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Californians, not a question of if, but HOW much do they suck?

I have returned recently from a trip to California, my reason of travel was vacation, for once; and to see my brother who is training at the Defense Language Center in Monterey Bay. I will start out by saying California is beautiful, but its like your creepy uncle who has a sweet house; you like being there to play with his cool things, but the entire time he makes you want to stab people.

I have found this in my travels around the world, mostly in Italy, that the more beautiful the location, the more douche bags you find. What is the matter Californians? Are you to cool for school? Is that chip on your shoulder weighing you down? Don’t worry, your pathetic exsitence will be whipped clean from the face of the earth in once fiery earth quake… But even god can’t make that happen soon enough. If I am at a bar and am trying to get a drink, don’t tell me to shut the fuck up when I am trying to order four top shelf drinks, fuck you.

I might just be rambling, and I might be drunk, but I am still pissed. Yeah you might get treated like shit from time to time in Minnesota, so why would I need to travel across the country to get treated like shit? But overall in Minnesota, customer and just general populace is at least hospitable. FUCK YOU CALIFORNIA!


15 Responses

  1. Dude, unless you’re from the Mid-west or South( which I would consider you to be), you’re probably a dickhead and don’t even know it. The closer you get to money, they more ignorant people become. That’s one thing I’ve learned in my travels, and moving away from Pittsburgh (the unoffical start of the midwest)

  2. Hahahaha…

    I don’t trust any place that elects the Terminator as their leader.

  3. Sexualtrex… I could not have said it better myself, so how do we make the San Andres fault go ape shit?

    Steve… Exactly

  4. You should really write up an intoduction or something…..I’m sure someone will think I wrote this…

  5. I think that might be a good idea

  6. Having never been to California, I can’t really comment. But I remember a fellow Brit writer once saying something like the following:
    When America was being constructed, some giant came along and picked up the continent by the eastern seaboard and shook it. And all the loose nuts just rolled down to the west coast.

  7. I like California….but then again I am from Texas. Any place is better than this place.

  8. Why go to Cali? I live in Maryland we have everything you could want in Cali except for the weather. I had a friend that I went to HS with, he moved there, and changed, now he thinks he is tough shit, he obviously forgot his roots. Fuck Cali and the Cali way.

  9. as a native texan living in northern california, i have to agree… sort of…
    while, i’ll agree there is an overpopulation of douche’s (second only to new jersey)… i generally don’t think there are many dickheads. as oppsed to living in new york, they usually stay to themselves unless otherwise provoked… how much did you provoke, king?

  10. Toph – This was written by a friend of mine that is contributing on my blog whenever he can…..But I’m sure if I went to California I would make a lot of people mad…Heh…

  11. Hahaha..I read it thinking it was you, and all the while thinking “something’s a little off”, lol…..in any case, pretty damn funny, and I’m glad you didn’t go away without telling me, you know we have to discuss these things!

  12. Yeah….He writes a little different than I do…Just as angry, but different….

    And I wouldn’t go anywhere without consulting you first Romi…Don’t worry..

  13. Florida is the same. Every douchebad there has the same haircut too. You remember the show “growing up gotti”? well the haircut that all the guys had on that show is the haircut that EVERY guy in florida has as long as they are hispanic or italian. it’s sickening. why would everyone want to have the same haircut? and don’t even get me started about the driving…..

  14. Oh, so we should judge everyone based on single experiences with a certain contemptible person. I’m not being sarcastic, we, as a collective, should totally do that.

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