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The Winter X-Lames


 I was flipping through channels today and came across the Winter X Games. Let me start by saying that when I was younger I was a HUGE fan of the X Games, both summer and winter. When I saw it today I watched it, I was only mildly entertained. Now that most of these events are in the Olympics are they really that extreme? They need to freshen this thing up, and I think I’m just the man do come up with some ideas.

-To start off the games set up a huge jump and have the Fonz jump a shark tank on a motorcycle. Or better yet, since it’s winter, have him jump the shark tank on a snowmobile, blind folded of course.

-During the snowboard half pipe, have American Gladiators hitting them with those joust sticks every time they try to do a trick.

-Get rid of skiing. This one is pretty self explanatory. No one likes skiing except for rich d-bags.

-Get rid of all of the women’s events until they can do half the things the guys can do.

-Instead of rewarding them for perfect landings, have a competition for the best crash. The crash landings are the main reason I watch this.

These are just a few of my ideas.

Do you guys watch the X Games?

Do you have any ideas on how we can “save” the X Lames?


13 Responses

  1. I agree with you 110%

    I believe there should be the events as you described, However at the end, there is a free for all involved with said event, to fight it out to the end. Whoever is last standing, not knocked out, wins.

    I think there should be an extreme stripping game brought to the x-Lames as well, No man can do this the way a woman can. That is pretty much the only thing a woman can do, a man cant.

  2. the American Gladiators suggestion is amazing.

    i used to watch the X games when i was a teenager, but you’re right…they’ve lost their lustre.

    i can think of one thing that would bring it back, to both the summer and the winter: FIRE. having to go over/under/through FIRE.

    no way the olympics will ever co-opt that. fire is always extreme.

  3. i dont watch these…and women can kick just as much booty as guys can…

  4. Lies amanda, girls suck at pretty much everything they do, work, home life, and there men, when we tell them too. That is just how it is!

  5. not normally, but I did see the guy skier today that fell to his near death..damn that guy flew off that slope like he had just jumped out of a plane w/o a parachute to the ground…fast high,and hard… i did’nt stick around long enough to see how it turned out for him,but, He did look like he was still alive..though..

    uh..hey, btw…what’s up with that new banner..I liked the other one better yo…even if it was of hot gyrls with fine booties..just sayin-those brains gross me out..man~(damn did i just say that?) sry mybad..80’s flashback-at least it wasn’t gagg me with a spoon..ha! ;))

    but, hey its your blog..whatever right! ha! ;))

    have a good night..steve

  6. Big Guy – A huge fight would be awesome. I would watch that for sure. And I don’t think a strip show would be that great. Have you seen the chicks on the x games? Not that hot.

    Nicolle – Fire. Amazing. I wish I would have thought of that.

    Amanda – That’s cute. Your small woman brain makes you believe anything.

    Big Guy (again) – I tell her that all the time. She doesn’t listen. Typical woman.

    CG – What an idiot. People do some really stupid stuff sometimes….And the brain on my header is made of wood I think.

  7. lol, not the X-Games Chicks, Have actual HOT Strippers do extreme stripping as an event.

  8. I am in favor of this idea. You have convinced me.

  9. For the Winter ones, they should make everyone compete naked, and then see if they get hypothermia and shit….

    For the Summer ones, they should incorporate snakes and alligators somehow….

    Thanks. 🙂

  10. Oh those are good ideas.

    Snow burn is worse than rug burn. So when they crash naked it would suck.

    On second thought, not completly naked. I don’t want to see weiners flopping around.

  11. They need Guy LeDouche from MXC doing all the commentary.

  12. As with all things, the X-Games can be improved by adding X-Treme wet T-shirt contests, and more sport-related injuries. They also need to be fixed, like boxing. It wouldn’t hurt for any ties to be broken with jousts, too.

  13. Lucky – That would be awesome! I’d watch every single event.

    DT – Those are all good ideas. I think jousting should be an event by it’s self.

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