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W3rd of the Year…

I just read this story because I’m an idiot. I should have stopped after the first two paragraphs.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Expect cheers among hardcore online game enthusiasts when they learn Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. Or, more accurately, expect them to “w00t.”

“W00t,” a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as an exclamation of happiness, topped all other terms in the Springfield dictionary publisher’s online poll for the word that best sums up 2007.

W00t is the “word of the year.” I don’t even know what “word of the year” means, but I do know that w00t isn’t a word. Why not just smash your hand on the keyboard and create a whole new language? Why not just start using hieroglyphics again? How about cave drawings?

They say ‘gamers’ use this word. I guess you might see this word typed out if you’re playing barbies online with 9 year old girls. But when playing with semi-intelligent people you won’t see this word.

What is even more screwed up about this word is that the spell check on wordpress recognizes it, but it doesn’t recognize online. Apparently w00t is spelt correctly and online is not. Which I guess is right, if you live in Bizzaro World.

I refuse to use the word ‘w00t’ in written and spoken language from here on out. Any word that has letters and numbers in it should not be considered a word. And any word that a 7 year old girl or 14 year old shut in use on the interweb while playing World of Warcraft is not being used me.

Do you use this word? Do you use words similar to it?


27 Responses

  1. I play WoW and I see this “word” a lot, but I don`t use it. I do tend to say “LOL” in RL while laughing, which is pretty nerdy but what the hell.

  2. You say “lol?”

    Do you say it while you’re laughing? Or do you say it instead of laughing?

  3. both. funny thing no one that doesn’t know the meaning of “lol” asked me why do I say it.

  4. People won’t say anything because they don’t want to look dumb for asking.

  5. I used to use the word woot but I didn’t spell it with numbers and letters. All letters

  6. Numbers don’t make an ‘oooo’ sound.

  7. haha

    w00t isn’t a word… it was started by some kids playing an online game… it’s actually an acronym… but apparently has picked up some other meanings if you look it up…

    Workshop on Offensive Technologies (Usenix)
    Want One of Those
    We Owned the Other Team (gaming term; less common)
    Waste of Our Time (*corki note: funny… this story was a w00t… lol)
    Wonderful Loot (Everquest gaming slang; also seen as W00T)
    Way Out of Topic (online forums)

    Horrible isn’t it

  8. I hate w00t… and yet I use it all the time.

    Stupid huh..

  9. Corki – That is even worse!!! I’m going to stab myself in the eyes with a rusty ice pick now.

    Nat – Yeah, why would you do that?

  10. lol Sorry Steve

  11. Why do you do this to me!?!

  12. I did not know it had anything to do with gaming.

  13. All of those goofy ass words do. Like pwn and shit. Stupid as hell.

  14. pwn! pwn! pwn! pwn! I’m not even a gamer and i know the mysterious ways of what you are referring to, known as ‘leet’ speak or ‘l33t’ speak. basically, it all comes down to typos that became commonly used. that’s all. fuckers couldn’t spell.

  15. Yeah, those people are losers. It’s called the backspace button.

  16. lol | /-\ /\/\ |_ 337

    People in WoW type like ^^^ that!! fucking annoying. Glad I don’t play any more lol

  17. I can’t even read that….

  18. yeah, it’s not a “word” if there are numbers in it. that’s just retarded. i play games online but not PC games where you type to talk, those are for nerds.

    i am also against typing “lol” i simply type “ha ha” i don’t know why, i just hate “lol” especially because no one actually laughs out loud when they type it.

    i guess i’m guilty of using the word pwn….. but anytime i type words like l337 and shit like that it’s only to make fun of computer nerds.

  19. Instead of ‘pwn’ I usually say…”I just fucking killed you and you suck!” Or something like that….

    I say lol every once in a while, but I mostly say ‘heh’ and I’m usually making that noise when I say it…

  20. I concur. Anybody who uses “leetspeak” should have their testicles revoked.

  21. umm…yeah…w00t describe 2007..apparently i havent lived up to 2007 potential…

  22. People who say that word should be shot. It’s real simple. Say stupid things…die.

  23. DT – Agreed. But what if they don’t have balls?

    Amanda – You and me both.

    T – Rex – Are you running for president? Because I’d vote for you.

  24. Yeah, I’m not into online gaming or leet speak, but still I find the lingo creeping into real life. I do say woot sometimes, but usually at a yell, and always in twos. Woot woot! And usually this is after I’m drunk, so that could be part of it. I definitely don’t think it should be a dictionary word. Screw that.

    Also pwned gets used pretty frequently. But we pronounce it powned, and emphasize the “p”, and that’s more of an irony thing. And now that I think about it, I do bust out a “wtf mate” from time to time. But that’s just cause that end of the world cartoon was so fucking hilarious. I think leet speak can be very annoying, but it also has it’s place in online culture. I feel pretty ambivalent about it. i have too many other things I hate way more to bother with dorky gamers and their virgin gaming language.

  25. Do you say W T F? Or What the fuck?….Because saying the phrase is quicker than just the letters and doesn’t sound gay as hell.

  26. I say the letters wtf, but only in conjunction with the word mate. So it goes “wtf mate”. It comes from this video about the end of the world when Australia says “wtf mate” because everyone else is shooting nuclear missiles at each other. You’d like the video. Check it out.


  27. I’ve seen that video before…That shit is funny.

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