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The only good duck…And week 3 picks.

As I was reading the news tonight to get caught up on what’s happening in the world I came across this story on my local paper’s website ( story ). Apparently this guy (drunk) cornered a duck, grabbed it, and ripped it’s head off with his Conan the Barbarian like strength.

To me this isn’t a big deal. Maybe I’m just a sick person or something, but I don’t really see why this is news worthy or something someone should be arrested for. Do we arrest hunters for shooting ducks? Or how about farmers that kill ducks?

If anyone is pissed about this story they should be pissed because those ducks are “for decoration.” Their wings are clipped and they are stuck at this hotel. If anyone should have animal cruelty charges it should be this hotel.

And now on to this weeks football picks. Last week I completely dominated Norm and am now winning by one game on the season. As usual the home team is in CAPS and my pick is in bold.


San Diego at GREEN BAY

Minnesota at KANSAS CITY

Detroit at PHILLY

Buffalo at NEW ENGLAND

Miami at NEW YORK (Jets)

San Fran at PITT

Arizona at BALTIMORE

St Louis at TAMPA BAY

Jacksonville at DENVER

Cincinnati at SEATTLE

Cleavland at OAKLAND

Carolina at ATLANTA

New York (Giants) at WASHINGTON

Dallas at CHICAGO


Last week-

  • Me – (12 – 4)
  • Norm – (9 – 7)


  • Me – (23 – 9)
  • Norm – (22 – 10)

9 Responses

  1. ducks for decoration? id get the host and the drunk dude to animal cruelty.

    your football picks bore me…

  2. Dude whats with the football? More duck head ripping please..

  3. I’m at least glad you incorporated something other then football-garbage into this post…usually I just have a quick read, sigh (because it’s all football), and then leave. But I love what you did today; if you can always incorporate one crazy-story into each football-week post, I will love you forever (and I know that’s important to you 😉 ).

  4. Football sucks! Duck head ripping is better.

  5. I once bit the head off of a live ferret. It’s legs were in traction because of an accident, and I lost control and went in for the kill. This was back when I was about 16, so I spent some time in juvie, but now I’m known in certain parts of Cali as the “ferret-destroyer,” and not a lot of people mess with me.

  6. Amanda – You bore me!!…

    Paul – I like football…That’s what’s up with that…

    Romi – It’s not football garbage…It’s football awesome!…And that is VERY important to me… 😉

    Jimmy – They are both pretty much on the same level of awesomeness…

    Abarclay – Oh damn…That’s what I call street cred!!…

  7. Hey man,

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting. The site has a new URL. If you could make the changes in your blog roll it’d be appreciated.

    In the meantime, my fantasy team sucks!

  8. You have a new url for your site?…I will update that shit now..

    My team sucks giant balls!!…I’m losing right now 93 – 20…I have 2 guys left to play…And there is NO WAY I can catch up…

  9. Like your site . I am a new blogger, check out my site .

    http://www.educatedbet.com/blog/ Would love your insight.


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