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Perspective in Perspective, a New CD, and Football Picks…

Today as I came home from playing poker there was a car accident right in front of me. It got me thinking about the people involved in the crash. What were they thinking right before the crash? What was the last thought going through their head just before inpact? Noone will ever know but those are the first things I started wondering.

After seeing the crash I started thinking about how I see life. Do I joke around to much? Sure. Am I an asshole? Definitely. Will I change? Probably not. Every time I see something that I think should change me and my views I do change, for a minute. Then as soon as that minute passes I go right back to the old shit. Am I wrong in doing this? I don’t think so.


I bought a new CD today.

Serj Tankian – Elect the Dead

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One of the best CD’s I’ve heard in a long time. If you didn’t know Serj is the former front-man for System of a Down. Let me tell you this; if you are a fan of SOAD then you will definitely enjoy this CD. He plays all the instruments on this album except for the drums.

There isn’t a track on the album I don’t like. And the dude has a voice like no other. Once you hear it you know who it is and what you’re getting; a solid rock album.


Now onto football picks. I am only 1 game ahead of Norm in our head to head football picks, but that will all change this week when I completely dominate him. My pick’s are in bold.

  • Cleveland @ St. Louis
  • Detroit @ Chicago
  • Indy. @ Carolina
  • New York (Giants) @ Miami (in London.)
  • Oakland @ Tenn
  • Philly @ Minnesota
  • Pitts @ Cinncy
  • Buffalo @ New York (Jets)
  • Houston @ San Diego
  • Jax @ Tampa Bay
  • New Orleans @ San Fran.
  • Washington @ New England
  • Green Bay @ Denver


And now the Word of the Day –

Larry Craig

v. the act of denying one’s homosexuality in impossible and unbelievable circumstances.

( I mostly picked this because of the example listed below. )

After we caught Matt watching dude porn, he tried to Larry Craig us by claiming he was doing a research paper.

17 Responses

  1. Wow! Your first thought wasn’t that it was a woman driving?

  2. i actually did write a research paper once on porn…

  3. Why do you even think of considering changing your views, even for that one minute? Being an asshole is fun.

  4. My views change when I see really serious “heart-string-pulling” tv commercials, but not when I see actual people in peril…figure that one out….

  5. I saw a train that hit an SUV the other day. I was really just worried about running into trouble with all the cops standing around cause I was driving illegally. I didn’t really stop to worry about the dumb fucks who got themselves hit by a train.

  6. Jimmy – I figured that goes without saying…

    Amanda – Hmmm…I think you’re lying…

    DT – I didn’t change though…And I forgot about it until I thought of something to blog about….And I do have fun being an asshole…

    Romi – Do you forget about it once the commercial is over?…

    Josh – Damn…Did it blow up like in the movies?…

  7. damn-right I forget; my emotional reflex has a max-out rate of 30-seconds; then I get irritable, and I’m forced to beat up children…

  8. True, but I was sad that I didn’t see it in text. Well, was it one or not?

  9. Romi – So you’re saying you have the attention span of a goldfish?….Beating up children is a great time!…

    Jimmy – Haha…I’ll be sure to put that part in next time….I’m positive it was a woman though…I mean, who else would barrel into a blind inter-section?….Not a man…

  10. A blind man with a gun that is behind the wheel.

  11. Oh man….They only way that could be worse is if it was a blind woman, with a gun, driving, while on her cell phone, doing her make-up….

  12. My one friend said he’d stop being racist after he saw “save the last dance”. That lasted like a week.

  13. He watched that movie?….That shit is so gay…haha..

  14. You are lucky man to have got this

    Serj Tankian – Elect the Dead

    Don’t know when it’s going to get to India.

    Just have to be satisfied with myspace I guess.

  15. It is a great album…It hasn’t left my cd player…

    I’m sure you can buy it on the internet….Which I would recomend doing…

  16. Also…You can watch about 4 music videos on youtube…

  17. I do love SOAD and saw them in concert. this sounds like it’ll be great! thanks for the review.

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