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2 Riots, 2 Years, Each Time 2 Kids…

After 2 or 3 days with no interesting news stories I open up the 3 major news sites to find a plethora of blog material. Only there was so much of it that I think my brain might explode! One story kind of stuck out though.

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The riots in France.

I don’t know if any of you guys remember 2 years ago when there were riots in France. Basically what happened was that 2 kids were running from the cops. They hid in an electrical plant of some sort, got electrocuted and died. “Leaders” in the community blamed the cops for chasing the kids and making/letting them die. After their deaths, people in the community went crazy. They started burning cars, breaking windows on stores, and just being assholes in general. Eventually the cops regained control of the city and got all the scum bags back in line.

Fast forward to this year.

He described the incident that sparked the violence — the death of two teens on a motorbike Sunday in an accident with a police car in the Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel — as “distressing.” But he added: “Shooting at police has no link to this incident.”

Yes, that’s right. These people are shooting at the police. Way to go guys, way to go. Not only are they shooting at police, but they are burning cars, and buildings. What kind of buildings?

Bands of young people set more cars on fire Tuesday in and around Villiers-le-Bel. In the southern city of Toulouse, 20 cars were set ablaze, and fires at two libraries were quickly brought under control, police said.

This was just last night. In the article earlier today that I read, it said they already burned a library down. Why would you burn down a library?

Why would you burn down anything in your own neighborhood? That is what I’ve never understood about riots. You get all mad about something, and you start to destroy everything around you in your neighborhood. Makes sense I guess, if you’re a complete retard.

This same scenario happened during the Rodney King riots.

Most riots are the same song and dance. Usually race related. Mostly unwarranted.

There have long been tensions between France’s largely white police force and ethnic minorities trapped in poor neighborhoods.

 They always start out with a cause, but then the parasites come out. They want to rob stores, they want to hurt people, they want to cause chaos. Nothing gets solved and they cause more problems then they are worth.

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What do you think about riots? Have you ever participated in one, or seen one live in action?


15 Responses

  1. […] unknown posted a great article about car buying.Here’s a quick snippet.Fast forward to this year. He described the incident that sparked the violence — the death of two teens on a motorbike Sunday in an accident with a police car in the Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel — as “distressing. … […]

  2. Yeah I am not really a riot kind of person…

  3. Riots aren’t really that cool to see…Just a bunch of people throwing rocks and bottles….And in France…Shooting shotguns!…

    I’d stay away if I were you…

  4. The sociologist Elias Canetti studied riots in his book, Crowds and Power. He showed how, once a riot starts, it becomes leaderless, with people seeming to merge into a kind of non-thinking ‘organism’ which just wants to destroy.
    Usually, when the heat has settled – probably days later – they become ‘human’ again.

  5. I’ve never participated in a riot but I’d have to think the looting potential is incredible. Would love to get on that action.

  6. Anthony – I think I’ve heard that before…I’ll have to check that book out….When people get into large groups it’s never a good thing…

    Brock – I suppose if you don’t live in the area looting might be fun…lol..

  7. I am not a big fan of riots either, except Quiet Riot, but that was back in the day. It seems senseless to me too. i remember watching the L.A. Riots and they beat that trucker, Reginald Denney, within an inch of his life. I actually got sick to my stomach watching and had to turn away.

    people can be so fucking stupid.

    that is all.

  8. Another great reason to live in the country…we get pissed and tip cows over! Ha ha

  9. actually, i have, oddly enough.
    skipped school to go to the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Parade in 1993.
    i might have been 12?
    it was awesome.

  10. I usually like to stick to the man all on my own. I don’t want people getting credit for my genius.

  11. Joebec – Yeah, that was ruthless…Wrong place, wrong time for that dude…

    Cowgal – Do you think the cows will ever fight back?

    Toph – Hahaha….A 12 year old Toph in a riot….

    T-Rex – That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  12. Fucking retards….

  13. I agree, riots are for Retards… I was in Dinky town the night of the riot a few years back. I was on a date with a girl and we went out to rent a movie after dinner; and the closer we got to the heart of Dinky Town, the more burning piles of garbage and cops in full riot gear I saw. Once in the mix, I had numerous retards flash me and bang on my car window… This of course was before I had three tear gas grenades go off under or around my car.
    Then walking into the video store we had a nice douse of CS gas (tear gas), it was not bad for me since I had been through a gas chamber in basic training, but for my lady friend not so much; on top of all that we were hassled once in the store since he thought we were some retards that were rioting.
    All in all from that riot, Jason Niehaus was expelled from school for throwing a burning trash can through a ticket office window, and Nick Lagos lost his FULL scholarship for tipping over and setting fire to the channel 5 news van! And Those were just the people that I knew personally!

    p.s. Mankato has a riot every couple over years, I think its mostly because they suck and it smells bad

  14. oh heck ya! we went out one night and the bulls got loose and started chasing us…drunks don’t run very fast. 😆

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