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I’m going back to school…

After reading this story I have decided to go to college.

Where am I going?

West Virgina University.

I haven’t turned in any applications or anything, I’m not even sure if I want to go to class. I really just want to party, and WVU ranked number 1 on that list. They ranked number 6 on the “lots of beer” list. And number 7 on the “lots of hard liquor” list. You would have to be an idiot to not want to go to school there.

I’ll tell you where I’m NOT going. Brigham Young University.

Why you ask?

Because it topped the “stone cold sober” list. Which means it’s the LAMESTcollege in the nation. Call me crazy, but if I wanted to “stay sober” I wouldn’t go to college. Isn’t that what college is for? To experiment with all kinds of drinking and shit and to have pre-marital sex? That’s the ONLY reason I would go. And that’s the only thing that would make me stay.

Did any of you guys (or girls) go to college? Did you go to any that are on the “biggest party schools” list?


24 Responses

  1. LOL.. Party Party. I’m in college still… Life is too short not to have fun!

  2. Haha…

    I never went to college…I did the whole

    “I’m going to take a year off and then go” thing…

    I didn’t go back…

  3. I went to SEU Southeastern University. Not a bad school, No on site dorms, but the parties were always at a club in DC or someones house. Always fun fun fun.

  4. I am pretty sure I went to Uni.. just not sure where. The hangover is still wearing off.

  5. i didn’t go to college either, i went the “i’ll get knocked up and have a kid at 19” route.

    and i’m thinking BYU is a mormon college. i don’t know nothin about mormon religion, but apparently they don’t get Mtv in Utah. otherwise they would know what they’re missing.

  6. Go to Uconn great party school.

  7. I went to a small, close-knit university in Ontario, Canada. There was plenty of booze though, ’cause Canadians like their booze (and maple syrup); I’d call it a worthwhile experience…

    Paul: you said “uni”…did you go to university in England?

  8. Big Guy – No on site dorms?…Doesn’t that just make it an expensive high school?

    Paul – I wish I was you…Heh..

    Joebec – That route works for some people…Oh man, those Mormons…

    Coollikeme – Hmmm…The Huskies?..I’ll consider it…

    Romi – Do they mix maple syrup with their booze?..

  9. hey man here there is a lot more weed than booze…-
    the only valid way to get stoned is the weed!

  10. We’re Canadian, we mix maple syrup with everything. If you’ve seen the movie Elf starring Will Ferrell, use his first dinner with humans as your reference (i.e. pouring maple syrup all over his spaghetti…mmm….well it IS one of the 4 major food groups for elves! (and Canadians, LOL)

  11. Arbitblogs – I’d rather drink…Heh…I’ll leave the weed to you..

    Romi – You Canadians are crazy…When I do my radio show my co-host always calls me Canadian because I “shound” Canadian or something because I live in Minnesota….

  12. ASU used to be on that list for forever, and now the school tried spinning itself into more academic ventures. I didn’t go there, but work nearby, and can tell you if it’s not in the top 10, that list is crap.

  13. Yes, Which is the way I like it. I had my own townhouse, I could sublet out to anyone I wanted. AND I DID. We had parties everywhere, Each class had their own parties, and all the classes I was in, was always the best parties, becuase of the people throwing them. Mix that with a shit load of hot girls, and you have a good time.

  14. i went to byu, and this list has it all wrong. byu may not be number 1 in drinking or partying… but it is number one in polygamy. think about it.

  15. LOL, you prolly sound like a “Manitoban” or something, hahaha…their accents are lame!! You have a radio show? What’s it about? Songs and shit? LOL…sports?

  16. Joe – Why they do that?…You go to school to cut loose not to study…(unless you’re a dork)…

    Big Guy – I would only rent to HOT chicks..Heh..

    Toph – Touche’

    Romi – I’m not sure what that means…Heh…My show is about just random shit and 99% of the time I’m drunk on the air…I can’t remember the link but I’ll find it for you later….

  17. LOL, so I listened to your first show I guess? (it was the second link you sent me); boring Twins games..and muskrats…and retards…and crazy “mom-girlfriends”, and “super-boobs”..hahahaha…good show! Is this a regular thing you do?

    PS: your voice is as manly and cool as I ever could have imagined…hahaha 😉

  18. That was actually my second show…But either way…

    You should listen to the one I co-host it’s a lot better I think..Plus I’m usually drunk on that show…Heh…

    Manly and cool?…Wow..

  19. Hahhaha; okay, so I just listened to that show you co-hosted…SOOO entertaining :-). I LOVE how much you love Ghostbusters. If I had to watch one movie forever, it would be two: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and (you’re gonna kill me) Bridget Jones’ Diary 😉

    Ummm yeah…so did you and your boys make enough fucking mean Canada jokes? Who was that asshole that said Canada’s entire brain-size is smaller than Rocky’s after he gets his ass kicked? Asshole… 😉

    And I LOVED how you kept getting drunker as the show went along; like at one point, when you were like “just get out of my blog, GET OUT of my fucking blog!”…LOL..

    Thanks for the entertainment, and of course for another lovely dose of your manly/cool voice 😉

  20. Haha…You can only watch ONE of those!!(btw, I watched Ghostbusters tonight.)

    I love Canada…I don’t know who said that…I haven’t listened to that show in a while…It was either Robby or Kevin…Heh..

    I got SUPER drunk that night after the show…It was bad…

    Kevin is a really good blogger and has his own site (it’s on my blog roll) Pointlessbanter.net

  21. LOL..did you get all trashed on Crown Royale and Sierra Mist? Hahahaha…

    Dude, I’m fucking drunk right now, like for real; I was out drinking with my drunk-ass co-workers, and now I have a killer buzz and head-spins..it’s pretty alright 🙂

    PS: I will read that dude’s blog, maybe when I’m goddman sober.

    Okay then,

    Good Day


  22. I just saw this list, and I’m a little sad. I went to UT – #1 last year, somehow slipping to #3. I don’t know how it’s possible! I’m pretty sure it’s why I am freaking awesome. Hooray for beer.

  23. Maybe it dropped in ranking because you left….You might have been the “glue” that held the parties together….or something like that…

  24. Dude I visited BYU and they have the hottest girls ever. You don’t have to be drunk to see how fine they are.

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