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No Condoms for you, and you, and you…

A Catholic priest in Mozambique, which I will now be calling The Moz since it’s way to hard to spell, is claiming that condoms shipped from several European countries are tainted with AIDS/HIV. According to this priest, they are doing this because these “countries” want to colonize The Moz (and the rest of Africa.) He also claimed these same “countries” are putting AIDS/HIV in the medicine that helps cure AIDS/HIV, because apparently once you have AIDS you can get it over and over again.

The anti condom stance this priest has obviously has no bearing on this though. This guy is completely insane.

Just some numbers to put out here…..

17 % of The Moz’s population is Catholic, and oppose the use of condoms.

16% of the population of The Moz is infected with either AIDS or HIV.


Sometimes I just wish people would use their brains and think for themselves instead of listening to a priest or some other religious person.

And just to prove I’m not making this up. Here is the story


14 Responses

  1. Let me get this right? A priest is having the Virus Aids/ and HIV implanted in condoms as to get the use of condoms stopped because in the catholic religion it is unacceptable to have sex with a condom on? and I reading this correctly?

  2. Wow, could I have been any more wrong? I am still asleep apparently…lol First of all, WTF is wrong with people. Trying to get rid of people just so you can colonize on their land. Who do they think they are? What a bitch way to do it too, kill them off using a virus instead of taking over the country by force. What pussies.

    I would hate to feel what it feels like to have an entire race, or country want to exterminate my kind. Using such a bitch maneuver. Too bad Osama didn’t think about this one first, we would have never seen that commin.

  3. Great to see completely unsubstantiated claims are making the news now. Would they be printing this if he was some conspiracy theory crank and not the head of the catholic church?

    So is he acting on this information or just sitting on it? He “knows” which companies / countries are trying to kill off Africa but the article doesn’t say that he’s working with the authorities, getting tests done ro confirm his views, etc, etc.. Why alert the media if the only solution he can think of is “don’t have sex”? What? You KNOW that condoms and medicine are being tainted with the Aids virus (and proving it will be a cinch because all you need to do is buy a rubber and the drugs) and you KNOW exactly who’s doing it, but figure that a warning against one of the ways of spreading the virus will be sufficient to fight back against the Europeans that want your land. Grrrr.. do something idiot!

    : )

  4. That’s the stupidest thing ever. If they want to get rid of the Moz people, why don’t they use a disease that won’t take 10 years to become widespread? I would have filled those condoms with smallpox or polio. They kill much faster, and they’re way more contagious.

  5. That is one messed up story.

  6. That’s like when all of Canada’s cough syrup gets tainted with hunks of phlegm..wtf? It’s those damn Americans, trying to keep our voices raspy all the time…those bitches 😉

  7. I assume that this guy already has AIDS.

  8. What? It’s not just the people of Mozambique who use that excuse for not wearing a rubber. Hell, I use it. I tried the “it doesn’t feel as good” excuse,”I’m allergic”, etc. The only one that worked was the “hey there are aid’s stored in my rubber and I don’t want to start an epidemic.

  9. Nat – The news will report on anything that will scare people…That’s what the news does…

    DT – I like the way you think…Maybe we could start a revolution?…

    Abarclay – Agreed.

    Romi – That story is actually true. We have heard enough of Brian Adams and Celion Dion…We don’t need any more of that garbage coming down to the States…

    Brock – That’s not a bad assumption…

    Sexual T-Rex – Well you gotta use what works..And now that you explained it like that I understand this whole situation better…lol…

  10. Are people in the Moz so fucking hot that they really want to fuck all the time or what? Maybe he should start a campaign to make people uglier so they’ll have less sex. They could get shitty fucking plastic surgeons from around the world to come and botch everything the fuck up to create a country so ugly that no one will ever fuck again.

  11. A-Hole, how are you so wise and hilarious like all the frickin’ time? Stop being so bang-able, or we’re gonna have to get YOU one of those botched operations… 😉

  12. Are you fucking kidding me Romi? My face looks like a big asshole. Trust me, when people see me coming they fuckng run the other way.

  13. Hahaha, I know you too well A-Hole, I don’t even care anymore 😉

  14. Hahaha…You guys are crazy…

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