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Dumb = Clinton? You be the Judge

What was the last grade of school you completed?
Category % Total Clinton Edwards Obama
Did not complete high school 5 80 3 17
High school graduate 16 61 3 34
Some college or associate degree 32 51 3 45
College graduate 27 44 5 50
Postgraduate study 20 43 3 53

 I thought this was funny. Apparently in California the dumber you are the more you want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

And noone votes Edwards.

Link for all the polls out of California.

9 Responses

  1. Me are vote for Clinton.

  2. Hahaha. Best comment ever.

  3. People want Clinton because she is a woman, People want Obamma because he is Black.

    I want Romney, because he is a good candidate for President.

    Everyone else can just commit suicide.

  4. hillary… how could anyone vote for friggin’ hillary? i’m going to commit suicide.

  5. Big Guy – I hope that’s not how people are voting. From what it looks like a lot of white people are voting for Obama. And a lot of Hispanics/Asians (at least in California) are voting for Clinton.

    Toph – If you kill yourself how am I supposed to see a Skillet of the Week?

  6. and their reasons behind why they are voting for them?

    lol, yea I doubt they will admit it on TV, however I have some insider information. I think the US will burn down to nothingness if She or He gets into office.

    On a better note…There will be someoen elected into office, and I dont know what most people are saying, but I would like to see Bush make it back into another 8 years even tho it is impossible.

    lol, jk

  7. Your boy is out Big Guy. Are you supporting McCain now?

  8. apparently the smart ones vote for obama in cali. if hilary wins…im out of the country…

    she will be horrible…

  9. I just saw that Ann Coultre or however you spell her name is going to support Hillary if McCain gets the Republican bid.

    Obama is a much much much more likable person than Clinton. If the Democrates were smart they would put him to the front.

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