ll hook you up with a free account.

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