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Robot sex!? and Week 6 picks…

As I opened up my Internet browser today I saw something on MSN that completely caught me off guard.

Is sex with robots possible? ( link )

That is the headline I saw. After trying to wrap my brain around this I decided I better click it and find out if in-fact having sex with robots is possible. You know, when I think of sex the first thing that comes to my mind is the cold oily feeling of a robot vagina.

Turns out in the future not only will you be able to have sex with robots but these sick dudes are talking about people marrying robots. How desperate and lonely would you have to be to marry something that can’t say no? Why not just marry your flesh light or in a woman’s case a vibrator? It would take up less space and you wouldn’t have to rent it a tux/dress.

 This brings of the issue of robot STDS. Can an STD live in a robot vagina? How would you know if said robot has a STD? Would you have to wear a rubber when you bang a robot even though their vagina is already rubber? These are questions that I think need to be answered before people are allowed to have sex with fucking robots.

And now the Word of the Day

Poo Lagoon – The description of a female’s poo chute that is readily accesible by any person and/or object. The girl easily offers up backdoor entry and has logged hundreds of hours being penetrated in the stinky O-ring.
Guys who venture into a girl’s Poo Lagoon usually leave smelling of ‘aged’ fecal matter and crusted smagma, but return for more often because the girl enjoys this type of anal recreation.


And now onto my picks for week 6. For the season I am 48 – 28 and Norm is 45 – 31. Yes, that’s right. I am winning. As always my picks are in bold

  • Cinncy at K. C.
  • Houston at Jacksonville
  • Miami at Cleveland
  • Minnesota at Chicago
  • Philly at New York (Jets)
  • St. Louis at Baltimore
  • Tennessee at Tampa Bay
  • Washington at Green Bay
  • Carolina at Arizona
  • New England at Dallas
  • Oakland at San Diego
  • New Orleans at Seattle
  • New York (Giants) at Atlanta

16 Responses

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAfter trying to wrap my brain around this I decided I better click it and find out if in-fact having sex with robots is possible. You know, when I think of sex the first thing that comes to my mind is the cold oily feeling of a robot … […]

  2. I think the the question of people having sex with robots is already answered. Robot-on-robot sex needs more debate.
    Even if they did have genitalia, would they know how to use it? How often would they bang? How long? would the robots get it on in private, or in public? Would their STD’s be viruses? Would some of them think premarital sex is wrong? Would the computer programming robots get laid at all?

    I want answers, Steve.

  3. “If you have pedophiles and you let them use a robotic child, will that reduce the incidence of them abusing real children, or will it increase it?” That shouldn’t be allowed. It is like giving them permission to do that to kids, robot or not. Would you have sex with a robot?

  4. Hahahaha…finally an answer to my “why am I still single problem?” The REAL QUESTION: will these robot-lovers look like humans? Like can they have a fleshy-covering, overtop of all the metal parts? I’m just trying to pre-plan, ’cause I’ve got that pesky high-school reunion in 2010…lemme know what you find out Steve..

    PS: “poo lagoon?” wow, I love these “I learned something new today” days 😉

  5. I don’t see any of this ever happening, except for maybe robot sex dolls. Which I don’t think is necessarily bad, just weird. I think that the time when marriages to robots are legal, people will start wanting to marry their pets, tables, etc. And why would you want to marry a robot anyway? Any chance of it losing commitment to you?

  6. I just threw up in my mouth! YUCK Stay out of my back door, that is for exit only!!

    BTW I missed you on Friday! MUAH

  7. ha! they got you at the word sex didn’t they steve? u r 2 crazy my friend…the things you come up with. too funny and odd issue.

  8. Do you think they will allow same sex robot/human marriges? I’m not asking for me, my friend was curious.

  9. well…if we get to start dating robots…my job will become a lot easier…and i wouldnt worry about stds…just pick up a good disinfectant…

    and thats what Poo lagoon means…i knew it was just a cute little nickname all those guys gave me…you know me…i love my anal!

  10. After living with a girl for the past 2 years, I’d def consider a robot for a wife….

    I’m just playing.

  11. DT – Hmmm…Robot on robot sex?…I think I’d watch that…

    Jimmy – I agree with that, the last thing we need is sickos buying little kid robots and having all kinds of dirty sex with them….And I don’t think I could handle having sex with a robot….But maybe…heh…

    Romi – I’m assuming they will have a skin like covering like the Terminator….I will keep you updated…

    Melsa – It would be SUPER wierd…I would laugh if a robot said no…

    Sara – You know you love it… 😉

    CG – Of course…Everyone knows I have a one track mind…

    Ryan – I’m not sure….I’m sure you…er..I mean “your friend” could always get married to your male robot in Canada. I think they have gay marrige up there….

    Amanda – Hmm…I guess so…So you would just wash your robots schween?…Or would you make your robot do that?…Could you trust a robot to clean it’s own schween?…

    T-Rex – Hahaha…Touche’

  12. hmmmmmmm could you class the vacume as a robot?

    ” I told you never to disturb me when Im cleaning my room”

    Doofy Gilmore


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  14. DurlAnell – Are you saying I need these pills?….

  15. lengthen my penis

    lengthen my penis

  16. Hmm…That’s interesting.

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