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You’re Seriously Serious?

To get ideas for blogs I usually read the news. Some nights I search for hours trying to find a weird news story, or something that irks me the wrong way and motivates me to write about it. Well tonight it took all of 5 seconds. I came across this storyand was blown away. Basically it’s about a website that caters to old rich guys and young chicks who don’t want to work. AKA – Gold diggers.

This lady below is the one they interviewed. If she is the caliber of chicks that are on this site I really feel sorry for these rich, lonely dudes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In the story she is described as –

blonde and beautiful, assets she means to work for all they’re worth.

Are you serious?

What assets?

Don’t you have to be hot to be a gold digger?

If this chick didn’t have blonde hair would you even look at her? The answer is no. This chick is the definition of a blonde illusion.*

Why would you pay this chick to be your “friend” when you could throw some money around and score hot chicks like this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I seriously started laughing and I almost choked on sunflower seeds when I saw that chick’s picture. Don’t describe people as beautiful if they are in fact ugly. That is what I like to call LYING.

Here is another quote from this bombshell.

The age disparity is not a problem for Blair, who made it clear that she wasn’t looking for a traditional boyfriend, anyway.

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and if I was looking for a traditional relationship I would be seeking someone my own age group,” she said, adding that she wouldn’t be satisfied with a nice present or two for her time.

“Gifts are not going to help you,” she advised would-be suitors. “It’s not a smart investment.”

I think I can pretty much end this on that. Good luck gold digging lady, you’re going to need it.


Word of the day –

 Blonde Illusion or B I 

A Blonde who appeared hot at first but upon closer inspection is NOT. A girl who if wasn’t a blonde would be below average. If you were really fooled you could say she was a MAGNUM B.I.


20 Responses

  1. …theres also a website where women who want cosmetic surgery but dont want or cant afford to pay for it can post pics of themselves now and pics of what they want to get and guys go on and donate money toward their new boobs etc….

    …just thought you’d like to know…hehe

  2. Are you kidding me!?…That is just wrong…

  3. nope not kidding its real…cant remember the website…have heard about it on the radio as well as a few other places…

  4. That is messed up…

    Who would waste money on complete strangers?!….

    This boggles my mind…

  5. …does that mean you wont help pay for my new lips?


  6. Haha…

    I can barely support my drinking, gambling, and more drinking..

  7. I think I’m going to go sit in my corner and cry now

  8. Probably a good idea…

  9. WHAT?????

    Ok i see how it is…i come catch up on your blogs and even leave you comments and thats how you’re going to be? and I thought you were my friend…

    guess i’ll have to go back to calling you Larry 😛

  10. HA! -face it, the caliber of ladiez these old giesers need doesn’t require to be hot. As long as their breathing, younger than them and female…doesn’t really matter what they look like..their old guyz what do they care? they probably don’t see so good, either way. I mean really, the kind of girls ur thinking of has far better things to do to make a $-like work at Hooter’s or something? Besides, what do they want with an old guy, anyways?

  11. Oh hey…I’m all about looking for the geezers that want to pay for my nips & tucks…what do they want in return?

  12. She looks like a crack whore to me. They must have air brushed out the blisters.

  13. Cassie – Now that is just mean…

    CG – If I was an old rich dude I wouldn’t settle for some sea cow…

    Jimmy – Damn straight….

    Cowgal – Probably the ass….

    Evyl – Yeah she does….I’m sure they did…She resembles some actress, but I can’t put my finger on it…

  14. What the hell would Brock Landers have to say about these hags trying to come off as pretty?? Outrageous.

  15. Hahaha…I’m sure it would be something nice and confidence building…

  16. Cassie, share the website. Now if that isn’t hilarious or something to write about I don’t know what is.

  17. Holy fuck what a shallow cunt. I seriously want to kick her in the balls. Because after viewing her picture i am fairly certain she has balls. God that just pisses me off. I hope she hooks up with a wife beater and learns her fucking fake blond lesson.

  18. I don’t know King Steve, I kind of like her sturdy face and side-swept baing….

  19. Weluvparis – I kind of want to see it too…Heh…I’ll see if I can get it from her…

    Rotgut – It’s refreshing to see someone more angry than me…Haha…

    Romi – Yeah…I’m sure she has broad shoulders too…

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