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Should I Believe?

Tonight I watched 4 hours of The History Channel. Probably my favorite channel on TV. (Added bonus; It’s now in HD.) I watched 3 episodes of Monster Quest and 1 episode of UFO Hunters. Both shows; Excellent.

Monster Quest –

The episodes I watched were some King Kong one which I’ve seen before. The second one was on some werewolf/dog-man thing in Wisconsin. And the third was on the Lake Champlain sea monster “Champ.” I’ve heard about the first and the third one before but the second one was strange. They had the people who saw this “wolfman” take lie detector tests and they all passed. I live a state away and I’ve never heard of this. This doesn’t please me. I could have been walking along in the woods one day and this thing could have attacked me. I could have been killed by a “wolfman!” Not now though, since I’m never going in the woods again. There is way too much creepy shit in there.

UFO Hunters –

This is a new series I’ve never seen before. Basically it has “experts” at different things examine UFO sightings and “crash sites.” It was interesting seeing how they go through the stories and then go to the actual location and take samples of all the rocks and soil and stuff like that. As much as I don’t believe in UFOs and aliens I wanted to after watching this show.

Basically after watching these 2  shows over a period of 4 hours I wanted to stay in my house. There is way too much danger out in the world for me to be exploring the outside.

Really though, if you are into this kind of shit you should check them out. They kept my attention for 4 hours, and I am notorious for channel surfing.



15 Responses

  1. What the hell were you doing wandering around in the woods to begin with?

  2. I’m an idiot that’s why.

  3. I love watching these things, sometimes I wish I was where you were (but warmer) just so I could watch all the stuff you talk about.

    “I could have been walking along in the woods one day” Really? You, out enjoying nature when there’s beer to be drunk, cheeto’s to be eaten, couches to sit on.. you’ve changed man, haha.

  4. There is nothing wrong with the good outdoors. I went on a hiking trip a while ago, before I knew there was a murderer in the hills of the Appalachian Trails, actually near where we were.

    We didn’t know about it, but the first night we heard a woman scream, however it wasn’t a woman, it was an owl. When we got out, we heard the news.

    So if I can make it in the woods, you can too. There is no such thing as werewolf men, cewbaccas, dinosaurs, or even a good presidential elector, they are all myths. oh and the world is Flat. Freaks.

    Do Not Believe Steve!

  5. My forensics training comes in handy at last!!! Do not fret about the werewolf Steve! Lie detector tests are only good for Maury Povich and the like. They don’t hold up very well in court for the reason that they actually can be fooled. Hardened criminals, psychopaths, etc., can fool them because they actually believe that they are innocent, hence no stress response (which is why they are called psychopaths!). So if people saw some random blurry thing in the woods, say a falling branch or some boy scouts escaping from the horrid team-leader molestation affairs back in their bunks, there is a good chance that they could honestly fool themselves into thinking it was a werewolf, and BAM they pass the lie detector test. So feel free to run through the woods, just brandish my forensics textbook around your head, and all will be well.

  6. Nat – Are you saying just because I’m lazy and like to drink beer I can’t walk in the woods!?

    Big Guy – I wouldn’t be going in those woods anymore man.

    Green – Haha. Well either way. There are either werewolf type things there or a bunch of psychopaths. I think I’ll stay away from Wisconsin.

  7. My brother is addicted to the History Channel. It is almost the only thing he’ll watch.

  8. It’s probably the best channel on TV.

  9. Hey, I just said there probably weren’t any werewolves. I didn’t say anything about heading right into Wisconsin. Hell, I don’t leave Toronto. I don’t even go to the fringes. Anything outside of the downtown core scares the crap out of me. I’ll take my hopped-up homeless folk over the woodsy psychos any day! Just stay on your couch with the remote, and all will be well.

  10. Yeah, Wisconsin is a scary place.

    I’ll stick to the suburbs.

  11. Those sows are a load of festering maggoty buffalo diarrhea. The only three real monsters on earth are Dracula, Blackula, and Black Dracula.

  12. I’m trying to wrap my head around how this werewolf/dogman thing ended up in Wisconsin, when I know my sister’s never been there…

    HA! Take that bitch!

    (sorry, haven’t been getting along with my sister today 😉 )

  13. DT – Hahaha. Those dudes are scary as Hell.

    Romi – HEEEEY OOHHH!!

  14. yeah… my dad used to make me watch alien invasion documentries when i was little. i had to sleep on the couch in the living room with the tv on until i was in the 7th grade because every noise i heard at night sounded like it could be aliens coming for me 😮

  15. Aliens are creepy looking. Big ass bug eyes. I use to be scared of them too. And I always sleep on my couch with my TV on…But it’s in the middle of the day.

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