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Still 25 Cents Away

Tonight at work I was hungry, but had no cash on my. Well I had 75 cents in my pocket so I was not worried. With 75 cents I can get a bag of chips out of the vending machine, so that works for me.

I run up 2 flights of stairs to the vending machine that’s in the hallway. I reach in my pocket grab the 3 shiny pieces of silver and drop them in the slot. The first 2 coins work fine, then it comes time for the third coin. I drop it in the slot, and immediately hear it drop into the return coin slot. I pick it up, drop it in the slot again, same thing happens again.


I look at this piece of shrapnel in my hand.


25 cents

What the Hell is Canadian money doing floating around in the United States?

“Fucking tourists.” I grumbled aloud to no one in particular. (since I was alone)

Why don’t vending machines take Canadian quarters? Is America to good to be using Canadian quarters? If so, why do stores accept them?

I swear to God the next time I get change back and I see a Canadian quarter I’m throwing back in the clerks face, calling him/her a thief, and demanding American currency.


After looking up the current rates, I take back everything I just said. Except the part that vending machines should take Canadian money.

American quarter .25

Canadian quarter .250375 in American dollars.

Yes, that’s right. The Canadian quarter is worth more than the American quarter.

I don’t even know what else to say…


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15 Responses

  1. This pisses me off on so many levels, not only were you not able to get some delicious Cheddar Bacon Potato Skin Chips, but you had to come to the cold realization that CANA-FUCKING-DA has a currency that is worth more the ours… One more reason to hat Canada, that is the only good thing to come out of this realization.

  2. i think it was because canadian money used to be worth less than ours. but that changed obviously.
    i actually own a few vending machines. they are older ones though and don’t run on electricity. so my machines take canadian quarters….which blows for me cause then i take them to the bank and dump them into the change machine and get jack shit for them.

  3. pretty soon the fucking peso will be worth more than the $1.

  4. The stores around here won’t even take Canadian money. They’ll give it back to you as change, sure, but if you try to pay with it, no way, José.

    Haven’t yet tried to pay with pesos yet, but I bet there are some places around here I could use ’em.

  5. We should just make the North-North Dakota and be over with it.

  6. Better check that money for a tiny radio frequency transmitter buddy.

  7. umm…here in texas we only allow american currency…

    and the next time you are hungry…why not just run to a fast food place and whip out some plastic…sheesh…minnesota people are so slow…

  8. Jeff – Yeah it sucked big time. I’m still in shock about their money being worth more than ours.

    Derek – You own vending machines? Where at? Man, you’re getting ripped off!

    Toph – That will be a sad day in America. Except for in parts of TX and CA.

    Joe – Yeah, stores are jerks like that. I have gotten Mexican money back before. It was very strange.

    Yojoe – Hahaha. That’s not a bad idea.

    Fast Eddie – WHAT!?! This is not good, not good at all.

    Amanda – It was like 3 am. Places aren’t open that late here. Plus it’s like 0 degrees outside.

  9. i own just a few but they are in break rooms at businesses. i don’t get a ton of canadian quarters but it still sucks when i do because it means people got shit for free of me and that’s not cool.

  10. MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first sign that we Canucks are slowly gearing up to take over the world!!! That whole polite thing? Just a farce. By now we could invade Libya or something and get away with it while the rest of the world went “What? Pffffft, no way. They’ve got guns? What?!?!” Ahhhhhh, the element of surprise!

  11. Derek – Yeah, people getting things for free when they should be paying for it pisses me off too. But really, the bank is fucking you over not the person buying the candy.

    Green – I hate you….Haha.

  12. I love this post because for once Canada wins!!


    And I can’t believe I forgot to blogroll your drunk-stuff blog…oops, doing that now 😉

  13. That’s okay Steve. My quarter is still better than your quarter. 😀

  14. Romi – That is why I hate this post. I wish I never would have looked up the value of Canadian money.

    Green – Grrrrr….

  15. Ironically I found this page looking to see if the slots in Vegas will take CDN quarters because as of now the blip of the CDN quarter being worth more than the US is over and we’re back down to a comfortable .81 c on the dollar (I think you might be able to see my reasoning here). The reason why it didn’t work in that vending machine is that the CDN quarter weighs ever so slightly less than your chunky change, thence the return slot clang. Some of our older quarters are a little beefier, and some of our vending machines disregard are slimmer modern coins in a similar fashion. Sorry about the chips though.

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