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Take Them Down Already!

I was driving the a few nights back and I almost crashed and died (probably).

Christmas Lights

Is there a reason that people have to have their Christmas lights on still? It is January 7th for Christ’s sake. The house I passed looke like the one above. I thought I was going to be abducted by aliens. Turn those damn things off.

close encounters

Seriously, what is the point of Christmas lights anyways? They light up your yard and distract people who are driving for a month. OK. Now Christmas is over, take those shits down, or keep them off. You people have them on 2 months before Christmas, do you really need them on another month? That is 4 months of Christmas lights!

I am going to go on a ninja mission and start cutting these lights down. They need to go, and they need to go now.

20 Responses

  1. Glad the town I live in there are a bunch of cheap asses who are either too lazy to put up lights, or didn’t have money to afford the lights. I fall into the category of lazy and well.. my 200 amp box would not be able to even tolerate one strand of lights!
    I agree though.. take me down! they are very pretty and all, but the season is over.. move on! Put some hearts in your windows or something! Geeez!

  2. I wish I lived near a bunch of cheap ass lazy people. Instead I live by motivated people with cash to burn. Jerks.

    I just don’t understand any decorations for holidays. Why put them up?

  3. Maybe it’s a proud announcement that ‘I’m a consumer’.
    Man, they’ll soon be getting awards. electrifying.

  4. Consumerism (is that a word?) makes me sick. Hopefully the award is a swift kick to the nuts.

  5. son of a bitch… we saw the same thing last night.
    for fucks sakes… what’s wrong with these bustas?

  6. my feet really hurt..

  7. Toph – I don’t know man. You should start cutting wires on the West Coast and I’ll start doing it here in Minnesota and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle with a trail of darkness in our wakes.

    Amanda – Ummm…Ok?

  8. I did not put up one single Christmas decoration this year, and I am proud of it. I say if Xmas lights are not down by the 15th of January, teenage kids have free reign to steal them.

  9. I’m proud of you man! I didn’t put any of that garbage up either.

    You give them till the 15th? I talked to a lady I work with last night and she said they should be down a week into Jan.

  10. That works for me, but I am willing to give the benefit to the douche bags that put them up and then go out of town for that entire period.

  11. You shouldn’t have that shit on if you aren’t at home.

    If you are out of town and you still have your Christmas lights on then you are an asshole.

  12. Agreed!

  13. Ugh. You just know that these suckers LIVE for these ginormous Christmas light pissing contests. Seriously, do you have nothing better to do with your time? Take up a hobby! Get laid! Put babies on spikes!Anything!

  14. on a somewhat related note, what is even more sick is that day after christmas i went to target and they had VALENTINE’S DAY shit out for sale! fucking christ.

  15. Whatever you do, PLEASE incorporate ninja stars into the equation; those are the BEST for ripping shit up!! 😉

  16. Green – That’s what I’m saying. They need a hobby in a bad way.

    Derek – Valentine’s day is the most retarded holiday. It’s worthless. And if you decorate anything for Valentine’s day you are a sad sad sad person.

    Romi – Oh I definitely will.

  17. If you decorate for Valentines day, I will not hesitate in burning your house down

  18. HI,
    These are really awesome pics .. I like the way you play with your camera .. spectacular ..

  19. Hmm…Well I didn’t take these pics. I stole them off photobucket.com. The top one is just some random Christmas light photo and the bottom one is a screen shot from Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

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