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Age of Anger, 18 Year Old Lighter, and Week 10 picks..

As most of you who have read my blogs probably know I am a pretty angry guy. Some of the “older” people that I know say that I am “to young to be so angry.” What does that even mean? Anger has an age? I can’t be angry at things because I’m only 23 years old? Maybe I should be as angry as I am, but when I see stupidity running wild in society it just pisses me off. Are there more pro-active things I could be doing? Sure, but they aren’t as easy as me just getting mad and yelling about it. (I don’t actually yell, I just get really mad.) It’s not like I’m going to go out and start shooting people. (One of the things that makes me mad.) That would be stooping to the level at which I am currently angry at.

Scumbags seem to be multiplying and there is, at present time, nothing normal, law abiding citizens can do about it. Everyone wants to look the other way as violence infects the underbelly of cities. Well by the time it reaches your “well protected” suburbs it will be to late. The 5% that is causing 90% of the problems NEEDS to be stopped. Lock them up and throw away the key. It is ridiculous that we (law abiding citizens) have to watch our backs when we go downtown, or when we leave a bar at night.


The other day I went to the gas station to buy a 2 liter of Coca-Cola and a lighter to start my grill. I was ID’ed. After I looked at the lady like she was crazy she said it was “the law.” Apparently in Minnesota you need to be 18(?) to buy a lighter? Little kids are starting wild fires in California and I’m getting ID’ed in Minnesota for trying to by a lighter. I wasn’t even buying cigarettes. I’m still trying to figure out how old you have to be to light fires in this state, when I figure it out I’ll let you know.


Week 10 picks –

After going 12 – 1 two weeks ago and going 11 – 3 last week I am officially on a roll and will continue to pick winners and make money. Picks are bold.

Jax @ Tenn

Denver @ KC

Buffalo @ Miami

Cleveland @ Pitts

St. Louis @ New Orleans

Atlanta @ Carolina

Philly @ Washington

Minnesota @ Green Bay

Cinncy @ Baltimore

Chicago @ Oakland

Dallas @ New York (Giants)

Detroit @ Arizona

Indy @ San Diego

San Fran @ Seattle


Word of the Day –

Blumpkin –

The delicately balanced art of getting your cock sucked while taking a dump.


23 Responses

  1. I hate being ID’d. It hasn’t happened in a while though because i’m so manly, but I just hate it. One time I got id’d at a movie theater and made the lady feel like shit cause I was 22 at the time. I was like “do I really look 17?”

    Oh and the giants will definitely beat the cowboys.

  2. If you find a girl to give you a blumpkin, you’re the fucking man. You also got a real hoe on your hands. Make sure that’s just your sideline hoe, though, and not your girl.

  3. “Scumbags seem to be multiplying and there is, at present time, nothing normal, law abiding citizens can do about it. Everyone wants to look the other way as violence infects the underbelly of cities.”

    That phrase there reminded me of something I’d read in a Batman graphic novel. Maybe you should become a vigalante?

  4. Yeah, crime and violence are getting out of hand. Well, mostly just violence. I’m actually contributing to a lot of the non violent crime, but whatever. My crime doesn’t hurt anyone but myself, so it isn’t really crime at all. At least that’s how I feel.

    I got carded for a lighter the other day too. And I’m your age. I was pissed. Seriously bitch? Jump off my dick and give me the fucking lighter, or we just might see some violence in here. Damn.

    Blumpkin – my new goal in life. Along side Jello wraslin’ Brittany Spears.

  5. Anger does not have an age; I’ve had a frown slapped on my face since I was 10; it’s not my fault that people pissed me off when I was a kid. Losers.

    You know how they have the term “country bumpkin”? So what’s a “country blumpkin” then? Does it mean having that act peformed whilst watching the leaves change in the lovely countryside?

    Cool 🙂

  6. Anger is a human emotion. Babies are born angry because some jackass just pulled them out of a vagina. How can you be too young to express it?

  7. I don’t buy shit that requires an ID. I do not have one. Well, I do buy spray paint and some contact cement for projects but I don’t get carded but the register does ask for input.

  8. Pessimist – I think I might have been ID’ed because I had just shaved my head and my face…So I look pretty young….And the Giants lost…Heh..

    T-Rex – I WILL get a chick to give me a blumpkin…And being a vigilante sounds awesome!

    Josh – I know what you’re getting at (weed) and I could debate that with you all day but in the end it really wouldn’t change anything so I’ll leave it be….But violence is ruining life as we know it…Just relax people…Geeze..

    Romi – Yeah, plus being angry is pretty fun!….A country blumpkin is just like a normal blumpkin but you have a cowboy hat on….Or something…(I’m not sure but that sounds pretty good.)

    DT – What are these “emotions” you speak of?…Heh…

    Jimmy – When you say “projects” do you actually mean huffing?….

  9. Actually, not really. I don’t smoke pot any more. At least, not often. But I do break the law a lot. Contributing to the delinquency of minors, locating illicit substances for friends, speeding, public drunkenness, littering, public lewdness, you name it. But I’m not a pot head. Mostly I just drink. And I agree, people need to relax.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged. If you feel like sharing seven random facts about yourself with the world, go check out my latest blog for the info. If not, that’s cool too. I just had to come up with seven people who hadn’t already been tagged.

  10. Speeding isn’t bad…I speed all the time…I have a hard time driving the “limit.” I have an idea…If you don’t want me to drive 100 don’t make cars that go that fast!…

    Yeah, I saw that…I will probably do that tomorrow. ( If I can think of 7 things that are “interesting” about me ) I have a blog in my head already for tonight…

  11. […] wrote an interesting post today on Age of Anger, 18 Year Old Lighter, and Week 10 picks..Here’s a quick […]

  12. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAnger has an age? I can’t be angry at things because I’m only 23 years old? Maybe I should be as angry as I am, but when I see stupidity running wild in society it just pisses me off. Are there more pro-active things I could be doing? … […]

  13. I’ve been there – spending all my time being angry at the world. It doesn’t work. It makes me feel like crap. It make other people treat me like crap. Anger just produces an endless cycle of misery. So I decided to just let go of it. I said to myself, “Let go of the anger. It’s not doing anyone any favours.” And to be honest, I’ve never been happier. I don’t get annoyed by everything. And other people are treating me better. Bliss.

  14. I’m not angry at the world really….Just the idiots…

    I know what you mean though….And for the most part I’m a pretty laid back dude….

  15. ha ha ha 😆
    I love the word of the day!

  16. Haha…

    Finding the word of the day is harder than writing a blog….

  17. country blumpkin = the gurl gets to wear the cowboy hat.. coz they’re cute! …

    we have that law over here too about the liter.. its so no one can by tabbacco producits if they’re under 25 and in some places it includes butane.

    Keep pot iilegal i say
    angry at world = emo’s
    angry at certain idiots = the rest of us!!
    btw your funny i like it 🙂

  18. Under 25?…That is crazy!…How old do you have to be to drink?…

    I hate emos!…

    Thanks!…I do what I can…

  19. to drink? its 18
    to smoke its 16
    to buy smokes or alcohol its 18
    they ask for id if you look under 25 coz they just do. im 21 and i dont get asked 4 i.d

    it never used to b so bad i remember buying smokes 4 my olds from the dairy lol
    yeah emos are gay.

  20. FUCKING STUPID LIONS! it was an entertaining game, that’s for sure.

    i think it’s pretty funny that you have to be 18 to buy a lighter in MN… but then, i know all those little hooligan kids are trying to start wildfires there too… LOL

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