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Search Terms and Week 12 Picks…

I like to look at what people have entered to get to my blog and I am always amazed at what I see. Today I decided I’d share a few with you.

Worlds biggest boobs – This is by far the one I see the most. There are other variations that I like too. Like; Biggest boobs in the world, or Largest boobs on record.

Belching as a sexual turn on – I really feel sorry for this dude. But if this is a chick, please please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I hate the mall – Well you came to the right blog.

Women driving, is it ok? – No. No it’s not.

Show me vagina age of 14 to 18 age girls– Not only is this SICK but it doesn’t even make sense! How would you find my blog by typing that in? Fucking sickos.

 The kind king – Not here….Wrong blog….Keep looking. Good luck on your quest. Jerk.

Picture of a nose on a face – Ummm…Aren’t all noses on a face? What the Hell is wrong with people?

Toph naked – Dude, are you not sharing something with us? Do you have another job on the side making porn or something?….On second though…Don’t answer that.

King Steve wordpress – Holy crap! This person actually wanted to see my blog!….What’s wrong with you?

Jessica Alba lesbian – Please be true, please be true, please be true!…And a leaked sex tape…PLEASE! That’s all I want for Christmas.


And now on to my week 12 picks. So far this week I’m 3 – 0.

Seattle @ St. Louis

Minnesota @ NY (Giants)

Washington @ Tampa Bay

New Orleans @ Carolina

Buffalo @ Jax

Tenn @ Cinncy

Houston @ Cleav.

Oakland @ KC

San Fran @ Arizona

Denver @ Chicago

Baltimore @ San Diego

Philly @ New England

-Monday Night-

Miami @ Pitts


14 Responses

  1. […] unknown wrote a notable post today on “King Steve.” Here’s a quick excerpt: I like to look at what people have entered to get to my blog and I am always amazed at what I see. Today I decided I’d share a few with you. Worlds biggest boob … […]

  2. Haha.. how the hell does that all work? Some of these people are really into the detail huh! I hope a couple of those aren’t readers.

    I’ve just got you on favourites – hell, when I type porn into google I don’t want a blog coming up..

  3. Ok! First off-YOUR RIGHT about this one! “Show me vagina age of 14 to 18 age girls” that is TOTALLY WRONG AND uncalled-for whomever you are-U SUX!
    sry-Steve I had to get that out! damn retard.

    btw-was it me? or did u leave Dallas and the packers out for a reason? just wondering? 😉 well i guess, since they don’t actually play til Thursday though, huh?

    well, no secret on who I pick but, its going to b a tuff call. there both 10-1 (i believe) so, we’ll see! –

    lata Steve-

  4. oh and one more thing-sry! but I noticed how alot of these were sexually related to KING STEVE!

    *boobs, belching sex, women driving-vagina’s, and Jessica Alba lesbians* (not bad, except the belching bit) UGH! anyways- (just an observation, thats all)..

    Any good guesses on why this is my friend? UMM?

    LMAO!! 😉

  5. WhoooHoooo!
    Big [pretty] titties!
    Jessica Alba is my lesbian!

  6. You are not the only one who wants that sex tape of Alba’s for Christmas…. haha

  7. Boobs are big on wordpress right now. I noticed on my dashboard that a blog called I heart Big Tits is the number two fastest growing wordpress blog. That has to be good news.


    It must be some nose-less kid who works in a circus-freak-show, and ONLY ever gets exposure to noses on faces from the faraway views of normal people in the audience, spending the rest of his time in a dark wooden crate, with no exposure to noses-on-faces…except for the 10 min a day of Internet access he gets, at which point, of course, he googles “picture of a nose on a face”..but I still don’t know how he got to your blog…

    Was that a weird comment? Am I weird? Is there a point to be asking this question after all this time???


  9. umm this makes me want to go take more of my pain medicine…so confused…

  10. Nat – My blog is like porn for your mind….Or something like that…

    CG – Dallas vs Packers is next week….Haha…They are almost all sexual because of the word of the day I think..

    Aymie – Thank God Drew Brees finally did alright today….OoooOohhHH…I’d like to see that!

    Jimmy – I’ll burn you a copy….Heh…

    Evyl – Boobs are great!…I’m glad they are coming back into fashion…

    Romi – I’d worry about you if you didn’t post comments like that…Haha…

    Amanda – Ummm…Can I have some?

  11. my GAWD that NE/PHI game was awesome! i really actually thought for a sec that they might be able to stop the machine that is Tom Brady.

    Oh well, maybe next week.

  12. I hope the Pats run the table…And I hope the Fins lose every game…Both in one season…It would be awesome!

  13. I just seen that the dolphins lost last night to the steelers!! woo!! i hope they have a perfect losing season, that would SWEET!!

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