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Jackson and Sharpton nowhere to be found….

After reading this story and feeling sick and angry all at once one thought came to my head; where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Maybe they are still busy trying to get the “Jena 6” out of jail for beating up white kids.

I might sound like a racist in this blog, but I am not. You can go ahead and call me one if it makes you feel better about yourself but I know that I am NOT.

When bad things happen to black people these two parasites seem to come from thin air to blame everyone that isn’t black but when there is a black person or group of black people that cause a problem Jackson and Sharpton are nowhere to be found.


How does anyone think that we can evolve as a society if we blame race for all the problems? Let’s blame the people causing the problems. I have no problem with African Americans, Indians, Native Americans, Caucasians, Asians, and every other race. I do have problems with scum bags.

I call them as I see them. If you are commiting a crime, you are a scum bag. I don’t give a shit what you look like. Do I think blacks get treated unfairly? No, I think they think they get treated unfairly. Don’t put yourself in shitty situations and you won’t get treated like shit.

What is a hate crime? Doesn’t ALL crime have some sort of hate involved? If white kids beating the shit out of a black kid is a hate crime, then shouldn’t black kids beating the shit out of a white kid be called the same thing?

What do you think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? What do you think about “hate” crimes in general? And what is your opinion on the news story?


22 Responses

  1. Jackson and Sharpton are so bad they make your fantasy football team look good.

  2. But you are otherwise 100% correct.

  3. My fantasy football team is disapointing to say the least….

  4. Shockingly bad. Bet you will be making lots of deals this week.

  5. I just may be looking for some deals right now…

  6. holy crap. Norfolk is just a couple hours away from here, in fact, I was there this summer. The double standard certainly is ridiculous.

  7. You know that stories like this are why I hardly ever read the news.

    I think it’s awful that – a whole gang attacked him, he’s so young, it might be part of a bigger problem he faces (bullying), it might be all based on the colour of his skin.

    The article would have been really short if they cut out the race stuff.

  8. I have been waiting, wondering, when someone was going to start writing about racism in the world. I have yet to find anyone that shares my point of view so as for anyone that may read this…This is my opinion, you may stop reading this anytime you find it to be “wrong” in your eyes.

    I have noticed an increased level of racism and acts of racism in the world. Racism or racialism is a form of discrimination based on race, especially the belief that one race is superior to another. Racism may be expressed individually and consciously, through explicit thoughts, feelings, or acts, or socially and unconsciously, through institutions that promote inequality between races.

    What is racism really though? Are they hate crimes against one race, or are these racist acts part of a bigger plan? For many years white people all over the world have been accused, blamed and scorned for racism because of what “WE” did back in the day. I have news for you, WE didn’t do anything, I can’t be held responsible for things that happened to your great grandfather, just like you shouldn’t be pent up about what happened to your great grandfather, because in all honesty, what can you do to fix the situation now, being angry at me for something I haven’t done?

    Everyone who hates in general it doesn’t matter on race, just in general is a fucking moron. I have no problem telling this to their face either. Bigotry, Racism, Sexism, and the like, are fucked up, and as such should be taken out back and shot because of what hate spews forth.

    Jena 6, where the hell do you get off beating a white boy because of three hanging nooses? What ever happened to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? They hang three nooses…retaliate using your mind, not your fists. But because I do believe in do unto others, I believe you all should be beating within inches of your lives. Fair only equals fair.

    To that one black woman who was beaten, and tortured. I am sorry that there are people in the world that feel like it is acceptable to torture one another, Even though they are white, I hope they get just as bad torturing where they are going. That shit has to stop.

    How about the Arabs? People hate them too. It isn’t about the color of their skin, but the actions many people with the same skin color are standing for. Is what we are doing any better than what they have done to us? We stand for principals and morals that we know to be true and evident. Don’t they do the same, but have different views? Now, that being said, are all Arabs bad? NO, I know a family of Indonesian’s who study the Arab culture, and it happens to be one of the most fascinating ones I have come to know. So why do we collectively as a society hate them? Or look in fear at them? Because they bombed us right? Well aren’t we taking over their country? *Shake head up and down* And yet they are terrified when we walk by them, why should we be terrified to get into a plane, or hop on a boat, or do anything we normally would do before the attack?

    I am tired of people hating, it has no point, we are all better than that, and if we all chose to be the bigger person then we wouldn’t have to worry about dumb-ass’s doing stupid shit.

    To all racists: FUCK YOU, and the fucking Racist ass horse you rode in on. To everyone else. Stop being fucking pussies, if you see something happening that appears to be a hate crime, either step up to help stop it, or go shoot yourself in the head, because you are just as bad to let a hate crime happen.

    PS I haven’t had my morning cup of coffee…lol

  9. i think this is all a load of crap…

    i wish those two guys would jump off a building together…the world would be a better place…

  10. I was kicked out of sunrise in 7th grade because of a “hate crime”, in all reality it was because I beat up an asshole; but he happened to be black. He was even my friend up until two weeks prior to our fight.
    Fuck segregating crime to race, fuck Al Sharpton, and Fuck Jesse Jackson

  11. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this one Steve. slavery ended over 100 years ago and we’re still hearing about it. We didn’t do it and all the people that did are dead. the Revs can’t get all up on their soap box because with them everything is one sided. when a bunch of black kids beat up a white kid, of course they’re gonna hide cuz they can’t answer the “why?” for that one. i have a black friend who says she is only the 3rd generation in her family that is “free”. WTF? why do you even fucking care what generation or speak about, it’s 2007. God, wake the fuck up people, please. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET THE FUCK ALONG??
    fuck it, i’m taking my ball and going home.

  12. I think that if one can’t recall key facts (name, date of birth & death, etc.) about their enslaved ancestors, then they’re not free. They’re normal, just like everyone else. If black people who still whine about slavery don’t know anything about their enslaved seniorities, they have no right to sympathy. I guess some people can’t stand being treated the same way as everyone else (receiving racism from southern bastards aside).

    Feminists have the exact same problem. They bellyache about being oppressed and treated like crap and not being able to vote, but in reality, none of that happened to them. It’s just a premise for being fat and a lesbian.

  13. LOL to that feminism comment 🙂 , what a good analogy though….I CAN’T STAND hearing whiny-ass shit from chicks who choose to spend all day hatin’ on dudes to feel better about themselves; I mean granted, I respect and honor the stuff that had to happen, to give me the freedom I enjoy as a wicked-ass chick in 2007 ( 😉 ) , but seriously, if you think you can only be awesome by believing that men suck, and by blaming all of life’s problems on them, then you might as well spend your whole life trying to walk on quicksand, BITCHES!! (LOL 😉 )

  14. Melsa – Better watch your back!

    Nat – Haha…Yeah it would have been like two sentences…

    Big Guy – Jesus man…Do you have anything else to say?…

    Amanda – I would pay to see that…

    Jeff – Really?…That’s fucked up…I got jumped by some black kids in high school and they didn’t get charged with a hate crime…They actually said I called them “the N word” which I never did…

    Joebec – Thanks for having my back….And don’t leave with your ball!

    DT – I couldn’t agree more….I hate Feminists…

    Romi – Women are not as good as men, it’s a proven fact…lol..Plus they can’t drive…

  15. A: I am honest, so I will admit to being a pretty bad parker, okay?…That said, I can weave in and out of lanes like nobody’s effin’ business; damn straight, ain’t be no bitches tryin’ to pass ME on the freeway 😉

    B: I feel quite comfortable in my own personal merits, which make me a good human, irregardless of comparisons against either gender. That is all. Good day your majesty 😉

  16. Hahaha…

    Serving in and out of traffic doesn’t make you a good driver…


  17. oh really? what about those frickin’ formula 1 and Indy car racers or whatever the hell they’re called? I’m pretty sure there’s no “parking element” to their skills, and I’m pretty sure they’re revered as skiled drivers when they do all that wicked-ass weavin’ in and out (okay, maybe they hug some tight corners here and there, but for the most part, “weavin’s” the name of the game)…and BY THE WAY, I don’t watch car racing so I’m totally talking out of my arse at the moment (LOL)

    So to re-iterate: ME + weaving skills – bad parking = still a pretty good driver 😉

  18. Hahaha…You have lost your mind…

    you are decent at best… 🙂

  19. That makes me very nervous. I hope they come back!

  20. I’m with Romi on this one (hey BFF) I too can weave and swerve with the best of them. I’m also a huge believer in draft/slingshot move. I swear, I should fucking drive for NASCAR. I’m THAT good! 😉

  21. “but seriously, if you think you can only be awesome by believing that men suck”-Romi41

    In all honestly some women do feel pretty awesome only after I am done sucking..and licking…So…lol, jk

  22. HA! Well played, well played 😉

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