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The Mitchell Report.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years I’ll explain this.

Apparently baseball players have been taking steroids and HGH to get bigger, stronger, and healthier. This pleased baseball none. Personally I have to problem with these freaks of nature ripping each other apart, but I digress. They had hearing in congress that did nothing so a senator George Mitchell started his own investigation. 20 months ago it started and today is when it’s released.

What is in it? No one knows. It is a mystery. Some 80 players will be outed as “cheaters” and drug users. What players? No one knows.

I do know 1 guy that won’t be on the list that should though….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Roger Clemens.

The dude is 100 years old and is pitching better than he ever has. Hmmmmm kind of strange if you ask me.

The big question is, will this change anything?

Personally I think it already has. Is there more things to change? Possibly, but I think for the most part Baseball has “cleaned” up it’s act in the past 2 seasons.

Will I stop rooting for players that may be on this list? Hell no. I don’t care if these guys are on steroids or HGH, Hell, if I could afford HGH I’d take it too.

So tune into ESPN this afternoon to see what’s happening live, I know I will be.


29 Responses

  1. I say the more roids the better, I wanna see some dingers!

  2. Boo sports!

    I miss the word of the day…

  3. im still on the idea that you actually used the word commenty in your bulletin…

    as for the roids…i guess they can do as the please…

  4. I agree with the amanda above me

  5. Robby – That’s what I’m saying! I want to see someone hit 500 in a season. Crank those mothers out!

    Jim – Haha…Word of the Day will be back soon. I started to get to lazy to find a word. It was getting to the point when the word of the day search was taking longer than the blog writing…

    Amanda – It’s a good word!…I say it should be mandatory to be on steroids. Then noone is cheating.

  6. Whoa…That was weird…Two Amandas in a row…

  7. It’s cause the name is just cool like that!

    2nd Amanda

  8. Haha…

    Keep telling yourself that.

  9. They’re doing all this name and shame crap with our footy players.. one player has been in rehab, ran off to LA, got hospitalised.. blah, blah, blah.. doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a loser (can you tell he doesn’t play for my team?)

    I’d hate to be in pro sports.. apart from cricket players you can’t drink like a fish and if you decide to go out and whore around old people write into the local paper about how you’re meant to be a pillar of the community or something.. bleh.

  10. Footy..Haha…

    I’d love to be a pro athlete. I would bang all kinds of chicks and drink all the time.

    It would pretty much be like what I normally do, except I’d be rich.

  11. Yeah.. and you’d have to play sport.. really well.

    Maybe I could be a pro bowler, they’re always drinking.

  12. I don’t give a shit if any of them are “cheaters”..if steroids enhance their performance then good for them…

    Who wants to watch a bunch of losers play baseball???

    If all those players were off the drugs I think we would all be highly disappointed…

  13. Nat – I suck at bowling….Maybe I could be a pro drinker…

    Destiny – Yeah…I really want to see one of them freak out and beat up other players…It would be awesome! I might even buy season tickets.

  14. how is that when Nolan Ryan did it was awesome… roger does it and it’s roids? sup with that?

  15. Here is an Idea…Stop paying them millions of dollars, and the need to be the best will be taken away, and they wont want to strive so hard to cheat like little fucking bitches.

    Seriously, it isn’t good enough these guys are the best of the best, but they now have to use juice to enhance what they already have? What Douches. Screw em all, the only sport that don’t use roids…Porn.

  16. Why don’t they just all give them roids to even it out? Also, allow fights, like in hockey.

  17. I say who cares to this steroids stuff. It’s so boring anymore.

  18. I wanted to ask if Congress has nothing better to do than seek out steroid users?

    HELLO…why don’t we spend our extra time on things like, I don’t know; national healthcare issues, the war, social security, pushing Hillary Clinton off a bridge.

    If I’m going to watch a game, I want to watch ripped men doing things that normal guys can’t!

  19. Surprise surprise. Yawn.

  20. 80 names out of 5,800 or so players. I guess baseball doesn’t have a steroid problem.

  21. remember that time, about 7 comments ago, when i said “how is that when Nolan Ryan did it was awesome… roger does it and it’s roids? sup with that?”
    yeah… uh… my bad.

  22. Big Guy – Porn stars are on other drugs…

    DT – There are fights…When they charge the mound. THey are pretty fun to watch.

    T-Rex – It is getting pretty old.

    Cow Gal – Of course Congress has nothing better to do. Do you think they actually do things that would help this county?…HAHAHA!…

    Brock – Yeah, pretty shocking…Heh..

    Speener – Haha…I like your theory.

    Toph – Hahaha…At least you manned up to it.

  23. I know I live in a dream bubble!

  24. Yeah, any room for me in there?

  25. Hello…you are in my fantasy bubble. Do you really want to move?

  26. To be fair, I never said they don’t use drugs, I just said they don’t use roids.

  27. Oh, the tangled web we sometimes weave . . .
    How fucked up is this whole fiasco, anyway?

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