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Packers, Cowboys…A Sports Blog…

I don’t write about sports that often. Mostly because a lot of the people who read my blogs don’t like them. (Communists) But today, I am going to dedicate a whole blog to the Packers Cowboys game that is on tonight. So read on if you dare, or just tell me I suck.

 Some of you may not be able to watch it, since it is on the NFL Network. But if you do have that station you should definitely watch this game. (it can’t be worse than the Pittsburgh – Miami game this past Monday.) It should be a great game by the 2 teams in the NFC that can actually win games, 2 QBs that can throw the ball and will take chances down the field, and some good recievers on both teams that can make some huge plays.

I think this will be one of the best games of the season, with 2 teams that I hate. As a Vikings fan I have to hate the Packers. And if anyone knows about the Hershal Walker trade  then you know why I hate the Cowboys. Both sets of fans are arrogant and think their team is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

With all of that said I think the Packers will edge this one out. They won’t win by much. I’m going to say 31 – 28 Packers.

And now for no reason, Brittany Murphy.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

14 Responses

  1. […] post by King Steve Bookmark and Share:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  2. The combination of sports and women is mindblowing.
    You have such a beautiful mind, King Steve. 😉

  3. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptI don’t write about sports that often. Mostly because a lot of the people who read my blogs don’t like them. (Communists) But today, I am going to dedicate a whole blog to the Packers Cowboys game that is on tonight. … […]

  4. It should be a great game… Although I am really excited for the Vikings/Detroit game on Sunday; mostly because I will be attending my first Pro Football game EVER!!!

  5. you ruined the blog with brittany murphy…

    and the cowboys are so going to win…

  6. at this point do i need to say anything?
    my feelings towards romo are going from idol to something far more disturbing.

    go cowboys!

  7. I would first like to start this comment out by F*ck the Cowboys!

    Sorry Amanda, and Toph, the cowboys are only good for one thing, giving the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders a job. That and giving the redskins someone to play on thanksgiving, even tho they seem win every other game…odd!

    However I to am not a Greenbay Fan either, but I believe I hate them even less than the cowboys so GO PACKERS! I don’t think they will even make it to 31 points steve…

    My prediction: Packers 21 Cowgirls 14

  8. I love your random “and now for no reason . . .” You’re a sick man King Steve. But that’s why we love you.

  9. I hate the NFC. The SEC is better than that conference

  10. well, i for one, am a huge football fan, i think i’ve mentioned that before.. LOL

    I did watch the game last night and was disappointed. i fucking HATE Dallas!!

  11. Evyl – Yeah, my mind is amazing…Heh…

    Jeff – Make sure you tailgate…Even though it just snowed a shit load…That’s the best part about the game….

    Amanda – No…And the Cowboys still suck…

    Toph – Yeah, you totally have a man crush on Romo….It’s sickening…Heh…

    Big Guy – We were both wrong man….It’s a shame too…

    Abarclay – I am sick….Very very sick…

    T-Rex – Remember a few years back when it was the NFC that was dominate?…That’s how it works…Give it a few years and the NFC will be back on top…

    Joebec – I was not very happy either….Dallas is trash…

  12. How about them Cowboys? Buhahahah. Pack got fudgepacked!!!

  13. Thank GOODNESS you posted those Brittany-pics; it TOTALLY saved the post for me, as you know I despise the football 😉

  14. Evyl – I hate the Cowboys….

    Romi – Yeah, and I know how much you love chicks 🙂

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