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I Changed My Mind…

After listening to the radio tonight (I still am) I have changed my mind about Nickelback being the worst band ever. They are still bad, but twonew bands/singers have taken this honor from Nickelback.

The first –

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Kid Rock

Not only is he from Detroit (a shitty city) a distinction he shares with fellow shitty lyricist Eminem, but his “new” single So Hott is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my 23 years on this planet. How this guy tricks people into thinking he is good is beyond me, but my guess is that he’s giving out a lotof hand jobs to radio execs and djs.

The NEW shittiest band ever –

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I was NEVER a fan of them before tonight but after hearing some new song from them I am putting them above Nickelback for “World’s Shittiest Band.” The new song, which I don’t know the name of, is complete trash. I don’t know how the song starts, but I do know that somewhere along they start reciting nursery rhymes. Yes, you read that right, they start reciting nursery rhymes. At least two different ones. (maybe more) How can you make a song and then just chant nursery rhymes!? That is definitely not something I like a rock band to do. It’s something that Barneywould do. Is Korn the new Barney? Possibly.


Word of the Day –

Hot Avery –

A term describing the sexual act of belching into your partner’s ear as you orgasm.


16 Responses

  1. Right on. All I know is that you speak the truth, my man/woman. Hot Avery is so great because it accomplishes every guy’s dream – to turn belching into a sexual act…


  2. I do what I can dude….(I’m a guy by the way)

    I never lie (except to women)

  3. Well, I’m with u on the Kid Rock part. He def sux and is an equivalent of a bad Ememiem. (if u can get any worse, that is) oh-yeah, there was that annoying white rapper-Vanilla Mice-awhile back) however, I don’t agree on Korn. I never really been a big fan-but, my son started listening to them recently, and I do happened to like “evolution”…their hit single….(have u seen the video 4 that? its actually, some pretty funny stuff. if u could stomach it a min…u should ck it out…I think u might like it. especially, the part with Pres. Bush in it….

    btw…[hey, if it re-directs him from listening to rap, then, I’m all for it….wouldn’t u agree? ha!~ 😉

    so, by the way-what bands DO U like, then King Steve?
    just wondering?? lata~

  4. I know for a fact that without hearing these songs (I never listen to the radio or watch music videos) that you are 100% right. kid rock has always sucked hard and korn has sucked balls since god knows when…but wow…if they are worse than nickelback….I really do not ever want to hear that shit.

  5. LMFAO….I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand Korn, god I’m tired of that shit! Kid Rock is a joke, that’s a given; it’s like saying Britney Spears sucks….DUR!
    😉 love the blog, ty!

  6. Kid Rock sucks donkey balls.

    Korn, I can’t really argue with either. I mean they’re not terrible, but they’ve fallen off big time over the last 10 years. They used to be the shit.

    What’s it called when you’re stomach growls the whole time you’re getting your bone on. I got yelled at for that once.

  7. Well, I haven’t heard either of these bands, but if they’re as bad as you say, then I’ll be sure to avoid them. Thanks for the tip!

  8. you are sooo right about Kid Rock, he is a fucking dirty greaseball and should be pumping my gas..

    Korn i’m kinda on the fence about. See, their first 4 albums, in my opinion, fucking rocked. I haven’t heard anything from them since their last album (which fucking SUCKED) but the song i know of with the nursery rhymes is off their first album, that song is called chutes and ladders. God, don’t tell me there resorting to using old tricks to sell new music?? that sucks. They’re alot like Metallica to me. They used to be the shit, but now not so much. Everyone reaches their prime though I suppose.

  9. CG – I have heard their new stuff and it is complete trash…

    What do I like ?….Well I just picked up the new Serj Tankian album…System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, ummm….and I listen to a lot of classic rock…

    Derek – Man, you’re lucky….I almost stabbed myself in the ear last night when I heard this shit….

    Kristin – I’ve almost gotten into fights because people defend Korn like they are gods or something….Idiots…

    T-Rex – I have no idea what that is…But I’ll try to find out…Heh..

    DT – You are LUCKY!

    Joebec – I’ve never liked Korn but after I heard that song last night they have lost what little respect I had for them…

    Did you hear Metallica is coming out with a new album? They say it’s going to be more like Ride the Lightning….

  10. Hot Avery? Where do you find this shit?

  11. On second thought……..don’t answer that.

  12. I didnt hear that , but that’s interesting. if it DOES in fact sound like Ride, then it will be fucking awesome. i’m not getting my hopes up though…

  13. Talea – Hahaha….Urbandictionary.com…I just keep hitting “random word” until I find a funny one….

    Joebec – I heard it from some show on Sirius Radio….

  14. One of the guys from Korn is wearing a Celtics shirt #34 (Paul Pierce, biggest choke for the Celts), I rest my case there.
    They give new meaning to the phrase “Welcome to the Suck”
    And the best part of Kid Rock (and that’s giving him something) if still probably swimming around in Pamela Anderson’s bloodstream.
    Greaseballs, every stinking one of ’em.
    I’m not even going to touch on the undeniable lack of musicianship with these clowns. My nutsack is more talented.
    Sorry. Lost it.
    Good call, King Steve

  15. Hahaha….

    I think you pretty much summed up my blog there….

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