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Halo 3 = Garbage.

I had the “honor” of playing Halo 3 the other day and let me tell you the whole time I was playing one word came to my head.


I didn’t play the single player mode so I can’t give my opinion on that, but it can’t be worse than the multi-player format and game play.

I have never been so unimpressed with an online game like I am with Halo 3. There are so many things that just bug me about I’m sure I’ll miss some when I’m listing them off.

  • There is no host – Yes, that’s right. There is no host for the game. A random player is chosen to be the “leader” of the room. I’m not sure what he/she does but it doesn’t matter since you will be out of that room after the round.
  • You have to click a button on the d-pad to speak – I was talking into the mic for 15 minutes before I figured out that noone could hear me. It wasn’t until I started randomly hitting buttons that I realized I had to hit a button to talk. This is one of, if not the worst feature in the multi-player format.
  • You can veto maps and weapon sets – Since there is no host your maps and weapon sets are picked randomly, and since a lot of them are stupid IE: Rocket launchers only, Snipers and Shottys, ect. You have to veto these to get to a normal weapon set and if you are playing with complete tards that don’t veto you may be stuck playing a round with these weapons.
  • You don’t play with the same people twice – This was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. After each round you would be switched to a different room. You could “join a party” or whatever they are called but that is even stupid because unless the whole room chooses this you have to sit and wait while the room fills up with other people.

I’ve never been so frustrated with an online game in my life. There is no skill involved in the online portion of the game. (sniping excluded) For the most part people just throw grenades and jump around. (Literally they just jump every where.)

I guess if you have a chance rent the game, but don’t believe the hype machine behind this game. And this is coming from a huge X-Box fan. I love X-Box and always will but I just don’t get the excitement for this game.

Have any of you played it? What did you think?


19 Responses

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting article today about Here’s a quick quoteI had the “honor” of playing Halo 3 the other day and let me tell you the whole time I was playing one word came to my head. OVER-RATED. I didn’t play the single player mode so I can’t give my opinion on that, but it can’t be worse than … […]

  2. Everyone keeps talking about this fucking game? I’m not a game guy, what the hell is this stuff?

  3. All of this hype, all of these people going crazy for a video game and yet I still sit here, in amazement at how I don’t need the use of video games in my life to entertain me. I don’t know what it is about them that are so damn interesting, but I do happen to think all video games are a waste of time and money, that being said…Why in the hell is Halo 3 suppose to be such a Greek God to all games? It is basically a alien based senerio where you must hunt down objectives to kill. Oh happy days, I call that game the intergalactic turok

  4. Xbox sucks ass! Just plain and simple. Halo 3, I would not play it. I have Halo 2 and it was alright.

  5. I agree, i think people purchase a commercial and hype.

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  6. The only reason things like Halo # get all the hype is because of the fan boys who lost their virginity to the original Halo, and now they feel indebted to it.

  7. This just in…Halo 1 and 2 blow goats too.

  8. I think all the Best Buy stores in Canada opened up at midnight that day, just so these losers could get their friggin’ hands on one of these babies…hype indeed…I went home this weekend and noticed that my younger brother got Halo 3; since my brother’s a total loser, I’m putting forth the scientific opinion that this game sucks-ass.

    PS: Just let me play Mario-Kart all day long, and I’ll be a happy camper, LOL 😉

  9. Brock – I love video games and I love shooters but I like my shit to be some-what realistic. On Halo 3 you can just jump around everywhere and toss grenades…It’s lame as Hell.

    Big Guy – I do enjoy video games…But I don’t spend every waking hour thinking about them or playing them.

    Jimmy – X-Box owns Playstation and Nintendo…

    Stu – I agree with you man…

    DT – I loved the first 2 but I think I grew out of them, and moved on to more realistic shooters.

    T-Rex – Haha..I’d like to agree with you but I did enjoy the first 2. I think I just grew out of that franchise…Just like with Mario…

    Romi – Hahaha…All the stores here were open at 12…If you stand in line at mid-night to buy a video game (or book like Harry Potter) you are a loser. (and obviously aren’t getting pussy) And Mario-Kart sucks ass.

  10. an amendment to your thought there Sir King Steve…

    IF said person standing in line at 12am waiting to buy a video game, Yes, you are a loser, but there might be room for your GF to stand with you, and well, if she has no quarrels about having sex in front of people, then you are getting pussy.

    I know this from a friend.

  11. I wouldn’t fuck the kind of girl that would stand with a dude at midnight to buy a video game….

  12. 1. There IS a host.
    2. You don’t have to click a button to speak.
    3. You are right, you can veto maps and weapon sets…great observation braniac.
    4. You would play with the same people if you had friends.

    Get a clue.

    If you don’t like Halo 3 experience then check out some

    hardcore CounterStrike action here: http://wwww.GetGosu.com

  13. oh….and you say everyone just jumps around, well if someone jumps …. shoot them in the head…once they are in the air they are moving on a set path (parabola)…you know where they are going to land…..so SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD. Jumping is a bad strategy because of this. It’s better to stay on the ground so you can strafe. It sounds like you are playing with noobs (so no skill is displayed) and also you have no friends (get some friends).

  14. Hmmm…I’m not a big Counter Strike guy either…I play Ghost Recon…

    I have no friends? I guess I’m not sure where you are getting your “facts.” How would my hatred for Halo 3 make me have no friends? I’m positive it is YOU who has no friends since you are probably trying to find ever secret in the game to get an edge. That shit is just lame…

  15. […] King Steve wrote a fantastic post today on “Halo 3 = Garbage.”Here’s ONLY a quick extractI’ve never been so frustrated with an online game in my life. There is no skill involved in the online portion of the game. (sniping excluded) For the most part people just throw grenades and jump around. (Litterally they just jump … […]

  16. LoL – 7-11 was selling copies with a special “collectors edition animated slurpee cup”… and these cups were not only flimsy plastic and but for 4.95 it was absolute hilarity.

    Wtf gas stations do you know sell a video game if the producers/distributors werent a little worried about it’s turnout.

  17. I’m glad there are no 7-11s around here….I would have gone crazy seeing all of that shit…

  18. It’s funny I mentioned that, Went back to that same 7-11 again and saw that they had taken down the big “HALO 3 IS HERE!!” custom banner.. and now there is just a piece of paper on the door.

    “Halo 3 + Limiteed adition slurpee cup”

    Spelled. just. like. that. Learn2Spell. LOL

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