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Montell is the Man

For 17 years Montell Williams has had a daytime talk show, it won’t reach 18. His show won’t be picked up for it’s 18th season.


This might be the reason.

He said it like it is, and his bosses (the Fox people) didn’t like it. Might be a reason he didn’t get picked up for another season right?

Was he wrong? Hell no. He was absolutely right. It’s said that Heath Ledger died, but do you we need 24 hour coverage on it? I think the troops are infinitely more important that an actor. Sure, he was a decent actor and I enjoyed his films but I’d rather hear about other things.

So fuck you Fox News and all of you other news stations and publications. Lets talk about things that actually matter. Lets talk about about the troops that have died. I know a lot of people that have gone over there. I know a few people that have come back in a casket or severely fucked up. Why don’t we talk about that? It pisses me off that we as a society put more weight on what actors say than people who actually have an impact on your way of life.


22 Responses

  1. Agreed. I’d much rather know how they are helping wounded and/or sick soldiers than what people are doing to help that trainwreck of a human, Britney Spears.

  2. Nicolle – Thanks.

    Lucky – Britney Spears is trash. But the people who follow her around and the people who buy those piece of shit magazines are worse.

  3. Yeah – she pretty much is. She reaches a new level of ridiculous everyday and no matter what you are watching, listening to, or reading; SOMEONE reports the latest. Crazy bitch.

    I saw some news show on Montel once…he is a very intelligent person. He was in the military for awhile and I think went to the US Naval Academy?

  4. She sucks at life.

    He is way smart. He was in the military. I’m not sure what branch though.

  5. The news only gives bad news. For the simple fact that people are so low tone they need to hear how bad other people have it, to feel better about themselves. However if we only give out Good information to people like Brunswick has decided after a kid named Brandon H was brutally beaten at his school for a rumor, they are deciding on holding a set of confrences where they are going to start changing things.

    Churches are donating money, clothing, electronics, food to the homeless

    People around the world are helping staving kids in 3rd world countries.

    IBM is sending computers to low producing schools in areas they cant afford computers.

    There is alot of good, yet we hear none of it.

  6. A-FUCKING-MEN! I have great respect for Montell, after all his years as a day time talk show host, he has not sold out like that old ass douche bag, Maurey Povich…. That man is a jack ass.

    Montell had it spot on, the media does not feed the beast, the media is the beast… They dictate what we want to see, that blond bitch can fuck her self with a rusty ice auger… The mindless trollop should not be allowed to speak on behalf of people.
    Thank you Montell for speaking for the voiceless, thank you for speaking for our fallen heroes, thank you for speaking up for us that have served our country and have been blessed enough to make it back physically unharmed.

    Fuck you FOX

  7. I think I would like to witness the rusty ice auger penetrating the blonde over and over again. Seems like something kink films are made of.

    There deff isn’t enough News on the wounded, killed, or even physically unharmed military, and there should be.

  8. I agree with both of you guys.

  9. Excellent post. I am glad that someone stood up and said enough to the whore-monging, butt kissing reporters who follow trash around reporting their every fart. Real America does not give a damn. Save tabloid tv for programs such as Entertainment Tonight. We don’t need, or care to see it on every darn channel.

  10. Exactly. When this trash makes the “regular” news it’s a problem. I don’t care if they put it on Entertainment Tonight since I don’t watch that garbage. That is for people that have no life of their own so they have to latch on to celebrities every move.

  11. Wow, He is the Man!

  12. Very true. Unfortch, I do not have speakers at work, but I trust Montell to speak it like it is. And yeah, very tragic about Heath, but there is no way you can tell me people aren’t fucking glamorizing it now. What’s this new shit going on now “What that Olsen twin – nobody remembers which one is which anyways – knew about Heath!!!” Who fucking cares, why does the public need insight into his depression and whatnot? Leave it alone people! If you or I were to drop dead, it wouldn’t make that kind of coverage. Why? Because we’ve never been in movies. Oh the societal contribution of movies! Ugh. Media sucks the big one at times…

  13. Jimmy – I don’t lie man.

    Green – The media sucks the big one ALL of the time.

  14. i still don’t understand why his death got so much coverage. i mean… even other celebrities who have died didn’t get nearly as much attention

  15. Yeah they do. Remember Anna Nicole?

    But I think it was because he was in that gay cowboy movie. He was “breaking down barriers.” Or something.

  16. Man. One shitty show down, 321654698 to go.

  17. Haha. There are plenty of shows worse than Montell’s that are being picked up for new seasons.

  18. OMG he is SOOOO right, and you are the man for making him the man! but be clear, that in NO WAY makes you a man’s man…


  19. Hahaha. Montell is cool in my book and that’s all that matters.

    Don’t worry. I’m not going to be all gay with him. I’m saving myself for you.

  20. OOH BABY! that’s what i’m talkin about!!

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