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To Read, or Not to Read

A little while ago I took a huge dump at work. I walked into the stall and the first thing I noticed was that there was sand everywhere. It could have been a beach in this thing. It’s 20 something degrees right now, and I was sad I didn’t have sandals on so I could enjoy the beach in the bathroom stall at my work. So after I built a replica of the Lincoln Memorial in sand I proceeded to take a giant crap. That’s when I saw it, all crumpled up and jammed into one of the handicap helper handles.

Bathroom Stall Paper

Do you read this paper? I really wanted to, but I kept getting flashes in my brain of who ever brought this paper in the stall was the one who had 5 cubic tons of sand on his shoes. If he can’t even wipe his feet before walking around the building how can I read a paper that he read while he was dropping a deuce?

I love reading while I’m taking a dump. I have tons of Maxim magazines in my bathroom at home. But the way this paper was just smashed in that handle was kind of unsettling. If it would have been folded nicely and set on the tank part of the can I probably would have read it.

Did I make a good choice? Would you have read it?

Also, if you like sports or sports related stories that are semi funny check out my other blog. Http://hitforavg.blogspot.com


17 Responses

  1. I would never have read it….but I know of people who probably would have!

    But I am endlessly amused by the kind of blog posts that technology enables us to make:)


  2. Are you trying to say that my blogs are pointless?

    Because they are. Haha.

  3. Well, it is quite amusing, and made me smile:) so I guess I will come back for more.

    We need blogs of all kinds to make up blogosphere, and then you never know when a bit of link love comes in handy!

    Jokes apart, I liked this post, so quit worrying:)

  4. Excellent.

    Well I don’t consider myself a good writer or even a decent blogger so I’m not worried.

    Glad you liked it though.

  5. Maybe he did try to put it on the tank bit and it kept slipping off?

    C’mon, he was paying it forward man! Tropical holiday, reading material, toilet that’s not just a hole in the ground.. so where ever he is – I salute you sandy toilet guy.

  6. I would not have read it. Someone might have held it after wiping their butt, and who knows. There could have been some “rippage” on the TP, and then you would have touched it.

    I watch video podcasts on my ipod while on the can.

  7. Your fascination and obsession for taking a crap and sharing it with the general public not only, baffles yet amazes me (not to mention LMAO) but it also, borders on some kind of deviant voyeurism, my friend.

    I bet you do it to keep all the hotties away from you, don’t you? I mean, I know the last thing I want to do is pic a fine ass man taking a dump. just sayin!;))

    [i’m only kidding Steve, of course I actually find it funny as hell-which is weird cuz, usually that sort of thing bugs me out-ewwwwwwww! ; ) t/c hon

  8. of course, I just thought of something after posting that which is, what does that say about me, that I respond to you taking a crap and not even mention the damn blog….WTF?

    ROTFLMFAO ` *shaking head sideways* confused. 😉

  9. Good choice dude. Take your own reading material.

    And sand? What the hell?

  10. Holy fuck, that picture is hilarious! Man. It didn’t even need words man.

    Good find.

  11. i’d have done the same thing as you. i love reading in the bathroom, but something shoved in the handle like that is a little bit sketchy.

  12. Ewwww

  13. Nat – If it would have been a magazine I probably would have read it.

    Adam – That is exactly what I was thinking. That is a good idea. I ended up checking my email on my smart phone instead of reading.

    CG – I consider my blogs an extension of myself and I talk about things in my blogs that I would talk about in “real life.”

    Lucky – It snowed and was icy from earlier in the day so the dude must have walked in the road and got sand all over his boots or something.

    Bronson – Haha. Glad you liked it. I was struggling for an idea last night until I took my nightly dump and there it was in all of its glory. The paper, not the crap.

    Nicolle – Yeah, if I would have put it there I would have picked it up and read it again. I probably would have read it if I knew who put it there. But the fact that it was a mystery person, that kind of threw me off.

    Amanda – You know you love it.

  14. Why do you always announce when you shit? Taking pictures on the toilet is just as bad as reading used newspapers!

  15. I didn’t take a picture of the toilet.

    I don’t tell people every time I take a shit.

    I get a lot of my ideas for blogs while I’m either driving or sitting on the can.

  16. omg Steve!! maybe the cleaning people saw that paper smashed in the handle and thought that someone used all the toilet paper and now they had to use that paper to wipe their butt! In an effort to not get fired they are now over filling the TP!! it makes total sense!! God, i’m a fucking GENIUS!!

  17. That could be it. Hahaha.

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