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Fatter than fat?…

As I sit here, bored out of my skull I stumbled over this story. After reading it I don’t know if I should feel bad for this guy or be disgusted.

After think about this for 15 seconds or so I have decided that I am disgusted by this. How do you let yourself get to 900 pounds? Sure the guy has a “sickness” where he never feels full, but does he have short term memory loss to? How do you not realize that you’re full after eating 3 whole turkeys?

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This is the picture from the story. Why do they put a tarp over him? To protect him from people looking at him? I say wheel his ass out there and let people see what will happen to you if you don’t leave your house for 4 years and constanly eat.

God I am so pissed at this story. I almost think that people like this shouldn’t be saved. I know it sounds bad but, why do you let yourself get like this? Because you don’t care enough about yourself to help yourself. Well if you don’t care about yourself why should other people?

Just my opinion….


52 Responses

  1. Is that Bennett

  2. Hahaha…It just might be…

  3. That’s not even funny. I just feel kind of bad. Well, I don’t really feel all that bad. Not for people who have it in their power to exercise and not eat entire menus at a time. Eh, what can you do?

    This was a terrible comment by me.

  4. maybe if he was skinnier he would of cared about himself?

    yeah i got nothing…im still staring at the picture…

  5. I’m not going to apologize in the slightest for coming off as an asshole on this one. Fuck you, you selfish fucking fat cow. Stop eating more food than you need, and stop taking up more goddamned space and air than you deserve. Seriously. “Oh, but I’m addicted to food, it’s a condition.” I hate this more than anything in the world. You don’t get withdrawal symptoms if you drop your burrito, jerkface. The only condition you have is that you suck. Quit your whining and drag your fat ass around the block.

  6. greenmetropolis never apologize for anything you say or do, it is saying you didn’t mean to say what you are about to say. That being said….LMAO @ your comment. I laugh at all of these Diseases that are here now-a-days. Did you all know that “NOT” knowing math is now a disease and can be treated by pills? Yes this is true. This is all in peoples minds, he is fat because he is lazy, the same goddamn reason I am BIGGUY mother fucking DT. if he would get his ponch up off the fucking bed once in a while, and walk down some stairs, or even just sit up in bed, he might be able to lose some weight.

    How do you get laid being that big anyways? this is just craziness. I LOL’d at the comment they took him to the hospital on a flatbed truck. Did they keep the trap on him, got to control that wind factor, cant let fresh air raid his crusty death filled room smell cologne he has on.

  7. In fairness, Prader-Willi syndrome is quite rare so this is one of those exceptional cases. This person realises they’ve eaten but just can’t stop.

    Because his condition no doubt makes him depressed and immobile, the buck falls with close ones who should control his diet aggressively.

    It doesn’t help that obesity itself is such a large problem in the US, due to food portions that make me full at just observing them!

  8. I just can’t get over the fact that he was all wrapped up in a tarp…I thought it was a body bag before I read on to find out he’s alive! The next time I have a “these pants make me look fat day”, I’m just gonna cover myself in tarp and tell people to eff off. Yeah.

  9. mo79uk – I’m totally with King Steve on this one. This guy may actually have a disease, but not knowing you’re full has nothing to do with deciding to eat cheeseburgers over some rice cakes, not looking down and going ‘oh shit, i better do something about the fact that i haven’t seen my nuts in several years’, or getting on some fucking antidepressants or something. I’m also assuming this guy was over the age of 18, which means that it shouldn’t fall on mummy and daddy or anyone else to take care of him. PUT THE TURKEY DOWN, MOTHERFUCKER!!!
    bigguyDT – You rock. Your ‘never apologize’ comment totally made my morning.
    Romi – You totally rock also, but you know that 😀

  10. another Michigan story.. i’m prouder and prouder to be from here all the fucking time. the guys only 33?? Jesus! that means he hasn’t left his house since he was in his 20s. that’s fucked up man, i got one word for this guy. Celery. You can eat and eat and eat and it burns fucking calories.

  11. Is the guy dead? Is that why they put the tarp over him??

  12. Wow, this might be a bit ignorant.. but I had no idea that people could still be alive at that weight. the part of the story that really got me is this “after a visiting nurse became worried about his health”.. what? Is this the first time she’s visited? Does she see so many in-home obese people that it wasn’t till he became this big that she became worried? Or was she worried for a different reason entirely (trouble breathing, sores etc)?

    You know, mo79uk makes a pretty good point and that’s about controlling the diet. It must be absolute hell to live with but (and I’m assuming) this guy can’t move about at all – hasn’t been able to move about for ages, so is his brother still supplying him with crap?

  13. You all make good points….

    I really thought I was going to get reamed for posting this but apparently I’m not the only one who is sick of seeing this kind of crap….

  14. I always wondered who brought these people food and who pays for it all?
    Don’t tell me “disability” GASTRIC BY-PASS surgery has to be cheaper than feeding these fuckers for a month!

    ….I know… I am mean.

  15. Well they can order food from the internet now…So he could have been ordering tons of junk food and shit…

  16. But where does the money come from to feed his fat ass?

  17. Welfare?….Or social secruity?…Or maybe he is rich?…Fake credit cards?…

  18. Don’t you think that it would be cheaper to finance his gastric by-pass surgery then to feed him and pay his medical bills for his heart attacks and anxiety attacks?
    When i worked in the ER we had a few of these come in and the medics have to empty out the squads and take a ladder truck to the calls to help transport these people…. the smell of the cottage cheese that builds up under their rolls is enough to kill a horse!

  19. That’s nasty…Keep that to yourself…

    You would think it would be cheaper…But some people just don’t use logic…They are what I like to call, retards…

  20. It’s nasty but the thing is …. nobody wants to look and that is how these people get this big
    I think that if you put a mirror on the ceiling above where these people lived and made them stare at themselves 24/7 … they would start to feel full a whole lot sooner.

  21. Are you sure about that though?….Some people don’t think they have a problem…

  22. yeah….. overweight people hate mirrors
    It’s kind of an “in your face” approach. try eating every meal in front of mirror. It makes you aware of how much you are eating and how often. Then when these people lay there in their beds they look up and see what they have become.

  23. Hmmm…Well that’s one idea…

    But your mind does have ways of tricking you…If you see yourself every day you don’t look like you’ve changed. But if you only see yourself once every couple of months you would think you changed a lot…

  24. when is the last time you think these people seen their feet?

  25. I bet you that 99% of these people have no mirrors in there homes.

  26. Haha…Probably after they stop seeing their penis…

  27. do you realize that these people get paid health care workers to come in their homes and cut their toenails?
    People get paid $25 an hour on average to do this.
    This is what your tax dollars go for. to feed Bubba and cut his toenails.

  28. How much sympathy would you have for them if the ladder truck was tied up hauling fatty to the hospital because he had a turkey bone stuck in his throat while your mom’s house was on fire?

  29. last year there was an article about the airlines are charging double if you are over 400lbs. The fatties were having a fit!

  30. Oh…you need to comment in my blog that I untied you and that you are worn out but ok…. I kinda started a little rumor on your radio show that you slept through

  31. I am done with my fattie rant

  32. Hahaha….Feel better now?…

    We can let people think I’m still tied up…

  33. It was funny on the show I was telling you to be quiet and that I had to take you some more water and spanish fly

  34. Haha…I still need to listen to this…

  35. We discussed your sexiness and how women were all jealous when I did that sex blog about you. You missed a great time.

  36. Rob called in and whined about you standing him up…. that is when I called in and explained that you had to work and Rob was suppose to be there the day before …that you took off.
    See I stuck up for you.

  37. That’s funny…I’m definitely going to have to listen now…

    I had a whole bunch to say too…I’m pissed that my alarm didn’t go off…

  38. Yeah that was fucked up….Dude tells me to take one day off then calls that morning after I already got home from work and says that he’s coming the next day….I was like WTF!?

  39. Well, tell Sarah to have “open forum” next week and you each have a couple of topics to discuss. You know I will call in!

  40. Well, when you hear the archives …you will hear me plead your case.

  41. Well I came up with the topic for the last show…I don’t know if she used it or not…

  42. Ok… I need to get some sleep…. my radiator blew in my SUV today… that means I have 2 vehicles and both of them are in the shop!
    On Friday I am picking up a 3rd. This is crazy!

  43. About guys and girls being friends?

  44. Oh man that sucks…

    Yeah, I say it’s not possible for them to “just be friends.”

  45. We are friends…. you thing that if we were in the same city we would try to bang each other?

  46. That’s exactly what I’m saying….It’s just not possible…ANY guy who says he is “just friends” with a girl is LYING…

  47. Yeah… but if we had sex…would that end our friendship?

  48. That is what I am saying…. sometimes it ruins a friendship if it isn’t discussed up front. but some it makes better. I think with us… it would make it better… I can teach you things LOL

    Ok.. I am going to bed to finish my dream sex blog!!

  49. Haha…Damn right…

    Alright, well have fun…

  50. Hey is this a private chat or can anyone join?

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