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Merry Chri…Er…Happy Holidays?…

I was listening to the Covino and Rich Show on Maxim Radio today They started talking about something that I was already mad about, and it just made me super mad. They talked about how you can’t say “merry Christmas” without it offending people, and how instead you should say “happy holidays.” They said fuck that, and so do I.

I’ve said “merry Christmas” all my life and I’m not going to change because someone might get offended. They can kiss my ass. I don’t even like Christmas that much (bah humbug) but I say it to people to be nice.

If someone said to me, “happy Kwanzaa.”

Would I freak out, have a heart attack, and shit my pants?

No. That would just be stupid. I would assume that the person who said it to me celebrates Kwanzaa so I would wish them a good one back and let it go. Then shit my pants.

Whatever happened to people just keeping their mouths shut? If you don’t like something, just suck it up, smile and go on your way. You don’t have to make a big deal about everything.

Covino and Rich eventually decided they would ban the saying “Happy Holidays” which I think is a great idea. I have decided to follow their lead and not use the term, and will continue to use Merry Christmas.


17 Responses

  1. Word. This is the type of shit I HATE. Pretty soon we wont be able to have opinions or even speak for that matter because of god damn assholes who cry about shit. LET IT GO! Anyone who takes actions to have phrases like this removed from our lives is a loser with no life because they spend too much time worrying about shit like this. *takes deep breath*

  2. yep, It is plain WAC! I used to work for the school system for some time, and I used help to do all the bulletin boards for the school. We couldn’t say anything about Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving, anything like that, because of the religion thing. not NOTHING! However, it never failed, like clockwork, St, Patty’s day, and Valentines, MLK day, Black History Month, Cinco De mayo, were not an issue. We could post whatever we wanted. Pfft!! go Figure, that shit out!! I’ll never understand it. It is plain wrong.

    btw..i just ck my last comment on the other blog. U mean, there is no game on Cowboys this week Thursday, then? its next week. We were told it was only going to be on that NFL package on Thursday. Just wondering cuz we were going to my bro in laws’ to watch it, on Thursday. but, if its next week, I’d better make sure. thks for the heads up on that. I will have to ck it out. …lata steve.

  3. I’m in total agreeance with you. in fact, i just wish everyone a Happy Merry Hanachriskwanzoliday!
    It’s hard to remember but it covers everything.

  4. I was working for this guy around thanksgiving last year, and I had a woman call for an appointment. After I took the call she said…”and have a happy thanks giving, if you celebrate thanksgiving, if not, I’m sorry.” I was taken back, as you can imagine.

    This year, I got the same call, except now after Thanksgiving. Well I took the call again and when she said have a Merry Christmas, I interrupted her and explained how Christmas was the downfall of the American society, and how nothing good comes from Christmas.

    She sat there stunned, and while she was quiet, I was trying to hold it in, I then let it out…”I’m just yanking your chain” She laughed and ended the call.

    People are stupid when it comes to this shit. How can someone get mad or offended at me saying Merry Christmas, unless they are wearing a shirt that says I’m a fucking Jew, I don’t partake in Christmas Celebration.

  5. I totally agree…. It’s Christmas, get the hell over it… I’m not going to walk on egg shells lol Sorry!

  6. I’m totally with you on this one! What’s this bullshit about how you can’t have a Christmas Tree in the office, you can only have a “Holiday Tree”? What the fuck? Christmas trees are up because it’s Christmas. “But, but it’s a whole bunch of other celebrations too, not just your holiday!” Yeah, so? Put up some fucking Menorahs then! Some fucking Kwaanza wreaths or whatever the hell they do. Don’t hinder other people’s celebrations. Celebrate everything! The more the fucking merrier, I say.

  7. I’m 100% with ya on this. If you don’t celebrate Xmas, then don’t have a Merry one. What’s so hard about that?

  8. Happy Festivus.

  9. It’s like in Australia where Santa’s are being told to say “Ha Ha Ha” instead of “Ho Ho Ho” because stupid people think its offensive to women.

  10. Derek – Don’t think for yourself dude…Just follow the masses like a sheep…Heh…

    CG – No…Dallas and Green Bay play on thursday…But they are for this weeks games, not last week when I made my picks…

    Joebec – I refuse to say that!!

    Big Guy – Dude, you’re such an asshole…Hahaha…

    Alyssa – Eggshells hurt if you walk on them barefoot…

    Green – The more the merrier…That is a great attitude to have…

    T-Rex – I celebrate XXX – Mas…. 🙂

    Evyl – It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!!

    Jimmy – Ho ho ho is only offensive to hos that are in denial…

  11. I can’t believe this is even a story.. I like being part of a multicultural society with different religious views (okay, I’m only in it for the indian, mexican and italian restaurants..) but I’m sick to death of hearing about all this “can’t do this because you might offend people of different faiths” bs.

    You nailed it with the Kwanzaa statement. It’s the sentiment behind what you’re saying, not the damn words you use to express yourself..

  12. I just feel like MY views are being attacked….

    And I hate all of this “offended” shit….I just want to start punching people in the face….

    Yeah, they could tell me to have a happy satan day…I don’t give a shit….Not like satan day affects me…

  13. Yep, yep, exactly!!

    I’ve never heard the news cover a story where someone from a different religion has said anything to close to “I’m offended by this, please stop celebrating in front of me and change everything to stop me being offended”.

    Ha.. you don’t celebrate Satan Day? And after I sent you all those tacky sparkley Satan Day comments last year.. you should’ve told me!

  14. All it takes is one nut to ruin everything for everyone….

    Haha…Satan day is a pretty fun day…..

  15. as long as you aren’t saying you wish someone a “terrible, disease-ridden Christmas”, I don’t see what the fuck is wrong with it…

    PS: I would totally shit my pants if someone said “Happy Kwanzaa” to me..AHHHHHHHH…. 😉

  16. I don’t think I’ve ever said that to anyone…But I might start….

  17. The whole PC thing drives me crazy.
    If you get offended by “Merry Christmas” what the fuck is next? Happy Birthday? Give me a break.
    Once again King Steve, this post is a nail meets head.

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