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Greatest Book Ever?…The World May Never Know…

I just read the funniest “book” I’ve ever seen. I saw it here. It’s the Ghetto Handbook and was made by a police officer. It describes what things mean in Ebonics.

Some people (pussies) might call this racist, but I would say THOSE people are racists. Have you ever seen a white kid talking all “jive” and what not? I know you have, and it’s not pretty.

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There is pretty much no reason to hate this book except for the fact that the pictures are all faded, and the typo on the third page. If they got those two things fixed I’m sure school and public libraries would carry this book. It might even become a NY Times Best Seller. It has to be better then some of the crap they have on there right now. I mean would you rather read the Ghetto Handbook or You Can Run But You Can’t Hide by Dog Chapman. Yes, this book is real and is actually on the list. Maybe Oprah could put the Ghetto Handbook in her book club. Then she could bring the cop on who made it and verbaly assault him for an entire show like she did to that one dude who wrote the fake druggie book.

(Obviously this is a joke, and if you don’t get it then you are just as dumb as the guy who made this stupid book. Idiot.)


9 Responses

  1. I’m sad…no link for the “fake druggie book”?

    gonna go cry now.


  2. I forgot the name of it…I never read it…

  3. Ok i just took two minutes to read it. and all i can say is where the fuck did he get some of these words??? i’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being around the degenerate misfits that dont seem to know the color or their skin and apparently dont have the education needed to use and understand the english language and i have to say ive never heard half the shit in there…

    then again i am in the south…im probably more likely to need a redneck dictionary.

  4. Maybe you could make the Redneck Handbook….Jeff Foxworthy might sue you though…

  5. I’m totally getting Dog’s handbook. I’m thinking of quitting this whole writing gig and becoming a bounty hunter. I think I’d kick serious ass.

  6. Well, the book would come in handy for the over privileged 9-year-old who decides to become a gangsta. It’s not all just jokes.

  7. Abarclay – Why quit writing? Just put all of your adventures in a book and scam the American public like Dog…

    DT – I hate those kids…

  8. holy crap, aksed (axed)…hahaha, that was the best 🙂

  9. Yeah I liked that one too….Let me AXE you a question…Haha..

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