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Can’t see? Not a Problem!

Rudy Giuliani (who I will call Rudy G for the rest of this post since his name is hard as hell to spell.) thinks it is A – O K for blind people to carry guns.He cites the second amendment saying there are only 3 things that would prohibit someone from carrying a fire arm.

  1. A previous criminal record.
  2. A history of instability
  3. Being old enough.

Sure I agree with all of these, but if you can’t see how can you shoot?

Why would a blind person need to carry a gun? Aren’t guns used for defending from a distance? Something BLIND people can’t judge. Blind people can’t drive cars but they can carry guns and potentially shoot people? This is fucking insane!

I don’t want to sound like an asshole or anything but what the hell is wrong with people!? If you are “handicapped” there are things you just can’t do. Don’t try to do them. To clarify this I am going to make a list that I will try to get made into law.

Blind people – No shooting guns.

Deaf people – No listening.

Women – No driving.

French people – No fighting.

I would think of more but I’m really lazy and eating Cheetos, so if you can think of any others go right ahead and list them below.


Word of the Day –

Gorilla Mask

A “sexual act” involving a hand full of shaved pubic hair thrown in the face of an unsuspecting female who just received a facial.

(Gross but funny)


31 Responses

  1. ok, i won’t drive if you drive me places. like a chauffer… i don’t know how to pell thadt.. i’ll know when i’m sober. mabeu… 🙂

  2. I am going to take you for a ride in my new car!
    You are guaranteed to love it!

  3. Lisa – Sounds good to me…I’ll only drive you if you’re drunk though…. 😉

    Gabbi – I’m driving!…

  4. maybe in the bedroom!

  5. I always “drive” then….

  6. I am bored shitless! I have been sick all day and have lost my voice! …so I can’t even go to work tomorrow!

  7. Hmm….

    I don’t see the problem….

  8. You aren’t in my bed to spend the day with!

  9. Are you speaking in riddles now?….What does that mean!?

  10. That is why i am bored …. you aren’t here to give me something to do!

  11. Great idea Rudy G…. Lets give all the blind weapons, and then send them over to Iraq… Blind people can not feel pain or die, so its ok; or was that superman…?

    Things that should not do things:

    Fat people-Wear skinny people clothes, I don’t care how sexy you feel; guaranteed I feel twice as sick as you feel sexy.

    Short old people-Should not drive; if you can not see over the steering wheel, you should not be driving

    Mentally handicapped- should not have weapons or sharp things of any kind

    Rudy G, you are trying way to hard to win the vote there are not enough gun crazed morns that will get you into office… Just thought of another one

    Stupid people- Voting

  12. Sorry…

    I gotta work!….

  13. hey, this will make you laugh… one night I was out with some friends and my one friend’s sister was going to give me a ride home … I was drunk and this girl was deaf. The weirdest thing was that her car had NO RADIO!! So I sang the whole way home.
    I was amused.

  14. Hahaha…

    She wasn’t trying to read your lips while she was driving was she?…Because that should be illegal too….

  15. Jeff – I don’t know how I missed your comment…I must be slipping in my “old” age….

    Good points though….

    And fat people in skinny people clothes is SCARY!…

  16. I think it’s funny to watch big fat people get out of little tiny cars.. if you ever get a chance to….. I think some of them get in and think to them selves…”It fits” and they never get out again!

  17. Fat people always seem to drive super small cars….And skinny people drive huge trucks…

    I’ve never really understood that…

  18. LOL like a 400lb man in a Yugo! haha There would be bridges that they couldn’t go over in a bigger car because the weight of both would be over the limit for the bridge! LMAO!!

  19. That might be the cause of the bridge collapse here in Minnesota….

  20. Too many fatties at one time?

  21. Yeah….I think that could have been the problem…

    Just a theory I have…

  22. Now that is just stupid.

  23. Can’t wait for this guy to be our next president.

  24. fat people should never wear spandex.

    and LMAO at the gorilla mask! that made my day! 😀

  25. umm…i like(d) Rudy…i met him once…til him body guard accidently punched me…long story…

    this however frightens me…so he might loose my support…

    and exactly where is this dude getting all this already cut pubic hair?

  26. Yeah I think having a penis is a good requirement for a drivers license. what pisses me off the most is when women drive SUV’s to the grocery store. They don’t realize our lives are at stake every time they get into their car and turn the key.

    I actually go to a school where there are a lot of deaf kids on campus… and they piss me the fuck off too. thanks for the idea. you are really good at giving me ideas. ill save it for another time.


  27. Hey, you’re forgetting that handicapped people don’t have anything to live for. We can just euthanize them right off the bat.

    Sure, dead people can carry guns too, but they won’t be able to use them. We also won’t need to worry about zombies if we grind up our dead and turn them into tasty hamburgers.

  28. More disturbing, King Steve, is that Mr. 9/11 himself has become a Red Sox fan. What is that about??

  29. Jimmy – Agreed…

    Brock – If he’s our next pres. I’m going to let a blind person shoot me….

    Joebec – You going to try the “Gorilla Mask” then?…

    Amanda – He punched you?…..

    That Pessimist – Yeah, that should be one of the tests…Penis, Check. Here is your DL….Heh…And I’m good at making people angry…

    DT – Good idea!…I’m sure most people wouldn’t agree with your radical theories though….

    Abarclay – People from NY are supposed to hate Boston….

  30. so you have to have a penis to drive? if thats the route we take, then there should be a size qualification too…no little dicks on the road!!

  31. If blind people are never allowed to carry guns, then maybe (just maybe) I’ll surrender my driver’s license, as an added act to keep the world safer 😉

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