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Tricked into Suicide…and Week 11 Picks…

Before I get into anything blog-worthy I want to let you know that I now have a pownce and twitter account and if you have either or both of those you can add me.


I found this storyearlier tonight. Basically this girl is super depressed and has no friends or something. (Emo) She meets some “kid” on Myspace. She talks to this “kid” for a while then the “kid” blocks her or gets rid of her as a friend. This girl is so distraught by this that she kills herself. Yes, she killed herself because of someone on the interweb. This is completely insane.

It gets worse….

The “kid” was actually a parent of a kid down the street. This parent was pretending to be some boy so she/he could track what the girl was saying about her/his child. (I’m almost positive that the parent is a woman. Guys aren’t this crazy.)

What the Hell is wrong with you people? First off, the girl was 13. You have to be AT LEAST 14 to have a Myspace account. So she was lying to get on the site. That doesn’t excuse the parents down the street from making a fake profile and screwing with some girl’s head.

This story is just to messed up. I’m moving on to football picks now to clear my head. As always my picks are in bold.

San Diego @ Jax

K C @ Indy.

Oakland @ Minnesota

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Pitts @ NY (Jets)

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Miami @ Philly

New England @ Buffalo

Washington @ Dallas

 New Orleans @ Houston

Carolina @ Green Bay

NY (Giants) @ Detroit

St Louis @ San Fran

Chicago @ Seattle

Tenn @ Denver


Word of the Day –

Roll Job –

Getting off inside the rolls of fat women.

24 Responses

  1. …………….

  2. Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot

  3. i have no words for the amount of stupidity involved in that event

  4. but your right it couldnt have been a man…he would’ve been trying to sleep with her HA!

  5. I’ve seen movies where older chicks love the younger chicks…They are all over 18 of course 😉

  6. Steve, it is a proven fact that women put more on the line in the viewpoint of emotions, so for a young girl who doesn’t know how to deal with great emotions, she believes she only has a few options. Of course one of them is to take her own life, and well, that is fine and dandy, because now we have one less crazy ass mofo in the world to deal with.

    I wish more stupid people would follow suit. That way we could rid the world of crazy people.

  7. Damn, that story is kind of sad. I’m gonna get ready to watch football now.

  8. Stupid dead bitch…

  9. I am 26 years old, and if you delete me off Pownce, I will cut myself, so you’ve been warned 😉

    …seriously, “roll job”? I just lost my appetitie for the rest of the day (or for the next 10 minutes..but whatever…)

  10. The parents of the kid didn’t find out until 6 weeks later that Josh was imaginary? Shit.. so you tell a kid that the world would be a better place without them – the kid kills herself and what? Pricks (the idiots that created a false profile).

    Yeah, she shouldn’t have been on the net and her parents shouldn’t have even let her on myspace at all but I don’t know why everyone gets up on their high horse about that bit of it.

    If I was that age and banned from doing something like that I could still access the computer at the library, school, friends, net cafe.. Her parents obviously knew exactly what was going on and if she was doing it somewhere else they wouldn’t – either way the turn out might have been the same. You expect to protect your kid from people online and you expect that most of those people are adults but you don’t expect someone you know to build your kid up and tear them down because they’re insecure over their own kid.

  11. hmmmm.. that comment didn’t look so big when it was all squashed up in the comment box.

  12. Oh thats happend b4 over here.. except it was like these “cool kids” at school made fake profiles to be boyfriends with these “not so cool kids” and then shit happend n what not…

    pretty lame but


  13. Bigguy – Emotions…Women are crazy!…

    T-Rex – Yeah, football is a cure for sadness…

    Jimmy – How do you really feel?…

    Romi – I’d never do that to you…I’m your neighbor..Er….I mean some guy you met on wordpress….

    Nat – I think this is the reason that 13 year olds shouldn’t be on myspace….They take things litterally…Or something…I’m sure my point will make sense even after I wake up…

    Lonely Gurl – Man, those “cool kids” are so COOL!….I’d kick their asses….

  14. …Ahem…Not ALL women are crazy thank you very much…

  15. Yes they are…

  16. I’m not and I’m a woman 😛

  17. Sane woman is an oxymoron….It just isn’t possible…

  18. Whatever biznatch

  19. you guys are just as bad thank you very much

  20. That’s not true…

  21. Yeah, lonelygurl? When was the last time a guy killed himself over a website? Plus, how come women only make half of the money guys make? We can’t be that bad if we get paid twice as much in exchange for not daydreaming about lipstick all day.

    Hah. Look at me with my misogyny. Jesus would approve.

  22. Sounds like the chick was too emotionally unstable and psycho to deserve life. I’m glad she’s out of the gene pool my children will one day have to swim through. Screw her and the retarded parents. I hope they get their identities stolen. Fuck them all. Idiots.

  23. Oh man…Haha….

    “I hope they get their identities stolen.” That is the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time…

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