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Worst band ever?

While I’m sitting here at work listening to the radio the station I normally listen to mysteriously went to static. (Conspiracy?) So I changed it to some lesbian station that plays a bunch of Jewel and all kinds of other lezi songs. Well one band that I’ve heard about 15 times in the 2 hours I’ve been sitting here is Nickelback. I’m not sure if it was the same song or not. I just can’t tell with Nickelback. EVERY song they sing is the EXACT same.

When I was younger I drank the Nickelback kool-aid but now that I am older (sort of) and wiser (well sort of) I know that Nickelback is probably the worst band in the history of bands.

If I wasn’t tired as hell I’d come up with examples. I encourage you to come up with ONE band that sucks as hard as Nickelback. I bet you can’t.

Korn doesn’t count because they suck just as bad but I mentioned them in a previous blog.

** UPDATE **  Two seconds after I posted this blog a fucking Nickelback song came on…I think it’s about time for suicide.


25 Responses

  1. I have one: 3 doors down is about as bad as nickelback

  2. Has anyone noticed that pamela andersons boobs range in different sizes in each of her photo shoots? sometimes they look like a C cup and then sometimes their a Triple DDD. I wonder if she has some sort of insert that she can pump em up or deflate em when she wants….

  3. You are sick in your brain…I’m positive you have a crush on her…

  4. im going to invent that inflatable boobie insert and make billions….Now I need a man that I can keep in a cage and do experiments on till I get it right…

  5. And I say 3 Doors Down isn’t as bad as Nickelback because they don’t come out with a new cd every 3 months like Nickelback does…

  6. Don’t include me on your crazy experiments…

  7. If I HAD to do her I would for sure wear a condom and i am a female…ha ha ha ha ha

  8. Hey, I heard u went out on launch fishing on mille lacs, Lets hear about it.

  9. Mille lacs you say?

  10. Nickelback suck big time. Are they the christian band with the lead singer who likes his prayer pole being cleaned by his groupies? If not, whoever that band is sux too.

  11. I think the guy you’re talking about is the old lead singer of Creed that Scott dude…He’s a major bitch and got punked by 311…

  12. I don’t listen to them.

  13. A friend of mine asked me to sing “I want to be a Rockstar” for her, so I learned it and made a video. It’s the only video response to the actual Nickelback music video. Frankly, I’m neutral about em, but wow… an I ever getting a shitload of hate from the Nickelback fans.

    Of course, I really do sing horribly so its to be expected.

  14. Jimmy – Good..Don’t start…

    Joko – That is the FUNNIEST shit I’ve seen in a long time!…The comments you get are hilarious…

  15. I can’t think of shittier band than Nickelback, as I’m too busy lost in the embarrassment of knowing they’re Canadian…and why does he look like jesus?…and why is he getting arrested at strip clubs once a week?

  16. Yeah I was going to make a Canadian joke but thought that would be too easy…Heh…

  17. …do you not remember the horror that was MMMbop?

    Hansen will forever hold the worst music group (if you can call what they did music) title for me.

  18. then again….i LIKE nickelback so 😛

  19. They only had ONE song that was on the radio…Nickelback has like 100 songs in rotation…

  20. …believe it or not they’ve had more than one…just depends on what kind of stations you listen to.

  21. Well once they get to 6 at a time they aren’t even CLOSE to Nickelback….

    And I normally don’t listen to stations with Nickelback on it because I hate that “pop” kind of rock…But my radio at work got all weird and wouldn’t work on the classic rock station I normally listen to..

  22. I listen to nickel ack and actually quite enjoy listening to them because it is a classic rock station..

  23. Classic rock?…Nickelback is NOT classic rock…

  24. I second that 3 Doors Down rots to high heaven.
    Man, that band is the pits!

  25. Haha…They are pretty bad…

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