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If you “txt” me, spell words normal!…

I used to hate text messaging. I used to never use it, I never had it on my plan. People used to send me texts just to piss me off.

Now, I text all the time. Mostly because I never answer my phone. The thing is, I text like I type and talk. I use FULL words. I don’t make it difficult for people to read my texts. I can’t stand all of those abbreviations. They make me want to punch little kids.

So if you ever text me, please spell out the words. It may take you an extra 30 seconds, but you’ll be saving a child.


My shoes stink. Bad. I need new ones. I’m going to the mall today to get some.


Word of the Day –

Hot Carla

licking a woman’s vagina while she defecates in the toilet.

31 Responses

  1. That whole hot Carla thing seems slightly disturbing. Yet, I’m intrigued.

  2. Sounds fun doesn’t it?…

  3. those abbrevations piss me the fuck off too. i spell every god damn thing out if i write a text message and i don’t get any credit for it. pisses me off. too bad you beat me to this post lol.

  4. I hate that shit and I hate the fuckers that say O. M. G. in the real world, like my sister. Not Oh My God, but the damn letters. I wanna kill every fucker that does that.

  5. Nice! About time this abbreviation crap stopped! I’m fairly intellitgent, but shorthand is easier to understand than some of these lines!
    I knew you were smart, dammit!

  6. uh….i sent steve texts lasts night…i probably abbreviated…and now there is an angry blog…hmmm…

    poor kids…i guess

  7. Hi! I am commenting today because I figured out how to do it. Sorry blonde moment. I don’t care about the abreviations as long as I can understand what they are saying.

  8. I cant stand that!! Theres this one girl who texts me and puts ‘ii’ in the place of every single ‘i’… like for instance let me transcribe the last one.

    “What’s good giirl? How iis the famiily, chiica? Been thiinkiing bout moviin back.”

    Not only was this an insult to my intelligence but a childish text that warranted no response of any kind.

  9. Ahh, the old Hot Carla. My favorite past time.

  10. I am a full-word texter all the away bitches! 3 Syllables, 4 Syllables, 5 Syllables…I always represent for my texting-recepients, it’s the least I can do if I don’t wanna hear their goddamn voices on the phone 😉

    PS: we should compare notes on how many kids we’ve punched; seriously, I have a problem

  11. That Pessimist – You can go ahead and steal my idea if you want….Since I stole it from my local newspaper…Heh…

    Jimmy – Will you punch your sister in the face for me?…Please…

    Kristin – Shorhand looks like Alien writing to me….I’d rather just be blind than have to read that garbage…

    Amanda – No, it wasn’t you…I think you spelt everything out….I stole this idea from the newspaper…

    Becca – Haha…Yeah, it’s not too hard….Yeah, but if you can’t figure them out you have to ask them and it’s a waste of time…

    Alyssa – She puts to i’s?…Oh man…I would murder her…Really, I would.

    T-Rex – Yours too?…

    Romi – That’s what I’m saying…That and I think I’m too dumb to figure out all of those abbreviations….And in the kid punching department you’re not even in the same league as me….Heh…I’ve been punching kids in the face since I got out of the womb…

  12. lol… Totally knw wht you r sayin. Why do they need to abbrv things, its so annying, just tak the xtra 2 secs to spell it out. Fags, OMG 4 reels, IMO



  13. I’m going to kill you….

  14. omglollmaobbq!!!!!

  15. I don’t even know what the hell that means…..God I hate you…Heh..


  17. Geeze…I would have guessed that you just slammed your hand down on the keyboard…

  18. hahaha! interesting. i do text full for important words bt for shrt words i make it more shorter.

    tk care, stv! nyc 2bmp n2 ur blog!

  19. Grrrr….I should have figure people would start typing that shit to me…

    I’m going to go jab pens into my eyes now….

  20. hahahaha! jst teasing you. am back to normal spelling now. nice to bump into your blog today.

  21. Heh…Yeah, thanks for stopping in…

  22. Oh and another thing I just remembered by reading some of these comments, she says L.O.L. and other shit like that too. God I hate that shit!

  23. Punch her in the face for me….

  24. I can’t agree with you more. I HATE that abbreviated texting bullshit. In fact, if I’m talking to a guy and he responds in any text with “k” instead of “ok,” he’s out. I know that’s kid of hardcore, but it grosses me out and I just can’t be involved with him in any way.

  25. Haha….You mean you don’t like guys that are 10 years old mentally?…

  26. Well, you have to draw the line somewhere. What if someone texts “hlp cll 911!” or something else that insinuates that they’re in deep trouble? I’d spare a child’s face for that.

    Heh. Just kidding. After all, someone’s got to pay for the insolence of others.

  27. Fuck that!…They should call themselves!…If they can type that garbage then they should call themselves….Jerks…Haha

  28. i don’t like the abbreviations either, half of them don’t make any sense.

    and your word of the day is fucked up, for real. who wants to be that close to a toilet… but i digress.

  29. I would that’s who!…Um…Er…I mean….

  30. I hate abbreviations in text as well. It’s pretty hard to cram in everything I want to say when I need to put the long words in as well though.. and you know me, I like the long replies..

    But I will say LOL or LMAO (like actually say it, loll or la-mayo) because I know it bugs people and that makes me happy..

    I don’t know what to say about your word of the day. I hope I never bump into a chick named Carla though.. mental image!

  31. If you have tons to say you might as well just call the person…

    I would punch you right in the face…haha..

    I’m glad I don’t know a chick named Carla…

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