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Sure, make them pussies…

I read this story tonight and a tear came to my eye.

If you’re too lazy to click the link I will sum this story up in one sentence….

Kids are pussies, so no more tag.

Yes, you read that right. No more tag. You know, that game where you run around and tag other people to make them “it.”

How could you get rid of the game tag? The only thing I can think of is….


God damn hippies making our kids (well not mine since I don’t have any) into a bunch of sissified losers. Drop some acid, go back to burning man, and buy some condoms so you don’t have anymore hippie kids.

How could you not like tag? I’m sure these hippies would like to stop kids from having fun and make them play Frisbee golf or some shit like that. Well I say fuck that! Leave the damn kids alone and if they are to fat to play tag or are to stoned from your damn weed smoke then they shouldn’t be playing tag in the first place!


13 Responses

  1. God Damn Hippies. This is what is wrong with the world.

    When we played tag back in the day, like 3 days ago, we would run around and sock the shit out of each other until someone cried. Then they got beat for crying. Fun game, I will one day teach my child the fun of “TAG” and if anyone says it is too ruff of a game to play, I will beat them for crying.


  2. I read this too, and it’s definitely making my team of the week. What is wrong with kids today?? This is messed up.

  3. i think these fucking hippies should be nominated for asshole of the week. fuckin sissies.

  4. Romi’s right, how will our kids get tough if they don’t get beaten once in a while jeez…

  5. Thanks joe; that’s right, any child who is not beaten through-and-through, will not turn into a good adult. It’s called “perspective”, and tag is a big promoter of that, ’cause there’s always a good amount of physical abuse when you get “tagged” (we played the kind of tag were the “tag” only counted if you grabbed a guy’s balls, or punched a girl in the vagina…)

  6. there’s plenty of fucking chicks out there that I’d love to fucking tag. None of them are running around school yards though so I guess I’m cool with the ban. We got to keep them sex offenders on a short fucking leash.

  7. holy shit Romi, i almost spit pop at my screen! Way to Go!

  8. Fuckin’ Hippies!

  9. I know Joe, there was a bit of shock value to my comment, but I grew up in the merciless “middle-class suburbs”, and that’s just how it went…

  10. Big Guy – Hippies are the worst..Trying to ruin America…

    Abarclay – It’s not the kids…It’s the parents that are scared their kids will get hurt or some stupid shit like that…

    Joebec – They are probably asshole’s of the MONTH!

    Romi – I think you played the same game of tag I played!…Nothing says “you’re it” like a punch to the vag..

    N.A. Hole – Not that tag you sick bastard!..

  11. Aye, they are trying to stamp out all competitive games for kids here in NZ, cos the real world is not at all competitive, and they don’t need to learn those life skills so young. uhuh.

    Its been ages since I played ‘tag’ (an obvious euphemism for getting my vag punched)

  12. They are doing that here too…

    “Everyone is a winner” is like the new mantra for today’s kids…

  13. If we’re using euphemisms, then let me say that I played tag this weekend, and it was awesome…

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