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Save the Wood?

Recently my dreams have been like movies. They are strange and realistic. My most recent one was like a horror movie, sort of.

I’m in a mansion, I have no idea how I got there. Myself and two other guys are walking around and getting a tour. I’m not sure if they were giving me the tour or if someone else was giving all of us the tour.

Then it flashes to a room where my brother, who doesn’t look like my brother but for some reason is my brother is in a room watching a movie with a couple friends.

Then it’s back to me. I am alone in the house now and I’m exploring this house by myself. I find myself in a room exactly the same as the one my “brother” is in. It gets cold, cold enough to see your breath. I know from my movie watching experiences that this means ghosts are around, and that is not a good thing since I hate ghosts.

Flash back to my “brother.” While I’m exploring the house, it get’s cold. The doors on the room him and his friends are in slams closed and locks. They don’t move, they don’t even flinch.

When it flashes back to me I’m franticly trying to open the door to the room my “brother” is in. I’m screaming for help. Noone comes. Somehow I smash through the door into a dark room only lit by a TV. And on the floor in the back of the room are three pieces of wood.

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Then I woke up. Confused as usual.

I don’t even know what to think about my dreams anymore. They are getting stranger and stranger. Entertaining, yes. But strange.


26 Responses

  1. Photobucket has a picture for everything don’t they?

    I’m not sure what to say, I have really vivid dreams as well and I bore everyone with the details.. so at least there’s that?

    Like the new layout.. can the next pic be more boobs than butts?

  2. I love photobucket.

    Dreams are weird. Some of mine are really cool and some are just really, really stupid.

    If you find me a picture with a ton of boobs all lined up, I’ll make it my header.

  3. Steve… This is why you are not supposed to sleep while on mushrooms, DUH!

    I too have recently been having weird bizzar, but some how pleasant dreams. I never dream, never, and yet I have been over the last week or so, weird…?

  4. I love that “wood” is tagged here.

  5. I have no smart, or smart-ass comment to make, because I am unaware myself.

    The closest I have ever been to a dream like this is walking down a hall (white hall) and doors on each side you can look thru, on the left was a bunch of things that happened from my past, when I got to the end of the hall, I turned around and looked at the other side of the doors, which is now on my left, and I walked down to see a few things that actually did happen, and alot that has yet to happen.

    When I got to the end, I saw a baby on the floor, crawling, and it just disappeared.


    I don’t know what your dream means man sorry, but is it interesting non the less.

  6. obviously I am retarded… last statement should read (it is*)

  7. Nice new banner

  8. first…i dont like the new lay out…

    and i just have the scene of you “screaming for help” running around in circles like a little girl…some reason thats what i picture…

    and how do i get to put a pic for the little square thing…not fair…

    and jeffery is cute…

  9. Jeff – I was sober when this dream happened…

    Abarclay – Chicks love the wood. 😉

    Big Guy – That is weird. I don’t know if I could handle a dream like that.

    Jimmy – Thanks.

    Amanda – Why don’t you like it?…

  10. I know how you feel. I dream waaay too much. So much, I don’t think it’s normal. When I tell people about them, they think I need mental help. Mostly my dreams are extremely odd and always end up with a lot of sex and/or violence.
    I’ve come to a conclusion that dreams aren’t a wish you heart makes, but more or less any given reality your mind creates and lets you figure out what you’d do and how you’d react to any given situation. MAybe something that may happen in a parallel universe or another lifetime-Which explains why someone was supposed to be your brother, but in reality isn’t. I’ve had many instances of people like that, people I’ve never met before.

  11. Amanda-Thank you

    Aymie- I agree with you on why we dream, I also believe that it helps your mind process everything you go through on a daily basis. Your mind is always taking in info, some things you don’t even realize. It has to be processed at some point.
    Also I think its for entertainment purposes.

  12. Do you have erectile disfunction? Maybe finding the wood was like a metaphor for your secrets desires to go to the doctor and get a prescription for viagra?

  13. i dont know why…its just weirding me out…plus i think the other girl was hotter than all those asses…

    and i want you to know that i spent awhile reading through all my textbooks just so i could give you a diagnosis…the three pieces of wood are symbolic to a boner…and you are sexually deprived at the moment and you are scared you will never get laid again…

    im still not positive on the whole going to the bathroom in your pants thing…but im pretty sure it has to do with the idea that you are scared of anal sex…

    ok…tell me how much you love me now??

  14. Aymie – I like your theory…

    T-Rex – Hahaha…I don’t think I have a problem in that area man…

    Amanda – You’re right, I haven’t been laid in a while, but I’m not worried about getting laid in the future. And I’m not Robby.

  15. wooo! i think it worked!

  16. Now you have to put a picture in there.

  17. give it time…the boobs have to approved jack ass!

  18. Don’t curse at me. Just because your boobs aren’t good enough to get approved doesn’t mean you have to yell at me.

  19. did you really just speak evil of my boobs?

  20. Ummm….


  21. I am pleased with your picture… and that should be good enough for them!

  22. where did my boobs go now, they were just here?

    and ill just pretend you are talking to me Jeffery…instead of steve’s asses. =)

  23. No no… I swear I was talking to you ;)… Although, those asses are much better Steve.

  24. They are nice.. 🙂

  25. Hmmm… I dreamt I was in a mansion once, but there were scantily clad women wearing bunny ears.

  26. Anal Sex Anal Masturbation Anal Orgasm

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view

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