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Haunt Away

GhostGod this movie sucks.

I get ideas for blogs in strange places. Today I was taking a shower before work and started thinking about if I was a ghost or at least invisible and how awesome it would be to fuck with people. There are so many things I’d do.

– When people were taking showers I’d turn the cold/hot water on full blast and watch them jump to one side of the tub. Note-I’d only do this to chicks.

-Obviously I’d go to the women’s locker room. But I’d make it SUPER cold. Very nice! 

-I would go to a Korn concert and as soon as Johnathan Davis got on stage I’d kick his ass. God Korn sucks.

-I’d run around naked. It would be alright, I’m invisible.

-I would pull down random business men’s pants while they’re walking down Wall Street. Smug mofo’s.

There is an infinite number of things you could do while invisible or a ghost and I’m sure I’d do almost all of them.

What would you do?


16 Responses

  1. I like your sparkles.

    I would torture my ex brother-in-law with public humiliation. Pantsing is a good idea. I would probably make him trip and fall a lot too.

    I might pop in on Britney – just to see how crazy she really is.

  2. oh man, i’d do so many dirty things. i’m not gonna even begin to list them for fear of sounding like a creepy wierdo, but i will say i like the korn idea. i would pants soulja boy and push him onto his hype man (as if he needs one with the lame shit he does) so everyone will think he’s gay.

  3. I would give people heart attacks and scare the crap out of people.

    If you were a ghost, i would call the ghostbusters and have them bust your ass.

  4. hahaha…your suggestions of pantsing businessmen and of kicking Jonathan Davis’ ass are both brilliant.

    as for me? i’d be a poltergeist. i’d throw things…large, heavy things at people i didn’t like.

    i’d also sneak up behind pompous people and put pirate hats on them. why? because pirate hats are funny.

  5. awwww, King, i come back just to hear you dissing on my band??? s’ok though, you know i still love you!

  6. I would hit stop and eject the DVD.

  7. Besides the obvious voyeuristic activities that I’ll engage involving Hayden Panettiere, Elisha Cuthbert, and Charlize Theron I would mess with elections everywhere, set off nukes at the Playboy mansion leading to an explosion of titties, mess with news channels, and also ill go to Area 51 and pee all over the place!

  8. If I were invisible, I’d probably do the same things that I do when I’m visible- push little kids into the ground and steal things.

  9. I would LOVE to be invisible! I’m so nosey about everything, I’d be a constant fly on the wall. I’d follow my crush around to see what the deal is with that cute ‘friend’ of his, I’d listen to my regional manager rip my boss a new one, oh the possibilities! Getting laid would be like something out of Anne Rice, the pranks would be endless, and I could eat as much creme brulee as I want because nobody can see my ass! Woot woot! Can we start working on some chemical formulas here?

  10. Lucky – You would probably go crazy from Brittany’s craziness.

    Derek – Haha. I like the way you think man.

    Jim – I would beat the shit out of you if you called them on me. A-hole.

    Nicolle – Both good ideas. Haha.

    Joebecca – You’re back! You know that I HATE Korn so this shouldn’t be anything knew for you.

    Eddie – That would piss me off so bad. I’d have a stroke I’d be so mad.

    Aniche – You might be the smartest person alive.

    DT – I figured as much.

    Green – Hahaha. I’m working on the formula as we speak.

  11. you sick fuck.
    Can we watch? :mrgreen:

  12. I so want super powers.. put it down next to my time machine obsession and liking of “the porn” and I’m turning into a frigging 15 year old boy.. grrrr

    Ha.. but that would mean you are too, wouldn’t it?

    Yay! Congrats on the new website – it showed up when I clicked my wordpress link. Why no mention of King or Steve in the title?


  13. Evylsmoke – I am sick….

    Nat – I’m about as mature as a 15 year old boy. Heh…I made it so it would show up if you put in the kingsteve url. I’m just normal Steve right now.

  14. Awww.. who knocked you off your pedestal?

    Does this mean that you might be going all “robot styles” soon?

    You are totally mature man, totally..

    I’m playing opposites today, ha..

  15. I was never on a pedestal. Haha.

    I’m saving my money for my robot operation.

    I love opposite day!

  16. You do?

    Wait, that means you don’t?

    Grrr.. now I’m confused 😦

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