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Naked Vegetarians?

According to this story I just read, Alicia Silverstone is going to appear nude in a commercial. But here’s the catch, you don’t get to see anything good. She “obscures the view of her body with her arms….” Sounds like a rip off to me.

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Two questions I have about this.

1. Is Alicia Silverstone as hot as she used to be? I haven’t heard from her since she was in Batman. What has she been doing with herself? I picture her just sitting back on her couch shoving deep fried pieces of broccoli in her mouth while chugging juice made from the tears of slaughtered animals.

2. Does PETA really think that having a chick on TV talk about eating vegetables while semi nude will make people stop eating meat? Get a clue PETA, people love meat. Pam Anderson has been doing that shit for years and America has been getting fatter and fatter. You really think this is the right way to get your message across? You could try making commercials like “the Truth” people do, oh wait those haven’t worked either. Well PETA I guess you guys are stuck between a rock and a lettuce leaf.

I love meat and some 30 year old has been actress isn’t going to change that. She could be blowing me and I’d still want to eat a steak afterwards. There is no amount of pussy that would make me stop eating meat. You can’t change the fact that people like what they like. If you want to eat vegetables then go right ahead but don’t put on some stupid ass commercial telling people how great it is.


28 Responses

  1. I bet if you slept with me I could get you to stop but I would probably want a steak after we were done…so never mind!

  2. Yeah…There is no stopping this carnivor!!

  3. I’m a carnivwhore – steak with everything. I wanna see Alicia’s bits. Juice from the tears of slaughtered beasts sounds salty, like soya sauce, which IS vegetarian juice.

  4. Hahaha…I want to see her “bits” too but you won’t be able to since it’s on TV. Put this commercial on HBO or some shit so she can walk around naked in all of her glory.

  5. I love meat as the next heterosexual guy, but my carnal instincts appreciate a nice rare rib eye steak. Don’t get me started on PETA, the only thing that they are doing is giving me an erection to skewer my steak with… That is all

  6. can i eat your meat? haha…i had too!

  7. If your are talking to me… then yes

  8. The only thing that showing women half naked in commercials does, is turn minor children on, that has never been able to see what a half naked, or totally naked woman really looks like. I wouldn’t want to see her naked, or half naked, for the simple fact I don’t find her appealing. That is my own opinion tho. HOWEVER…

    There is a stipulation to the rule, There is one female on TV that looks absolutely stunning, and if she was going down on me, I “Might” think for one, maybe two seconds about stopping the indulgence of steak.

    Meet Kim Lyons, she is the “losing” Team leader of the Red team on Biggest Loser. Yes the show sucks, for many more reasons than watching “My-People” sweat it out for the pay-off in the end, (Smaller waist size) but she makes up for all of that.

    Better pic would be this one…

  9. well, i for one love red meat~love meat in general~
    I don’t get ppl who don’t. Hell they have been eating meat since the beginning of time. new saying~what doesn’t kill you-only makes you want to eat something that does. Screw it! its like sickness.. your going to die from something. Might as well, enjoy life..Eat, DRink and Be merry! right, steve? lol~

  10. Same here, like you said “There is no amount of pussy that would make me stop eating meat.”

  11. Chugging juice from the tears of slaughtered animals – that is HI-LARIOUS. Seriously though, who wants to check out naked vegans?? I’m not ok with that.

  12. I don’t think PETA has ever wanted people to be vegetarians. The only reason they do it is to make people feel guilty, and to give themselves sick pleasure.

  13. Dude if she is blowing you is she technically still a vegan?

  14. I think doing naked ads for PETA is close to the official end of your career. next she’ll be doing infomercials for food dehydrators.

  15. Jeff – Hahah…I don’t even know where to start with that…

    Big Guy – I saw that show…I would bang her and the chick that leads the black team.

    CG – Nothing better than steak and beer…NOTHING…

    Jimmy – You know it brotha!…

    Abarclay – Heh…Glad you enjoyed that…And yeah, doesn’t their skin turn green or something?

    DT – I NEVER feel guilty!…

    Paul B – Um…Is seamen in the meat food group?

    Rexmoond – Hahaha…She will only be doing those if it’s a vegetable dehydrator…

  16. Well – hot naked chicks make any point more worth paying attention to than:

    a) ugly naked chicks
    b) ugly chicks with clothes on
    c) hot chicks with clothes on
    d) naked dudes (be they ugly or not)

  17. Dude, I’m vegetarian, and here is my reply. Why fucking Alicia Silverstone? Who the hell cares? Second, I made the choice to be vegetarian on my own. It didn’t take a half-ass celebrity to make up my mind for me. Third, I have absolutely zero problem eating my tofu while watching someone chow down on a dead cow. That’s your call, not mine. There is no way that whining at you and guilt tripping you is going to accomplish anything besides making vegetarians look like whiny guilt tripping tofu-nazis. If you go around hitting cats with sticks and whatnot, I might kick up a fuss, but other than that…I like tofu, you like cow. Cool.

  18. Why does everyone on this thread have SO LITTLE faith for making people do stuff by walking around “sorta-naked?”…

    …Back in 2003, I was a young-pup looking for a cause, and I came across this pamphlet, for how you should take all your “organic” trash (i.e. orange rinds, banana peels, potato skins and shit), and dispose of it seperately. Then you could turn it into dirt someday, and then you could grow some organic food, and then you could make the world go ’round (I think it’s called “composting”??)

    -So I started preachin’ about it to the neighborhood, but no one listened. SOOO…I started preaching about it while “sorta-naked”(with some fruit peels covering up my nasty bits).

    -One year later, every house in my region had a compost box in their house, mandated by law.

    -So does preaching about stuff when you’re “sorta naked” work?

    You do the fucking math.

  19. I love steak. NOM NOM NOM! I have a vegetarian in my school and she is a loser. The way she “educates” me about animals getting slaughtered etc just makes me want to kill myself; not because animals are dying but because of her voice.

    As for the sex, that is unfortunate that sex sells everything. We are saturated in it. For example, an add selling Tim Tams has this woman naked but she is covered by some graphic art of swirling chocolate or some shit. And Tim Tams are just blocks of chocolate. Sad, isn’t it? Kids, this is why we never listen to mainstream music. Plus be good.

    As for your name, I like. Steve King. Subtle in the royalty department yet it packs a punch. Noice.

  20. See?!?! Preachy vegetarians just fucking ruin it for the rest of us. Stupid Alicia Silverstone. I’d say something about ‘maybe if she did something naughty with that carrot, more people would be inspired…but just for that one carrot.’ Except it wouldn’t because it’s fucking Alicia Silverstone and nobody cares.

  21. i’m a total carnivore. i have seen the pic though and you CAN’T see anything. Nothing at all. she still looks hot enough though. you can see it on my friend Fraccie’s blog. http://www.fracas.wordpress.com. she posted it like yesterday.

  22. The naked women advertisements are dangerous for children as it can create negative impact in their minds..

  23. eyecandy – you are so fucking wrong. The naked women advertisements are wonderful as they provide masterbatory fodder for kids who can’t get their hands on fucking porn.

  24. Well the idea of seeing alicia silverstone naked wouldn’t only stop me from eating meat, it would probably stop me from eating altogether for at least a few hours.

  25. Hands busy?….Or just lose your appetite?..

  26. go with the second option lol

  27. Good call….

    As long as it comes back you’ll be fine….

    Maybe they could use washed up celeb’s naked bodies as a new diet….

  28. hi
    good luck

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