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Offended? Go F Yourself…

I sort of got an idea from EvylSmoke, and also from something a local morning radio show host said the other day.

A blurb from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The state’s most popular radio personality made news last week after his sidekick, Terri Traen, suggested that genetics and incest may have led to high suicide rates on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. KQRS-FM apologized and pledged to devote more air time to Indian issues, invite tribal members on the morning show and hire Indian interns.

This really makes me mad. I’m not mad about what Terri Traen said. Why am I not mad about that? Well if you have ever heard the show you would know that she is about as smart as a bag of rocks. She says things like this, it’s not a shock. She doesn’t do it out of spite or anger. She just doesn’t have a filter on her brain that allows her to make sense. She asks dumb questions when the answers are obvious, she seems clueless at times, and is completely obsessed Vince Vaughn. These are all reason that people tune into the show.

Should the Red Lake Indians be upset? Yes and no.

Yes because that is a pretty rude thing to say.

No because it’s Terri Traen. If you have listened to the show you expect things like this and it’s one of the reasons you listen. I’ve been talking to people for the last couple of days and I’ve heard a few people who know some Indians up there and they’ve told me she was right. But I can’t confirm these statements. Just something I heard through the grape vine.

Should anyone be punished or fined for this? No, but they were picketed by a bunch of Indians who were freaking out about these comments. So now they issued apologies and have to talk about “Indian issues” and hire Indian interns.


Because someone has a verbal slip you need to hire more of another race? That sounds pretty stupid to me.

Because someone was “offended” you have to change the way you do things? Fuck that. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean you have to change. Maybe it is them you should be more tolerant of other people.

The words offensive or offended are used way to often nowadays and it’s pissing me off. There seems to be only one thing people want to do when they are “offended,” get that thing changed to fit what THEY believe. Well what if that “offends” someone? It’s a never ending cycle of unnecessary change.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be aware of other people’s beliefs but you can’t please everyone all the time.

So you super sensitive people; Go fuck yourselves.


Word of the Day – An urbandictionry definition of offended.

Offended –

To be offended. An evil state of mind that causes censorship, kills freedom of speech, destroys urban dictionary definitions (via the remove button), and ruins video games as well as many other things.


10 Responses

  1. Political correctness blows. Period.
    And as far as super sensitive people?
    I’m with you. I say serve them all a steaming plate of ‘shut the fuck up’.


  2. I mean, show some tact but you don’t have to be all up tight and shit….

    It’s a big plate…

  3. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. It is a lasting lesson from ’80’s pop music.

  4. America sucks because one no longer has the freedom of speech.

  5. Purefnevyl – Sometimes you just have to tell it how it is and not sugar coat it…..Even though sugar is good….80’s pop music sucked…Haha..

    Jimmy – Tru dat!

  6. Some bags of rocks are pretty smart dude. A lot smarter than most of Hollywood.

  7. Hollywood is full of rocks….And when California falls into the ocean I hope they all sink with it….

  8. That’s why there’s no future in radio broadcasting- hardly anybody listens to it (in comparison to MP3 players), and the only way you can go is down, by offending people.

  9. I listen to the radio…But I listen to Sirius mostly…You can say whatever you want on there….No FCC regulations…

  10. That Terri Trean is a hottie. You guys are mean!! Where’s the love???

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