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Cheat all you want, it doesn’t bother me.

As most of you probably know already the New England Patriots were caught “cheating” by video taping the New York Jets side lines to get their signs.

This is probably the biggest non story that I’ve ever heard of. Who cares about this? Other than the millions of people who hate the Patriots for no reason.

Is this really a bigger problem than people taking steroids and HGH? Or corking your bat in baseball?

People love to cheat. Can you honestly say you haven’t put a cheat code in when playing video games?

And on to the steroids thing. LaDainion Tomlinson or LT(2) said the Patriots motto is “if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.” Well LT(2) what about Shawn Merriman testing positive for steroids last year? A guy on YOUR team cheating? Not possible right?….

I think I’m a minority in this but I think that ALL players should take steroids and HGH. Let these monsters beat the shit out of each other. It’s not like these guys are saving the planet, they are playing a fucking game and sometimes I think people forget that.

What is your opinion on this?


25 Responses

  1. Yeah.. if both teams are cheating their little hearts out, cool. But if my team is getting kicked because the other team is paying off an umpire or something then I’d be pretty pissed too.

    Then again if I did find out later, I’d be able to give my team an excuse for losing – ’cause they don’t have one now.. grrr.

  2. Everyone cheats…It’s just some people cheat more than others…

  3. When I was on the track team way back in the day, anything considered an energy drink was considered “Cheating” so what we did was take this concoction dad made, which tasted close to surge, and poured it into a Gatorade bottle, and I would drink the whole thing before I had to run.

    Granted it didn’t make me faster, it just made me not tire as easy. Which helped becuase I took home a few 1st place awards.

  4. I’m with you King Steve. I want my ballers to be amped up. That way there’s just more action to go around for the fans. I could care less about Bill B. cheating. Suck it up other teams – get some high tech spy equipment of your own and have a go at some secret scouting. It adds drama and flair to the games.

  5. If steroids were legal, it just wouldn’t be sports anymore. Football games would be rip-your-face-off-awesome kill-a-thons. There wouldn’t be an unsoiled pair of pants in the nation.

  6. i agree with you. these people aren’t saving the world..
    an old friend of mine once professed “the only two HONEST sports are horse racing and big time wrestling.” he was a smart guy.

  7. They always cheat.

    They never asked your permission to:

    abuse steroids
    abuse amphetamines
    use corked bats
    steal play calls
    clip tackles
    fix game outcomes
    drunk drive
    kill dogs
    Lie for Nike
    Lie for ESPN-Disney

  8. I read the posts on here, and to be honest with you. I think you people are pathetic. Your a part of our culture that has no tact or class. Cheating is just that, cheating. I dont see a long list of teams like the Rams, Jets…Etc, etc… being labeled with the same accusation. Probably because they arent doing it. Its against the rules. Thats the whole point. Why not just everybody take guns and pack em, and shoot the other teams linebacker, I mean, what the heck, after all ” who cares, its just a game, theyre not saving the world. Well, do you like it when people lie to you? I mean is that within the rules also? Just because it’s happening lets let it slide right? How rediculous can you get……

  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa – I just read this comment from this sack sucker Steve. Do you think this abominable blowman is fucking serious? Cheating makes the world go round and more power to you if you can make it go fucking faster.

  10. The Rams and Jets are HUGE dopers, liars and cheats. So is ESPN-Disney and Nike.

    Typical doping apologist and hypocrite.

    Pick your favorit cheat–then defend them.

    How very Nike Mike Vick of you Steve.

  11. my problem with “cheating” and steroids is that it takes the game to a place that we can’t afford. i mean, we can’t afford tickets.
    living in SF we had to endure the barry bonds homerun chase. keep in mind the giants were in last place, yet the ticket prices soured to $100 for bleacher seats.
    that’s fucked up. the more juiced these guys are, the more records that will fall, and most importantly, the more expensive tickets will get. fuck that.
    if this keeps up, then you’ll have to watch the yankees – red sox on pay per view.
    on the other side, i film the couple across the street doing it, so i can get better. so, i see bilichick’s point of view, too.

  12. http://pressposts.com/Blogging/Cheat-all-you-want-it-doesnt-bother-me-/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “Cheat all you want, it doesn?t bother me.”

  13. Corked bats add spice too.

    In any case–all of today’s TV Gladiators are doped.

    ESPN-Disney insists on it.

  14. Now that is why I think ALL sports are fucking stupid, except for the sports where hot chicks wrestle each other while naked.

  15. Big Guy – You were in track?…I just don’t see you running..Haha..

    Abarclay – Glad you’re on my side!…There are way to many “purists” out there who want sports “drug free.”…Pussies…

    DT – I don’t see the problem…

    Joebec – There are no honest sports…They are all cheats..And it doesn’t bother me one bit…

    Frankie – They don’t have to ask my permission to do anything…But I have no problem with them taking steroids or stealing signs from the other team…

    Steve – Shooting the linebackers? I think you’ve stepped over the line on that one pal…Steroids and Stealing signs is completely different than killing people on the field…And how do you know that Rams and the Jets don’t cheat?…

    N. A. Hole – Hahaha…I couldn’t agree more dude..

    Frankie (Again) – Haha…I’m going to use that one…”How Mike Vick of you…”

    Toph – That’s why you just watch that shit on TV…It’s a lot cheaper…Plus you can see replays and get the play by play…

    Jimmy – You’re out of your element Jimmy!!…Sports are the best!..

  16. Saying that you want all the cheating out of sports is like saying that you want the world to go back to the Ancient Greek games-type-deal, where the dudes would run the 100M dash all bare-foot and shit…ain’t gonna happen, so “dream-fucking-on”…what I don’t know won’t hurt me, and what I do know won’t hurt me either, I just wanna watch some hockey and be entertained, LOL 🙂

  17. Shoot the linebackers ’cause it’s just a game? Okay, I won’t be playing Monopoly with that guy..

    It’d be great if there was a level playing field but man, have you read the sports pages (or the front pages) lately? Besides I think (King) Steve was actually talking about a super league of scary strong warrior freaks (or at least I hope he was!), not being all for one team having an unfair advantage.. or cheating in a sports game being front page news.

  18. What’s with the comment from the “Steve dude”… he seriously needs to be taken out back pumped full of steriods and be left to play with the Ebola monkey.

    Whats wrong the dude… we are BORN to cheat.. just ask any guy or Britney Spears. Its that simple. And anyway.. “Heartlesslover” got it damn right.. why the heck is chick mud wrestling NOT an Olympic Sport?

  19. How come there ain’t no male equivalent of “chick mud wrestling?” and by that I don’t mean I want to see dudes mud-wrestling, ’cause that’s pretty gross; but I mean, how come there ain’t some super awesome dude-sport that us gals could go wild over? Men’s beach volleyball? No. Men’s Tennis? No. Strongest Man Competition? NO!. Ummm…a couple of men in tuxedos challenging each other to a duel? And then battling it out with “Lord of the Rings” type swords? Umm….getting warmer 🙂 (or maybe I’m alone in that…hehe 😉 ) (PS: King Steve, don’t tell me I’m weird, that would be way too obvious 😉 )

  20. Romi – have you never heard of “cock fighting?” Enough said.

  21. Romi you are wrong on the Beach Volleyball. I believe from the next Olympics or from 2012 in London it is recognised as an official sport. We are one step away with mud wrestling.. hot mud wrestling..

  22. A-Hole: Haha, yeah, I’ve heard of cock-fighting, but doesn’t it seem a little fast, furious and obvious? I’m all about the mystery, the build-up, and the drama, hence tuxedo-wearing duellers baby! 😉

    Paul: wtf? I never said Beach Volleyball doesn’t qualify as an official sport, I simply stated that it doesn’t “flood the basement”, JEEZ…(LOL, that one’s inspired by an earlier comment you made elswhere, so I give you credit 😉 )

  23. What else is there to say that all of you guys haven’t said already…

  24. I hate cheetahs. They are a poor imitation of leopards.

  25. They are faster though….Doesn’t that count for something?

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