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Time Travel, Possible?

I was watching CSI tonight. It was about some guy who said he travel in time. In my half awake state I started thinking about if time travel is actually possible. I’ve come to the conclusion that as much as I want it to be possible, that it just wouldn’t work.

If you are in one place at a certain time, a second later even if you haven’t moved the Earth has and so has the Milky Way Galaxy and all of space. So if you you went though time you would be in the spot that you were standing in a second ago. Well what if you went years back, or forward. That would put you out in space some where.

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Doc Brown is probably super pissed at me right now for shooting down his theories but so be it. He’s old now and I could kick his ass. Plus Marty McFly isn’t going to do shit since he is all sick….

Does any of that make sense or have I finally lost my mind?

Today’s Word of the Day.

Poon-Laden –

1. A female the uses the promise of sex to manipulate and terrorize a man.
2. The woman in a relationship who ‘wears the pants’ and controls her boyfriend/husband. Control is usually achieved by way of the tactic listed above.


12 Responses

  1. haha that is a good point about time travel. never really thought about that.

    P.S. the girls love marty mcfly for obvious reasons.

  2. Thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams douche-fag, not only did the bitch at the airport not want to take five minutes out her busy day to get me on an early flight home, I know find out that I can not go back in time and kill her mother before she was given a chance to create that hell spawn and this run on sentence? Fuck you steve, you are the kick of dick, not dick like an asshole, but dick like you love the cock.

    I digress, I have never believed in time travel to the extent you see in movies; I really wish there was a such thing as time travel, but there is not… However, I do have some theories; and as some people know I am a genius in rocket science and physics, and what ever you need to be a genius in to figure out time travel.
    What if it was gravity that allowed you to stay in the confines of earth, no matter how far forward or back you go in time; the way I see it, time travel needs some sort of momentum in order to work, so gravity would allow you to not emerge in space… But how do you speed up time without yourself aging as if you drank out of the wrong grail? My guess is ectoplasm suits.
    Next theory, we no nothing about worm holes or black holes, maybe there is a way to harness there energy and properties… But I think if anything, they will only provide means to travel over great expanses in a short time (I guess that is a sort of time travel); also it will provide a way of dumping garbage, dead bodies, and Rosie O’Donnell

  3. To respond to the first comment, do chicks like Marty McFly because he vibrates like a cheap motel bed?

  4. I think this is the smartest blog you have ever had

  5. my thoughts exactly jeff

  6. If you had a time machine, what would you do? Would you go back in time and get you some caveman hookers? Would you go back to the time adam and eve were in the garden and knock her up instead of adam?

  7. im amazed you can think…honey!

  8. I like your little cut on Marty. That’s funny.

  9. Woah King Steve. You got all deep in this post. I’m going to show it to the science teacher at school tomorrow, see what she thinks. And the word of the day: Poon-Laden. That is the greatest word.

  10. It’s always the terrible parts of your posts that make me laugh: like spaceships being blown up, marty mcfly being sick haha, I am horrible 🙂

  11. Of course it’s possible to travel back in time. The only reason you can’t is because they don’t make DeLoreans anymore.

  12. That Pessimist – It’s the purple Calvin Kleins isn’t it?…

    Jeff – You have gone insane….

    Reed – ALL of my blogs are smart….

    Jimmy – I’d go to the future man…I know all about the past. I’d like to know what’s going to happen in the future…

    Amanda – My brain is over flowing with knowledge…

    T-Rex – I love Back to the Future, but it’s hard to watch now that MJF is like that, ya know?…

    Abarclay – Haha…Teachers used to hate my writing, I’m sure it hasn’t changed….

    Romi – That makes you just as sick as me…

    DT – They are actually putting a few out on the market. You can get them custom built. I forgot the website though…I was actually thinking about getting one…

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