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Attention All Fatties!

Are you dieting? Are you having trouble cutting out “bad” foods? Well you’re in luck! You can still eat some of it, just not a lot. According to some news article I just read, some bad foods are good for your waist. (I’m assuming they mean waist size and not your actual waist.)

Do you like the following foods?

-Red meat

-Ice cream



-Canadian bacon (which I thought was ham, but apparently is just like regular bacon, I think?)

Well if you like these foods the author of this story gives you ideas on how to enjoy them with out getting super fat.

But really, all this story says is what normal people should already know. Don’t eat huge portions and don’t eat these foods all the time.

So what are you going to do with all of your clothes when you lose “all of this weight?” Well, I guess you could always use your underwear to put out fires.


Check out the new post over at Don’t Eat The Worm


17 Responses

  1. Its really not hard, nothing disgusts me more then seeing a family of obese parents feeding their morbidly obese kids shitty fast food.
    Eat a well rounded diet, and then eat in moderation.
    America is so fucking fat

  2. […] Here’s another interesting post I read today by Some thoughts from the King […]

  3. America is really fat. I just read something tonight that said shitty food that isn’t good for you is going down in price and healthy food is going up in price. Does this make sense to you?

  4. Not at all… It pisses me off the way they are directing our diet in America.

  5. Yeah, it’s pretty screwed up.

  6. HEY! YOU TALKIN TO ME?? U callin me fat? ;[
    (wait-don’t answer that?) cuz, I know you would..w/o hesitation..cooth-doesn’t suit you, you know.;)) hey-though really-leave us fatties alone..after all-we give great head…cuz you know we’re hungry and all…

    just sayin! LMFAO!!! –
    its all good, hon-I thought youd get a chuckle out of that..even if it is true..
    Happy New year’s btw…;))

  7. i like all those foods…..but not moderately haha. who gives a shit? we’re all gonna die anyways.

  8. i eat all that shit constantly, and i’m not getting any smaller. maybe i should do a crunch.

  9. I’m gonna use my giant night gown as the “sail” for my brand new boat, ’cause you know how us brown people love the water 😉

  10. Shit man, I love eating. I’d give up sex if I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with no repercussions.

  11. Yes! Not American, not fat! Mahahahahahaha. Um….improperly prescribed crazy pills can also make you lose weight….I’m just saying, it may be a more viable option that cutting back on the crap.

  12. I think instead of a fire extinguisher, I’m just going to go buy some ginormous panties.

  13. CG – I’ve heard that…And I do love getting head. 🙂

    Derek – Haha. More power to ya brotha. You can’t sumo wrestle if you’re skinny.

    Toph – You and me both. Eating Cap’n Crunch is a lot easier though…

    Romi – Now you’re thinking!

    T-Rex – That is crazy talk!!!

    Green – Haha. You mean uppers? Of course you’ll lose weight on uppers.

    Melsa – That is a good plan.

  14. I don’t believe in fat people. I’d like to think that most humans are smart enough to look at themselves in the mirror and say “my god, I’ve become a horrible gelatinous blob. Better cut my intake down to four cheeseburgers a day.” I refuse to acknowledge that there are some retards who shovel McDonald’s down their gullets every day, and then live in denial that they’re overweight. Slow metabolism my ass.

  15. They exist. And I hate them.

  16. You know what I love? I live right downtown, yet because it’s kind of a hippie neighbourhood, my awesome one-city-block-square-radius of life includes ZERO McDonald’s. Not one! HA!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It, um…it does have a Burger King though. But it’s thwarted by the Falafel place next door, so…it’s all good.

  17. I hate hippies. And I have no idea what a Falafel is.

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