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Enough With Space Already!…

I didn’t do NFL picks this week because I’ve been trying to fix my car. I know noone cares about them, but if you were wondering that is why. Also, I had another crazy dream the other day that I will blog about, probably tomorrow. Now onto the anger (blog).

Can we stop with all of this space shit bull shit already?

Is it necessary to go up there?

Do you know why they call it space?

Because there is nothing up there except space! Stop spending billions of dollars going up there and looking around. It’s stupid. How about spending some of that money on things that could actually help this planet and the people and animals that live on it?

  • Alternative fuels.
  • Roads.
  • More police.
  • Helping the homeless (who I hate).
  • Strippers
  • Paying down the National Debt (which is probably caused by the stupid ass space program).
  • Giving me money.

Those are only things I thought of right off the top of my head, I’m sure there are plenty more.

I just don’t understand why you would want to go up to space. Sure, the view is probably cool, but is it worth the money to send 5 people at a time into space to look at the Earth? I don’t think so.

And don’t even tell me about trying to stop asteroids and comets like in the movie Armageddon. First off that movie sucked huge balls. Second off, IF we were able to blow up a huge asteroid or comet, it would be WORSE than the huge thing just hitting Earth. Trust me, it’s true, I just watched a show on it today. Smaller pieces would explode before hitting the ground causing huge fireballs and shock-waves. It also happened in Siberia in the early 1900’s.

Also, stop sending sounds into space looking for aliens. Just stop, please. “They” aren’t going to respond, and IF they do, you won’t know what the hell they said anyways. If you can’t read ancient text how are you going to decode some alien language?

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Although, if the aliens  looked like this, I’m all for finding them.

You sceintists are friggin’ nuts.


8 Responses

  1. well,i’ve been missing alot of your blogs i see..damn!

    but, hey-u are so right on with this shit. why don’t they just save a life-here on earth-fuk SPACE! 😉

    sounds good to me.

    btw…I almost had to swallow (opps) [did i just say swallow on your blog-LOL]~my words on my boy’z today…whew! that was a close one- 😉

    good night Steve..will try and catch up on your other blogs..they sound rather interesting. I’ll work on that. lata hon! 😉 cg-

  2. Yeah you have….

    Swallow is an accetable word in my blog…Spit on the other hand, is not…Haha…

  3. that alien is hot to you??? or is it just her boobs?

    and i agree maybe they should put this space stuff on hold till they fix a few other things…but remember its all about beating the russians…

  4. Amanda: I love it when someone says Beat the Russian, I used to play that in school back in the day. Then I re-read what you wrote, and was saddened because you wasn’t actually giving me the ability to go out and physically beat a Russian.

    King: That alien better have a nice ass. Her face is not cuttin it man.

  5. BigGuy I will never give you permission to beat anyone…unless it is too protect me! =)

  6. You know what one ship that blewup a few years ago. They were up there studying dust. Fucking dust? Who gives a shit. I agree, they shouldn’t put so much money into space anymore. It’s a waste.

  7. I think that the only reason we’re wasting tax money on going into space is so they can found space tourism. ‘Tis bullshit. I won’t be happy until I get to push people into the sun.

  8. Amanda – Mostly just her boobs…But still, she’s an alien!

    Big Guy – Dude, just get drunk…Plus she has antenna!!

    T-Rex – Dust?!…What the hell!?…Can’t you study that shit on Earth?

    DT – Pushing people into the sun would be awesome….Maybe we should shoot convicts into space….

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