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Survey says “DDR is lame” and Week 5 picks…

Last month Minnesota had their State Fair. Like an idiot I went. After a couple few beers my buddy and I saw a group of nerds in all their glory, surrounding a DDR machine and cheering the dude that was dancing. Being the asshole I am I had to get a look at this and add my 2 cents. So after getting another beer (which cost me $6.25 by the way.) I made my way over to the game and witnessed the gayest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. So after laughing for about 20 minutes I started blurting out sarcastic comments.

“Oh man, this game is the COOLEST!”

“Man, I’ve never seen moves like that before.”

Then I saw it. A hat with money in it. Yes, these clowns wanted tips to play a video game. These guys were in some sort of “crew” and thought they were in Japan where everyone loves those lame ass games. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but in Minnesota we do not like that garbage. If I would have been drunker I would have taken their hat and punch them all in their necks. Instead I took a “scientific” poll. The question went something like “Now after seeing this guy dance is he more or less attractive?”

3 out of 3 girls agreed that he was less attractive.

So if any of you play DDR or were wanting to play, just remember…Chicks don’t dig guys that play that shit, and the ones that do are probably all nasty looking anyways.

Now on to the week 5 picks. I don’t remember what I went last week, and I’m too tired to go back and check. But so far for the season I’m 39 – 23.  As always, my picks are bold.

  • Carolina at NEW ORLEANS
  • Jacksonville at KANSAS CITY
  • Detroit at WASHINGTON
  • Atlantaat TENNESSEE
  • Miami at HOUSTON
  • Seattle at PITTSBURGH
  • Cleveland’s at NEW ENGLAND
  • Arizona at ST. LOUIS
  • New York (Jets) at NEW YORK (Giants)
  • Tampa Bay at INDY
  • San Diego at DENVER
  • Baltimore at SAN FRAN
  • Chicago at GREEN BAY
  • Dallas at BUFFALO

23 Responses

  1. What the fuck is DDR?

  2. Dance Dance Revolution….That gay ass dancing game…

  3. With something that gay there….. the beer should have been cheaper!

  4. You’re telling me….I was going to make some videos of it on my phone while I was there but I was too lazy.

    It was crazy…The dudes doing it were WAY to into it…

  5. I am sure there is a video on You Tube of some dweebs doing it!

  6. Yeah there probably is….God I hate that game…

  7. Oh I did another blog about sex and of course you are in it. LOL

  8. This pleases me….

  9. You keep me satisfied! 😉

  10. I do what I can…Heh..

  11. I am going to bed now…meet you there!

  12. I’m on my way….I’m bringing pizza!

  13. seriously! as a chic myself, that is not hat! i watched a super fat kid go at crazy speeds! still not hat! and as a minnesotan, those games are gay! i’d rather play “Black” and kill some people… for sure!

  14. Ok-I’m either behind the times, or I’m a dumbass today. (don’t say it steve) ha! But, what is DDR?

    at least, you pickex Dallas over Buffalo..good man! 😉

  15. never mind, just read gabbi’s response..
    didn’t see that earlier…now, I’ feel better informed…thks..of course, pizza sounds kinda good although, its 9am. but, I guess three’s a crowd. ;(

    lol~lata steve

  16. i actually find DDR lots of fun…asshole!

  17. Since I am 15, I’m constantly surrounded by fags who think that electronic movement games are “tha shitz”. I can’t wait until they realize that they’re just regular shit.

    You know what else is gay? Guitar Hero. I’m sure that regular guitar is way cooler, and will actually get you laid.

  18. Mean – Watching fat kids move fast gives me motion sickness….Heh..

    CG – You need to listen to my last radio show….Gabbi promised me a knobber if I brought a pizza over….

    Amanda – When you say “lots of fun” do you actually mean really super gay?….

    DT – That’s what I’m saying…If you’re going to move around and shit you might as well do it with other people and not to some video game….And I HATE Guitar Hero…

  19. damn u mean I missed ur radio show?…well, that sux.
    so if I promised you a…….oh NVM…like I could be so lucky..LOL~ j/k~lata crazy ass… 😉

    holl@ next time you have one though…

  20. Haha…

    We do them every Friday night at 9 central time…I’m taking this Friday off though…

    I forgot the url I’ll give it to you next time I can get to blogtalkradio.com

  21. yeah, Detroit got their asses handed to them by WA.. too bad.

    If you haven’t seen “Grandma’s Boy” yet, you should. there’s a great DDR part in that movie (cuz I know you’re secretly all about it) besides, it’s a fucking funny movie.

  22. I hate DDR

  23. Joebec – Finally Detroit started playing like Detroit…..I’ve only seen parts of that movie…I heard it was funny as hell….

    T-Rex – Agreed…

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